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  1. News Sequans Monarch NB02S
  2. 22-10-2019
  3. Datasheet Sequans Communications Monarch NB02S
    NB-IoT Module Enabling Next-generation 5G Massive IoT The Monarch NB02S is an LTE Cat NB1/NB2 module based on Sequans’ second generation Monarch N chip platform. NB02S leverages Sequans’ 15-plus years of experience in 4G and 5G ...
  4. 21-10-2019
  1. Automotive-grade 12-channel LED driver with open detection, local dimming, busdriven and standalone operations The ALED1262ZT is a monolithic 12 output LED driver designed for automotive exterior and interior lighting applications. The ALED1262ZT ...
  2. Datasheet GLF Integrated Power GLF74130
    Ultra-High-Efficiency 4.5A Two-Input Power Mux for IoT Applications The GLF74130 IQ SmartTM is an advanced technology fully integrated power path load switch with the ability to automatically select between two input sources depending on the input ...
  3. 21-10-2019
  4. 64-ch HV MUX 200 V, (from -200Vto 0V or from 0Vto 200V or from -100V to +100V), Low Harmonic Distortion, High Voltage Analog Independent Switches The STHV64SW is an integrated circuit which features 64 independent switches. It is designed for ...
  5. News Alpha & Omega AOTL66608 AOTL66610 AOTL66912
  6. News Littelfuse TSM250-130