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  1. LAPIS Semiconductor has recently announced the development of a low power microcontroller that integrates an 8bit low power MCU core, speech synthesis circuit, high efficiency Class D speaker amp, non-volatile memory, and oscillator circuit on a ...
  2. LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has recently developed 8-bit microcontrollers equipped with an oscillator circuit that provides more than twice the accuracy compared with previous models. The ML610Q101 and ML610Q102 utilize motor control technology ...
    Microcontrollers » Lapis Semiconductor » ML610Q101, ML610Q102
  3. LAPIS Semiconductor (a ROHM Group company) has announced the development of the industry’s first* single-chip low power microcontroller that combines existing microcontroller functions optimized for home appliances with a high-fidelity, low ...
    Microcontrollers · Audio » LAPIS Semiconductor » ML610Q380, ML610Q383, ML610Q384, ML610Q385
  4. LAPIS Semiconductor provides a total solution with its microcontrollers combined with a rich variety of sensors manufactured by the ROHM Group PackageFor the smart phone market, LAPIS Semiconductor , a ROHM Group company, has developed “ ...
  5. Unique sensor interface simplifies component count, cost and power while enabling accurate measurement of temperature, humidity or carbon monoxide in small battery-operated devices. The newest members to the ML610Q4xx series low-power ...
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