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  1. New device overcomes LIN bus limitations in modern automotive lighting applications Melexis announces a new LIN-to-LIN gateway that overcomes the limitation of just 16 devices on a typical LIN bus. Each MLX81120 connects as a LIN slave on the main ...
    Interfaces · Automotive · Light » Melexis » MLX81120
  2. Melexis will showcase at Electronica China (Shanghai, 14th-16th March, Hall E4 Booth 4400) a series of interactive in-vehicle networking, 3D imaging and temperature sensing demos. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover how the company ...
    Melexis » MLX81115
  3. Compact, robust micro-machined solution with accurate sensor functionality, integrated signal processing and analog or SENT outputs is set to revolutionize sector. Melexis continues to bring highly differentiated products to market through superior ...
    Sensors · MEMS · Measurement » Melexis » MLX90819
  4. Compact, standard footprint packaged ICs simultaneously offer 100 kHz bandwidth, industry-leading accuracy exceptional crosstalk resilience. Melexis has further expanded its comprehensive portfolio of current sensing devices, based on cutting-edge ...
    Sensors · Power » Melexis » MLX91210
  5. Melexis continues to make major advances in tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) technology with the introduction of its 3rd generation TPMS IC - the MLX91804 . Supplied in a robust 14-pin DFN type lead-less package, this product has a 60% ...
    Sensors · Automotive » Melexis » MLX91804
  6. Multi-channel, programmable device incorporates ultra-low power 3DLF receiver RF sub-GHz transceiver Melexis has added to its portfolio of low power wireless solutions with the introduction of the MLX73290-A . This innovative new device features a ...
  7. Melexis has made a major advance in magnetic sensing technology that will have widespread implications for modern automobile design. Its latest product - the MLX92292 - effectively represents a whole new way of sensing. This device delivers switch ...
    Sensors · Automotive » Melexis » MLX92292
  8. Melexis has further reinforced its worldwide distribution channels with the announcement that it will partner with Mouser Electronics Inc. The global distribution agreement now established between the two companies will mean that Melexis’ ...
    Electronic components » Melexis » MLX90393, MLX81106, MLX90129
  9. Melexis announces it has signed an agreement with Sony to further expand the Time-of-Flight offering for automobile safety and infotainment markets. Sony stated earlier today it has acquired SoftKinetic, a Belgian based developer of ...
    Sensors · Automotive · Security » Melexis » MLX75023
  10. Melexis has added another device to its MLX91208 series of programmable Hall-effect current sensors, with the introduction of an elevated current version. Optimized for the very high fields that characterize hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV) ...
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