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  1. Lime Microsystems has again shaken up the RF market by commencing shipping the second generation Field Programmable Radio Frequency (FPRF) devices. The FPRF contains dual transceivers that cover the frequency range 0.1 to 3800 MHz. The fully ...
    RF · Wireless » Lime Microsystems » LMS7002M
  2. As the number of wireless standards and frequency bands grow to support an ever-expanding number of applications, STMicroelectronics is supporting both the demand for higher performance and integration. The introduction of the STW81200 RF ...
    RF · Wireless » STMicroelectronics » STW81200, STW81200T, STW81200TR
  3. NXP and five major partners (E.G.O. Elektro-Gerätebau GmbH, Huber+Suhner, ITW, Rogers Corporation and Whirlpool Corporation) have formed the RF Energy Alliance to spearhead the ecosystem for emerging RF Energy applications. Together, the ...
    RF » NXP » RF Energy
  4. PTVA030121EA , PTVA120251EA and PTVA120501EA , the newest members of Infineon's 50 V LDMOS RF power transistor family, are designed to deliver excellent ruggedness, high efficiency and high gain. The PTVA030121EA is an unmatched transistor capable ...
    RF · Wireless » Infineon » PTVA030121EA, PTVA120251EA, PTVA120501EA
  5. PTAC240502FC is the latest addition to Infineon's RF LDMOS transistors for applications in the 2300-2400 MHz frequency band. This device provides two asymmetric paths (17 W+33 W) enabling high-efficiency and compact Doherty amplifier designs. With ...
    RF · Wireless » Infineon » PTAC240502FC
  6. Designers building Bluetooth Smart® devices or modules can accelerate project completion, maximize system performance, and minimize solution size using STMicroelectronics ’ new integrated balun, the BALF-NRG-01D3 . As a companion chip to ...
    RF · Wireless » STMicroelectronics » BALF-NRG-01D3
  7. IDT’s Latest RF Signal Path Solution Features Zero-Distortion™ Technology to Deliver Industry’s Lowest Power Consumption Modulator Integrated Device Technology introduced a new IQ modulator that delivers the industry’s ...
    RF · Wireless » IDT » IDTF1650
  8. Analog Devices , Inc. announced a low-power radio transceiver featuring a set of configuration profiles that allow radio performance optimization, reducing system development time and shortening time-to-market by months. The ADF7024 transceiver is ...
    RF · Wireless » Analog Devices » ADF7024
  9. Mini-Circuits’ new TSS-53LNB+ ultra-wideband, low noise bypass amplifier achieves a new level of performance to meet your MMIC amplifier needs for applications from commercial wireless and instrumentation to military and more! This ...
    RF · Wireless » Mini-Circuits » TSS-53LNB+
  10. NXP Semiconductors announced the launch of its ninth generation (Gen9) LDMOS RF power transistors for wireless/cellular base stations. These ground-breaking devices represent a further step-up in performance for LDMOS transistors, having shown up ...
    RF · Discretes » NXP » LDMOS RF, BLC9G27LS-150 AV

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