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  1. Infineon has launched a new line of 2.6 GHz LDMOS transistors that support LTE applications. The new transistors offer excellent gain, high efficiency and high peak power. They cover a wide range of output powers from 25 W to 280 W and are ...
    RF » Infineon » PTFC260202FC, PTAC260302FC, PTFC261402FC, PTFC262157FH, PTFC262808FV
  2. Mini-Circuits MMIC amplifier line continues to grow with the release of the VNA-28A+ high-directivity MMIC amplifier. This model covers 500 2500 MHz with 18 dB typical directivity, making it suitable as a low cost isolator to minimize the ...
    RF » Mini-Circuits » VNA-28A+
  3. Infineon's new PTVA104501EH LDMOS transistor is designed to provide 450 W output power across the 960-1215 MHz avionics frequency band (measured with 128 µsec, 10% DC pulse). It offers high gain of 17 dB and 57% efficiency. PTVA104501EH is ...
    RF » Infineon » PTVA104501EH
  4. Avago Technologies' ALM-GN001 is an ultra low noise GNSS front-end module that combines a low noise amplifier with a GNSS FBAR pre-LNA filter. The low noise figure and high gain, coupled with low current consumption, make the module suitable for ...
    RF » Avago » ALM-GN001
  5. Infineon Technologies introduced its 700 W L-Band RF power transistor featuring the highest-in-industry L-Band output power (700 W) available for radar systems operating in the 1200 1400 MHz frequency range. By lowering part counts, the new device ...
    RF » Infineon » PTVA127002EV
  6. For precise signal level control with repeatable performance in a wide range of test applications, Mini-Circuits has released two new series of pocket-sized programmable attenuators. Our RCDAT -series models offer both USB and Ethernet control ...
    RF » Mini-Circuits » RUDAT, RCDAT
  7. For your signal distribution needs in UHF, cellular, GPS, satellite communications, and more, Mini-Circuits has expanded our offering with the ZC24PD-222+ coaxial 24-way 0 splitter/combiner. This new model covers frequencies from 650 to 2200 MHz ...
    RF · Wireless » Mini-Circuits » ZC24PD-222+
  8. In our continued effort to bring our customers more options in off-the-shelf cable solutions, Mini-Circuits has introduced the 141-SMNB series to our line of Hand-Flex™ system interconnect cables. N-type female bulkhead connector with rugged, ...
  9. Imec, in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Brussel, presents the world’s first 79 GHz radar transmitter implemented in plain digital 28 nm CMOS. With an output power above 10 dBm, the transmitter front-end paves the way towards full ...
  10. Mini-Circuits held tested to meet MIL requirements for gross leak, fine leak, thermal shock, vibration, acceleration, mechanical shock, and HTOL, 4 new MMIC amplifiers in our CMA-series give you ultra-low noise figures and outstanding reliability ...
    RF » Mini-Circuits » CMA-545G1+, CMA-5043+, CMA-162LN+, CMA-252LN+

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