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  1. Sajjad Haidar EDN Any PN junction diode can be used as a variable capacitor in reverse biased mode, as well as in the forward biased mode before the knee voltage. The capacitance is usually very small as the junction size is small. Though the ...
  2. Marian Stofka EDN In the control of nonlinear and linear systems, sometimes a slight nonlinearity is intentionally inserted into the closed control loop. “Slight” here means that the output of the inserted element starts to vary ...
  3. Peter Winship EDN Using only six components, you can configure a circuit (Figure 1) whose output voltage is proportional to its input frequency. Moreover, only three of the components capacitor C O , resistor R, and the OP-07 op amp must exhibit ...
  4. Peter Demchenko, Vilnius, Lithuania EDN This Design Idea shows how to calculate the inductance of a multilayer air-core coil using only its dimensions and resistance. If you know the dimensions and the number of turns on an air-core coil, you can ...
  5. William Swanson Electronic Design Low-voltage microcontrollers often need to control higher-voltage loads via high-side switching. This simple two-transistor circuit enables that control and provides over-voltage protection. Although ...
  6. T.K. Hareendran, India Electronic Design Europe Although piezoelectric elements have been used for shock and vibration detection for some time, this circuit provides a low-cost alternative for solid-state general-purpose impact sensing. The circuit ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Security » LM555, TLP621
  7. Design Note DN522 January 2014 Guy Hoover The LTC2338 is an 18-bit fully differential SAR ADC that is remarkably easy to drive. This 1 Msps ADC operates from a single 5 V supply and achieves 4 LSB INL maximum with ­111 dB THD and 100 dB SNR. ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Application Notes · Digital » Linear Technology » LTC2338, LTC2338-18, LT1469
  8. Michael Dunn EDN In biomedical instrumentation (for example), we're sometimes faced with very noisy or badly-behaved signals from which we need to derive information. In this example, I needed to square up a respiration signal, which can exhibit ...
  9. Dev Gualtieri, Tikalon LLC Electronic Design Europe This low-cost, large-area capacitive sensor is the wide-scale complement to the ubiquitous, finger-operated touchscreen sensor and can detect presence through plywood or wallboard. Capacitive ...
  10. Application Note AN4304 October 2013 Nicolas Aupetit This application note explains how to filter the input signal of a current sensing. The approach is especially useful for applications where the RF constraint is very important. A high-side ...
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