Clayton B. Grantham

Clayton Grantham

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  1. Memory-termination IC balances charges on series capacitors
    As one of today's most interesting component families, high-value capacitors offer ratings ranging from tenths to tens of farads but suffer from relatively low working voltages. For example, Maxwell's PC10 ultracapacitor occupies an area about the size of a large postage...
  2. Switching regulator efficiently controls white-LED current
    A few years ago, manufacturers specified their white, but dim, LEDs for a maximum forward-current rating of 20 mA. Today's white LEDs deliver more light and thus must operate at ever-higher bias currents. Maintaining control of an LED's bias point while operating at...
  3. Germanium Dual-Boost Starts At 260 mV
    No matter what portable power source you use, the lower the starting voltage your circuitry operates at, the better. A lower startup voltage also maximizes runtime. Furthermore, to completely discharge the power source, circuitry must run on ever-lower voltages and...

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