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  1. Gabriel Lee Álvarez
    Gabriel Lee Álvarez is an Electronics Engineering student at Instituto Tecnológico de Mexicali (ITM).
  2. Gerardo Quero
    Gerardo Quero holds an Associate degree in Pre-engineering from Imperial Valley College.
  1. Carlos Cossio
    Santander, Spain
  2. Elliott Simons
    Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  3. Alfredo Gonzalez Calvin
  4. Yakov Velikson
    Yakov Velikson retired from Kerfott Guidance Navigation Corp. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering from St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University and is the author of 45 patents in the areas of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog processing.
  5. Louis Vlemincq
    Louis Vlemincq works as a design engineer in Physcial Layer Engineering at Belgacom, Evere, Belgium.
  6. Firas Mohammed Ali Al-Raie
    Firas Mohammed Ali Al-Raie holds BSc and MSc degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Baghdad, Iraq. He is currently a Teaching Staff Member at the University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq. He has done extensive design work related ...
  7. Arthur Edang
  8. James Bryant
    James Bryant was a European applications manager at Analog Devices from 1982 to his retirement in 2009 and he still writes and consults for the company. He holds a degree in physics and philosophy from the University of Leeds and is also C.Eng., ...