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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC3245MPMSE#PBF

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLTC3245MPMSE#PBF

Wide VIN Range, Low Noise, 250mA Buck-Boost Charge Pump


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    LTC3245 - Wide VIN Range, Low Noise, 250mA Buck-Boost Charge Pump
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    Wide VIN Range,
    Low Noise, 250mA Buck-Boost
    Charge Pump
    Description Features
    2.7V to 38V VIN Range
    IQ = 18µA Operating; 4μA in Shutdown
    12V to 5V Efficiency = 81%
    Multimode Operation (2:1, 1:1, 1:2) with Automatic
    Mode Switching
    n Low Noise, Constant Frequency Operatio Pin Selectable Burst Mode ® Operatio V
    OUT: Fixed 3.3V, 5V or Adjustable (2.5V to 5V)
    n I
    OUT Up to 250mA
    n Overtemperature and Short-Circuit Protectio Operating Junction Temperature: 150°C Maximum
    n Thermally Enhanced 12-Pin MSOP and Low Profile
    12-Pin (3mm × 4mm) DFN Packages The LTC®3245 is a switched capacitor buck-boost DC/DC
    converter that produces a regulated output (3.3V, 5V or
    adjustable) from a 2.7V to 38V input. The device uses
    switched capacitor fractional conversion to maintain
    regulation over a wide range of input voltage. Internal
    circuitry automatically selects the conversion ratio to
    optimize efficiency as input voltage and load conditions ...



Package CodeMSE


Demo BoardsDC1802A
Design ToolsLTspice Model
Export Controlno yes/no
Frequency450 kHz
FunctionRegulated Buck-Boost Charge Pump
Ishutdown4 A
Isupply0.018 mA
Number of Outputs1
Operating Temperature Range-55 to 125 °C
Output Current0.25 A
Output VoltageFixed 3.3V, 5V or Adjustable (2.5V to 5V)
Vin Max38 V
Vin Min2.7 V

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Series: LTC3245 (12)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Inductorless (Charge Pump) DC/DC Converters > Regulated Buck-Boost Charge Pumps | High Voltage Charge Pumps
  • Space & Harsh Environment > Extended Temperature Plastic (H & MP) > Extended Temperature (H & MP) Power Management

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