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Micropower, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail I/O Op Amps


Datasheet MAX4162, MAX4163, MAX4164
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UCSP, Micropower, Single-Supply, 10V, Rail-to-Rail I/O Op Amps
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The MAX4162/MAX4163/MAX4164 are single/dual/quad, micropower operational amplifiers that combine an exceptional bandwidth to power consumption ratio with true rail-to-rail inputs and outputs.

They consume a mere 25µA quiescent current per amplifier, yet achieve 200kHz gain-bandwidth product and are unity-gain stable while driving any capacitive load. The MAX4162/MAX4163/MAX4164 operate from either a single supply (2.5V to 10V) or dual supplies (±1.25V to ±5V), with an input common-mode voltage range that extends 250mV beyond either supply rail. These amplifiers use a proprietary architecture to achieve a very high input common-mode rejection ratio without the midswing nonlinearities present in other rail-to-rail op amps. This architecture also maintains high open-loop gain and output swing while driving substantial loads.

The combination of excellent bandwidth/power performance, single-supply operation, and miniature footprint makes these op amps ideal for portable equipment and other low-power, single-supply applications. The single MAX4162 is available in 8-pin SO and space-saving 5-pin SOT23 packages. The MAX4163 is available in an 8-pin ultra chip-scale package (UCSP ) and an 8-pin µMAX or SO package. The MAX4164 is available in a 14-pin SO package.

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