Datasheet Microchip AT32UC3C1512C-AUTOMOTIVE


32-bit AVR flash microcontroller featuring 512KB Flash, 64KB SRAM is designed for industrial and automotive control applications, optimized for fast communication and motor control


AT32UC3C Series - Complete Datasheet
PDF, 20.2 Mb, Revision: 03-01-2012
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AT32UC3C Series - Summary Datasheet
PDF, 2.1 Mb, Revision: 03-01-2012
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Atmel AVR 32-bit Architecture Manual - Complete Datasheet
PDF, 5.1 Mb, Revision: 04-01-2011
Extract from the document
AVR32UC Technical Reference Datasheet
PDF, 1.1 Mb, Revision: 03-01-2010
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Other Options

AT32UC3A0128 AT32UC3A0256 AT32UC3A0512 AT32UC3A1128 AT32UC3A1256 AT32UC3A1512 AT32UC3A3128 AT32UC3A3128S AT32UC3A3256 AT32UC3A3256S AT32UC3A364 AT32UC3A364S AT32UC3A4128 AT32UC3A4128S AT32UC3A4256 AT32UC3A4256S AT32UC3A464 AT32UC3A464S AT32UC3B0128 AT32UC3B0256 AT32UC3B0512 AT32UC3B064 AT32UC3B1128 AT32UC3B1256 AT32UC3B1512 AT32UC3B164 AT32UC3C0128C AT32UC3C0256C AT32UC3C0512C AT32UC3C0512C-AUTOMOTIVE AT32UC3C064C AT32UC3C1128C AT32UC3C1256C AT32UC3C1512C AT32UC3C164C AT32UC3C2128C AT32UC3C2256C AT32UC3C2512C AT32UC3C2512C-AUTOMOTIVE AT32UC3C264C AT32UC3L0128 AT32UC3L0256 ATUC128D3 ATUC128L3U ATUC128L4U ATUC256L3U ATUC256L4U ATUC64D3 ATUC64D4 ATUC64L3U ATUC64L4U

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