Datasheet Semtech RClamp3324P

Datasheet Semtech RClamp3324P

Low Capacitance RClamp 4-Line ESD protection


Datasheet RClamp3324P
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Low Capacitance RClamp 4-Line ESD protection


Detailed Description

RailClamp® 3324P provides ESD protection for highspeed data interfaces.

It features a high maximum ESD withstand voltage of ±17kV contact and ±20kV air discharge per IEC 61000-4-2. RClamp3324P is designed to minimize both the ESD peak clamping and the TLP clamping. Package inductance is reduced at each pin resulting in lower peak ESD clamping voltage. The dynamic resistance is among the industry’s lowest at 0.15 Ohms (typical). Maximum capacitance on each line to ground is 0.65pF allowing the RClamp3324P to be used in applications operating in excess of 5GHz without signal attenuation. Each device will protect up to four lines (two high-speed pairs) and are qualified to AEC-Q100, Grade 1 (-40 to +125 oC) for automotive applications.

Model Line

Series: RClamp3324P (2)

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