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DC-to-2.5 GHz High IP3 Active Mixer


Datasheet AD8343
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DC-to-2.5 GHz High IP3 Active Mixer
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Detailed Description

The AD8343 is a high-performance broadband active mixer.

With wide bandwidth on all ports and very low intermodulation distortion, the AD8343 is well suited for demanding transmit applications or receive channel applications.

The AD8343 provides a typical conversion gain of 7 dB. The integrated LO driver supports a 50 Ω differential input impedance with low LO drive level, helping to minimize external component count.

The open-emitter differential inputs can be interfaced directly to a differential filter or driven through a balun (transformer) to provide a balanced drive from a single-ended source.

The open-collector differential outputs can be used to drive a differential IF signal interface or convert to a single-ended signal through the use of a matching network or transformer. When centered on the VPOS supply voltage, the outputs swing ±1 V.

The LO driver circuitry typically consumes 15 mA of current. Two external resistors are used to set the mixer core current for required performance, resulting in a total current of 20 mA to 60 mA. This corresponds to power consumption of 100 mW to 300 mW with a single 5 V supply.

The AD8343 is fabricated on Analog Devices, Inc.’s high-performance 25 GHz silicon bipolar IC process. The AD8343 is available in a 14-lead TSSOP package. It operates over a −40°C to +85°C temperature range. A device-populated evaluation board is available.

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