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Subsection: "I3C Interface IC"
Manufacturer: "Renesas"
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  1. I3C Basic 1:4 GPIO Expander The IXP3114/3104 is an I3C Basic 1:4 General I/O Expander with integrated Temperature Sensor used for various motherboard applications. The IXP3114/3104 has four configurable I/O pins that can be configured as either ...
  2. I3C Basic 1:2 Bus Multiplexer The IMX3112 is a dual bidirectional 1:2 translating multiplexer for I3C/I²C bus. The input HSDA/HSCL pair can fan out to two output pairs (or channels), either individual output channel can be selected. Applications ...
  3. I3C 2:1 Bus Multiplexer The IMX3102 is a 2:1 I3C basic bus multiplexer switch with integrated Temperature Sensor for I3C and I²C applications. It is designed to be used for various motherboard applications. There are two master ports (Master port 0 ...