Datasheets Voltage References Texas Instruments - 7

Subsection: "Voltage References"
Manufacturer: "Texas Instruments"
Series: "TL431, TL431A, TL431B, TL432, TL432A, TL432B"
ATL431 ATL432 ATL432A ATL432B LM113 LM113QML LM113QML-SP LM134 LM136-2.5-N LM136-5.0 LM136-5.0QML LM136A-2.5QML LM136A-2.5QML-SP LM136A-5.0QML LM185-1.2-N LM185-1.2QML LM185-1.2QML-SP LM185-2.5QML LM185-2.5QML-SP LM185-ADJ LM185QML LM234 LM236-2.5 LM285-1.2 LM285-1.2-N LM285-2.5 LM285-2.5-N LM285-ADJ LM329 LM336-2.5 LM336-2.5-MIL LM336-2.5-N LM336-5.0 LM336B-2.5 LM385-1.2 LM385-1.2-MIL LM385-1.2-N LM385-2.5 LM385-2.5-N LM385-ADJ LM385B-1.2 LM385B-2.5 LM399 LM4030 LM4040 LM4040-N LM4040-N-Q1 LM4040A LM4040B LM4040C10 LM4040C20 LM4040C25 LM4040C25-EP LM4040C30 LM4040C41 LM4040C50 LM4040C82 LM4040D10 LM4040D20 LM4040D25 LM4040D30 LM4040D41 LM4040D50 LM4040D82 LM4041-N LM4041-N-Q1 LM4041A12 LM4041B LM4041B12 LM4041C LM4041C12 LM4041D LM4041D12 LM4050-N LM4050-N-Q1 LM4050QML-SP LM4051-N LM4120 LM4121 LM4125 LM4128 LM4128-Q1 LM4132 LM4132-Q1 LM4140 LM431 LM4431 LMV431 LMV431A LMV431B LT1004-1.2 LT1004-2.5 LT1009 LT1009M REF02 REF1004-1.2 REF1004-2.5 REF102 REF1112 REF1925 REF1930 REF1933 REF1941 REF200 REF2025 REF2030 REF2033 REF2041 REF2125 REF2912 REF2920 REF2925 REF2930 REF2933 REF2940 REF3012 REF3020 REF3025 REF3030 REF3033 REF3033-Q1 REF3040 REF31-Q1 REF3112 REF3120 REF3125 REF3130 REF3133 REF3140 REF3140-DIE REF3212 REF3212-EP REF3220 REF3220-EP REF3225 REF3225-EP REF3230 REF3230-EP REF3233 REF3240 REF3240-EP REF3312 REF3318 REF3320 REF3325 REF3325-DIE REF3330 REF3333 REF3425 REF5010 REF5020 REF5020-EP REF5020A-Q1 REF5025 REF5025-EP REF5025-HT REF5025A-Q1 REF5030 REF5030A-Q1 REF5040 REF5040-EP REF5040A-Q1 REF5045 REF5045A-Q1 REF5050 REF5050-EP REF5050A-Q1 REF6025 REF6030 REF6033 REF6041 REF6045 REF6050 REF6125 REF6130 REF6133 REF6141 REF6145 REF6150 REF6225 REF6230 REF6233 REF6241 REF6245 REF6250 TL1431 TL1431-DIE TL1431-EP TL1431-Q1 TL1431-SP TL1431M TL4050A TL4050A50-Q1 TL4050B TL4050B25-Q1 TL4050B41-Q1 TL4050B50-Q1 TL4050C TL4050C20-Q1 TL4050C50-Q1 TL4051A TL4051A12 TL4051B TL4051B12 TL4051C TL4051C12 TL430 TL431 TL431, TL431A, TL431B, TL432, TL432A, TL432B TL431-DIE TL431A TL431A-Q1 TL431B TL431B-Q1 TL432 TL432A TL432A-Q1 TL432B TL432B-Q1 TLE2425 TLE2426 TLE2426-Q1 TLV431 TLV431A TLV431A-Q1 TLV431B TLV431B-Q1 TLVH431 TLVH431A TLVH431A-Q1 TLVH431B TLVH431B-Q1 TLVH432 TLVH432A TLVH432B UC3910
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  1. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM385BLPE3-2-5
    Micropower Voltage Reference 3-TO-92 0 to 70
  2. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM385BD-1-2
    Micropower Voltage Reference 8-SOIC 0 to 70
  3. Micropower Voltage Reference 0-WAFERSALE -40 to 85
  4. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM336M-2.5/NOPB
    Voltage Reference Diode 8-SOIC 0 to 70
  1. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM336BLPE3-2-5
    Precision Voltage Reference 3-TO-92 0 to 70
  2. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM336-5 MWC
    5.0V Reference Diode 0-WAFERSALE -40 to 85
  3. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM336-2.5 MDC
    Shunt Voltage Reference 0-DIESALE -40 to 85
  4. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM285LPE3-2-5
    Micropower Voltage Reference 3-TO-92 -40 to 85
  5. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM285DE4-1-2
    Micropower Voltage Reference 8-SOIC -40 to 85
  6. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM285BYMX-2.5/NOPB
    Micropower Voltage Reference Diode 8-SOIC -40 to 85
  7. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM285BYMX-1.2/NOPB
    Micropower Voltage Reference Diode 8-SOIC -40 to 85
  8. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM236DE4-2-5
    2.5-V Integrated Reference Circuit 8-SOIC -25 to 85
  9. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM234Z-3/NOPB
    3-Terminal Adjustable Current Source 3-TO-92 -25 to 100
  10. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM185WG-1.2/883
    Micropower Voltage Reference Diode 10-CFP -55 to 125
  11. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM136AH-5.0/NOPB
    5.0V Reference Diode 3-TO -40 to 125
  12. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM136AH-2.5/NOPB
    Voltage Reference Diode 3-TO -40 to 125
  13. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM136AH-2.5RQV
    2.5V Reference Diode 3-TO -55 to 125
  14. Datasheet Texas Instruments LM136-2.5 MD8
    2.5V Reference Diode 0-DIESALE -55 to 125
  15. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962R9962001VPA
    Precision Adjustable (Programmable) Shunt Reference 8-CDIP -55 to 125
  16. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-9962001QPA
    Precision Adjustable (Programmable) Shunt Reference 8-CDIP -55 to 125

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