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Subsection: "Analog to Digital Converters - ADC"
Manufacturer: "Texas Instruments"
ADC07D1520 ADC0802-N ADC0803-N ADC0804-N ADC08060 ADC0808-N ADC0809-N ADC08100 ADC081000 ADC081500 ADC0816 ADC0817 ADC081C021 ADC081C027 ADC081S021 ADC081S051 ADC081S101 ADC081S101-MIL ADC0820 ADC0820-N ADC08200 ADC082S021 ADC082S051 ADC082S101 ADC083000 ADC0831-N ADC0832-N ADC0834-N ADC08351 ADC0838-N ADC0844 ADC0848 ADC084S021 ADC084S051 ADC084S101 ADC08500 ADC08831 ADC08832 ADC088S022 ADC088S052 ADC088S102 ADC08B200 ADC08B200-Q1 ADC08B3000 ADC08D1000 ADC08D1020 ADC08D1500 ADC08D1520 ADC08D1520QML-SP ADC08D500 ADC08D502 ADC08DL500 ADC08DL502 ADC08L060 ADC10040 ADC10040-Q1 ADC10065 ADC10080 ADC10158 ADC101C021 ADC101C027 ADC101S021 ADC101S051 ADC101S051-Q1 ADC101S101 ADC102S021 ADC102S051 ADC102S101 ADC10321 ADC104S021 ADC104S021Q-Q1 ADC104S051 ADC104S101 ADC10664 ADC10738 ADC108S022 ADC108S052 ADC108S102 ADC10D020 ADC10D040 ADC10D1000 ADC10D1000QML-SP ADC10D1500 ADC10DL065 ADC10DV200 ADC1173 ADC1175 ADC1175-50 ADC11C125 ADC11DS105 ADC11DV200 ADC12010 ADC12020 ADC12038 ADC12040 ADC12048 ADC12081 ADC12130 ADC12138 ADC121C021 ADC121C021-Q1 ADC121C027 ADC121S021 ADC121S051 ADC121S101 ADC121S101-Q1 ADC121S625 ADC121S655 ADC121S705 ADC122S021 ADC122S051 ADC122S051Q-Q1 ADC122S101 ADC122S625 ADC122S655 ADC122S706 ADC124S021 ADC124S051 ADC124S101 ADC128D818 ADC128S022 ADC128S052 ADC128S052-Q1 ADC128S102 ADC128S102QML-SP ADC12C080 ADC12C105 ADC12C170 ADC12D040 ADC12D1000 ADC12D1000RF ADC12D1600 ADC12D1600QML-SP ADC12D1600RF ADC12D1800 ADC12D1800RF ADC12D500RF ADC12D800RF ADC12DC105 ADC12DJ3200 ADC12DJ5200RF ADC12DL040 ADC12DL065 ADC12DL066 ADC12DL080 ADC12DS080 ADC12DS105 ADC12EU050 ADC12J1600 ADC12J2700 ADC12J4000 ADC12L063 ADC12L066 ADC12L080 ADC12QS065 ADC12V170 ADC14155 ADC14155QML-SP ADC141S626 ADC14C080 ADC14C105 ADC14DC080 ADC14DS080 ADC14L020 ADC14L040 ADC14V155 ADC14X250 ADC161S626 ADC16DV160 ADC16DX370 ADC16V130 ADC31JB68 ADC3221 ADC3222 ADC3223 ADC3224 ADC322x ADC3241 ADC3242 ADC3243 ADC3244 ADC324x ADC32J22 ADC32J23 ADC32J24 ADC32J25 ADC32J42 ADC32J43 ADC32J44 ADC32J45 ADC32J4x ADC32RF42 ADC32RF44 ADC32RF45 ADC3421 ADC3422 ADC3423 ADC3424 ADC342x ADC3441 ADC3442 ADC3443 ADC3444 ADC344x ADC34J22 ADC34J23 ADC34J24 ADC34J25 ADC34J2x ADC34J42 ADC34J43 ADC34J44 ADC34J45 ADC78H89 ADC78H90 ADCS7476 ADCS7477 ADCS7478 ADCV08832 ADS1000 ADS1000-Q1 ADS1013 ADS1013-Q1 ADS1014 ADS1014-Q1 ADS1015 ADS1015-Q1 ADS1018 ADS1018-Q1 ADS1100 ADS1110 ADS1112 ADS1113 ADS1113-Q1 ADS1114 ADS1114-Q1 ADS1115 ADS1115-Q1 ADS1118 ADS1118-Q1 ADS1120 ADS1120-Q1 ADS1130 ADS1131 ADS1146 ADS1147 ADS1148 ADS1148-Q1 ADS114S06 ADS114S06B ADS114S08 ADS114S08B ADS1158 ADS1174 ADS1178 ADS1191 ADS1192 ADS1194 ADS1196 ADS1198 ADS1201 ADS1202 ADS1203 ADS1204 ADS1205 ADS1208 ADS1209 ADS1210 ADS1211 ADS1212 ADS1213 ADS1216 ADS1217 ADS1218 ADS1220 ADS1222 ADS1224 ADS1225 ADS1226 ADS122C04 ADS122U04 ADS1230 ADS1231 ADS1232 ADS1234 ADS1240 ADS1241 ADS1242 ADS1243 ADS1243-HT ADS1244 ADS1245 ADS1246 ADS1247 ADS1248 ADS124S06 ADS124S08 ADS1250 ADS1251 ADS1252 ADS1253 ADS1254 ADS1254-EP ADS1255 ADS1256 ADS1257 ADS1258 ADS1258-EP ADS1259 ADS1259-Q1 ADS1262 ADS1263 ADS1271 ADS1274 ADS1278 ADS1278-EP ADS1278-HT ADS127L01 ADS1281 ADS1282 ADS1282-HT ADS1282-SP ADS1286 ADS1287 ADS1291 ADS1292 ADS1292R ADS1293 ADS1294 ADS1294R ADS1296 ADS1296R ADS1298 ADS1298R ADS1299 ADS1299-4 ADS1299-6 ADS130E08 ADS131A02 ADS131A04 ADS131E04 ADS131E06 ADS131E08 ADS131E08S ADS1601 ADS1602 ADS1605 ADS1606 ADS1610 ADS1625 ADS1626 ADS1672 ADS1675 ADS2806 ADS2807 ADS4122 ADS4125 ADS4126 ADS4128 ADS4129 ADS4142 ADS4145 ADS4146 ADS4149 ADS41B25 ADS41B29 ADS41B49 ADS4222 ADS4225 ADS4226 ADS4229 ADS4242 ADS4245 ADS4245-EP ADS4246 ADS4249 ADS42B49 ADS42JB46 ADS42JB49 ADS42JB69 ADS42LB49 ADS42LB69 ADS4449 ADS5120 ADS5121 ADS5122 ADS5203 ADS5204 ADS5204-Q1 ADS5220 ADS5231 ADS5232 ADS5237 ADS5240 ADS5242 ADS5263 ADS5270 ADS5271 ADS5272 ADS5273 ADS5277 ADS5281 ADS5282 ADS5287 ADS5292 ADS5294 ADS5295 ADS5296A ADS52J90 ADS5400 ADS5400-SP ADS5401 ADS5402 ADS5403 ADS5404 ADS5407 ADS5409 ADS5410 ADS5411 ADS5413 ADS5413-11 ADS5421 ADS5422 ADS5423 ADS5424 ADS5424-SP ADS5440 ADS5440-EP ADS5444 ADS5444-EP ADS5444-SP ADS5463 ADS5463-EP ADS5463-SP ADS5474 ADS5474-SP ADS5481 ADS5482 ADS5483 ADS5484 ADS5485 ADS54J20 ADS54J40 ADS54J42 ADS54J54 ADS54J60 ADS54J66 ADS54J69 ADS54RF63 ADS5500 ADS5500-EP ADS5510 ADS5517 ADS5520 ADS5521 ADS5522 ADS5525 ADS5527 ADS5541 ADS5542 ADS5545 ADS5546 ADS5547 ADS5553 ADS5560 ADS5562 ADS574 ADS58B18 ADS58B19 ADS58C28 ADS58C48 ADS6122 ADS6123 ADS6124 ADS6125 ADS6128 ADS6129 ADS6142 ADS6142-HT ADS6143 ADS6144 ADS6145 ADS6148 ADS6149 ADS61B23 ADS61B29 ADS61B49 ADS61JB23 ADS61JB46 ADS6222 ADS6223 ADS6224 ADS6225 ADS6242 ADS6243 ADS6244 ADS6245 ADS62C15 ADS62C17 ADS62P15 ADS62P19 ADS62P22 ADS62P23 ADS62P24 ADS62P25 ADS62P28 ADS62P29 ADS62P42 ADS62P43 ADS62P44 ADS62P45 ADS62P48 ADS62P49 ADS6422 ADS6423 ADS6424 ADS6425 ADS6442 ADS6443 ADS6444 ADS6444-EP ADS6445 ADS6445-EP ADS7029-Q1 ADS7039-Q1 ADS7040 ADS7041 ADS7042 ADS7043 ADS7044 ADS7049-Q1 ADS7056 ADS7142 ADS7223 ADS7229 ADS7230 ADS7250 ADS7251 ADS7253 ADS7254 ADS7263 ADS7279 ADS7280 ADS774 ADS774H ADS7800 ADS7804 ADS7805 ADS7806 ADS7807 ADS7808 ADS7809 ADS7810 ADS7811 ADS7812 ADS7813 ADS7815 ADS7816 ADS7817 ADS7818 ADS7819 ADS7820 ADS7821 ADS7822 ADS7822-Q1 ADS7823 ADS7824 ADS7825 ADS7826 ADS7827 ADS7828 ADS7828-Q1 ADS7829 ADS7830 ADS7831 ADS7832 ADS7834 ADS7835 ADS7841 ADS7841-Q1 ADS7842 ADS7844 ADS7850 ADS7851 ADS7852 ADS7853 ADS7854 ADS7861 ADS7862 ADS7863 ADS7863A ADS7864 ADS7865 ADS7866 ADS7867 ADS7868 ADS7869 ADS7870 ADS7871 ADS7881 ADS7882 ADS7883 ADS7884 ADS7885 ADS7886 ADS7887 ADS7887M ADS7888 ADS7890 ADS7891 ADS7924 ADS7945 ADS7946 ADS7947 ADS7948 ADS7949 ADS7950 ADS7950-Q1 ADS7951 ADS7951-Q1 ADS7952 ADS7952-Q1 ADS7953 ADS7953-Q1 ADS7954 ADS7954-Q1 ADS7955 ADS7955-Q1 ADS7956 ADS7956-Q1 ADS7957 ADS7957-Q1 ADS7958 ADS7958-Q1 ADS7959 ADS7959-Q1 ADS7960 ADS7960-Q1 ADS7961 ADS7961-Q1 ADS800 ADS801 ADS802 ADS8028 ADS803 ADS804 ADS805 ADS807 ADS808 ADS809 ADS820 ADS8201 ADS821 ADS822 ADS823 ADS824 ADS825 ADS8254 ADS826 ADS828 ADS8284 ADS830 ADS831 ADS8317 ADS8318 ADS8319 ADS8320 ADS8320-HT ADS8321 ADS8322 ADS8323 ADS8324 ADS8325 ADS8326 ADS8327 ADS8328 ADS8329 ADS8330 ADS8331 ADS8332 ADS8339 ADS8341 ADS8342 ADS8343 ADS8344 ADS8345 ADS8350 ADS8353 ADS8354 ADS8361 ADS8363 ADS8364 ADS8365 ADS8370 ADS8371 ADS8372 ADS8380 ADS8381 ADS8382 ADS8383 ADS8401 ADS8402 ADS8405 ADS8406 ADS8410 ADS8411 ADS8412 ADS8413 ADS8422 ADS8471 ADS8472 ADS8481 ADS8482 ADS8484 ADS850 ADS8504 ADS8505 ADS8506 ADS8507 ADS8508 ADS8509 ADS8509-HT ADS8512 ADS8513 ADS8515 ADS8517 ADS8519 ADS8528 ADS8548 ADS8555 ADS8556 ADS8557 ADS8558 ADS8568 ADS8578S ADS8584S ADS8586S ADS8588H ADS8588S ADS8598H ADS8598S ADS8634 ADS8638 ADS8661 ADS8664 ADS8665 ADS8668 ADS8671 ADS8674 ADS8675 ADS8678 ADS8681 ADS8684 ADS8684A ADS8685 ADS8688 ADS8688A ADS8689 ADS8691 ADS8694 ADS8695 ADS8698 ADS8699 ADS8860 ADS8861 ADS8862 ADS8863 ADS8864 ADS8865 ADS8866 ADS8867 ADS8881 ADS8883 ADS8885 ADS8887 ADS8900B ADS8902B ADS8904B ADS8910B ADS8912B ADS8914B ADS8920B ADS8922B ADS8924B ADS900 ADS901 ADS902 ADS9110 ADS9120 ADS930 ADS931 AMC1203 AMC1204 AMC1204-Q1 AMC1210 AMC1303E0510 AMC1303E0520 AMC1303E2510 AMC1303E2520 AMC1303M0510 AMC1303M0520 AMC1303M2510 AMC1303M2520 AMC1304L05 AMC1304L05-Q1 AMC1304L25 AMC1304L25-Q1 AMC1304M05 AMC1304M05-Q1 AMC1304M25 AMC1304M25-Q1 AMC1305L25 AMC1305L25-Q1 AMC1305M05 AMC1305M05-Q1 AMC1305M25 AMC1305M25-Q1 AMC1306E05 AMC1306E25 AMC1306M05 AMC1306M25 DSP101 DSP102 LM12458 LM12H458 LM97600 LMP90077 LMP90078 LMP90079 LMP90080 LMP90080-Q1 LMP90097 LMP90098 LMP90099 LMP90100 MSC1200Y2 MSC1200Y3 MSC1201Y3 MSC1202Y2 MSC1202Y3 MSC1210Y2 MSC1210Y3 MSC1210Y4 MSC1210Y5 MSC1211Y3 MSC1211Y4 MSC1211Y5 MSC1212Y3 MSC1212Y4 MSC1212Y5 MSC1213Y2 MSC1213Y3 MSC1213Y4 MSC1213Y5 MSC1214Y3 MSC1214Y4 MSC1214Y5 MSP430-ADC10 SM73201 THS0842 THS10064 THS1007 THS10082 THS1009 THS1030 THS1031 THS1040 THS1041 THS1050 THS1060 THS1206 THS1206-EP THS1206M THS1207 THS12082 THS12082M THS1209 THS1215 THS1230 THS1240 THS1401 THS1403 THS1408 THS1408-EP THS1408M TL5501 TLC0820A TLC0831 TLC0832 TLC0834 TLC0838 TLC1225 TLC1514 TLC1518 TLC1541 TLC1542 TLC1543 TLC1543-EP TLC1549 TLC1550 TLC1551 TLC2543 TLC2543-EP TLC2543-Q1 TLC2543M TLC2551 TLC2552 TLC2554 TLC2555 TLC2558 TLC2574 TLC2578 TLC3541 TLC3544 TLC3545 TLC3548 TLC3574 TLC3578 TLC4541 TLC4545 TLC540 TLC541 TLC542 TLC545 TLC546 TLC548 TLC549 TLC5510 TLC5510, TLC5510A TLC5510A TLC5540 TLC7135 TLC876 TLC876M TLV0831 TLV0832 TLV0834 TLV0838 TLV1504 TLV1508 TLV1543 TLV1544 TLV1548 TLV1548-EP TLV1548-Q1 TLV1548M TLV1549 TLV1562 TLV1570 TLV1571 TLV1572 TLV1578 TLV2541 TLV2542 TLV2543 TLV2544 TLV2544Q TLV2545 TLV2548 TLV2548-EP TLV2548M TLV2548Q TLV2553 TLV2553-Q1 TLV2556 TLV2556-EP TLV320ADC5140 TLV5510 TLV5535 TLV5535-Q1 TLV5580 TLV5590 TLV571 VECANA01
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  1. Quad-channel 768-kHz Burr-Brown audio analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with 120-dB SNR
  2. Industry’s fastest RF-sampling 12-bit ADC with dual 5.2-GSPS or single 10.4-GSPS
  3. 24-Bit, 2kSPS, 4-Ch, Low-Power Delta-Sigma ADC With PGA, Vref, 2x IDACs, and UART Interface 16-TSSOP -40 to 125
  4. 24-Bit, 2kSPS, 4-Ch, Low-Power Delta-Sigma ADC With PGA, Vref, 2x IDACs, and I2C Interface
  1. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-0720701VXC
    13-Bit, 250-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)- Class V 84-CFP
  2. Datasheet Texas Instruments VECANA01
    10-Channel 12-Bit Data Acquisition System 68-PLCC
  3. Datasheet Texas Instruments V62/14609-01XE
    Dual-Channel, 14-Bit, 125-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)- Enhanced Product 64-VQFN -55 to 125
  4. Datasheet Texas Instruments V62/10603-01XE
    Enhanced Product 2-Bit 200 kSPS ADC Ser. Out, Auto Pwrdn (S/W and H/W), Low Power W/8 x FIFO W/8 Ch 20-TSSOP -55 to 125
  5. Datasheet Texas Instruments V62/08628-02XE
    Quad-Channel, 14-Bit, 105-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) - Enhanced-Product 64-VQFN -55 to 125
  6. Datasheet Texas Instruments V62/08628-01XE
    Quad-Channel, 14-Bit, 125-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) - Enhanced-Product 64-VQFN -55 to 125
  7. Datasheet Texas Instruments V62/07607-01XE
    12-Bit, 500-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) - Enhanced-Product 80-HTQFP -55 to 125
  8. Datasheet Texas Instruments V62/05613-01XE
    14-Bit, 125-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)- Enhanced Product 64-HTQFP -55 to 125
  9. Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV571IDWG4
    8-Bit, 1.25 MSPS Single Ch., Hardware Config., Low Power w/Auto or S/W PowerDown 24-SOIC -40 to 85
  10. Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV5580CDW
    8 Bit, 80 MSPS ADC Single Ch., High Ch. Bandwidth, Low Power 28-SOIC 0 to 70
  11. Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV5535IPWRG4Q1
    8-Bit, 35-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) - Qualified for Automotive Applications 28-TSSOP -40 to 85
  12. Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV5535IPW
    8-Bit, 35-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) 28-TSSOP -40 to 85
  13. Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV2556MPWREP
    Enhanced Product 12-Bit, 200 KSPS, 11 Channel, Low Power, Serial ADC with Internal Reference 20-TSSOP -55 to 125
  14. Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV2556IDWRG4
    12-Bit, 200 KSPS, 11 Channel, Low Power, Serial ADC with Internal Reference 20-SOIC -40 to 85
  15. Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV2553IPWRQ1
    Automotive 12-Bit 200-KSPS 11-Channel Low-Power Serial ADC 20-TSSOP -40 to 85
  16. Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV2553IPWG4
    12-Bit, 200 KSPS, 11 Channel, Low Power, Serial ADC Serial Out, w/Pwrdwn 20-TSSOP -40 to 85

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