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Evaluatin Module NXP SSL2109DB01

Main Features of Kit or Board
Base componentNXP
Board peripherals
  • LED driver
  • Power Management

The SSL2109 is a highly integrated switching mode LED controller which enables Constant Current (CC) driving from the mains input. This reference design is a solution for small to medium LED retrofit lamp application, especially for low-power factor design. The reference design is optimized as a buck converter controller suitable for non-isolated, non-dimmable LED retrofit lamps. It can drive long LED strings with, typically 70 V forward voltages. The SSL2109 is intended to operate with higher output voltages, as in modern LED modules. The reference design is designed with a constant output current of 208 mA and can deliver up to 23 W into an LED load with forward voltages between 30 V and 130 V.

Detailed Description

Evaluatin Module NXP SSL2109DB01


  • AC line input voltage: 200 V to 250 V
  • Output voltage: 30 V (DC) to 130 V (DC)
  • Output current: 208 mA at Vo = 100 V (DC)
  • Maximum power into LED load: 23 W
  • Efficiency: >94 %
  • Power Factor: >0.5 (at > 12 W)
  • THD: 83 % (at 20 W)
  • Board dimensions: 57 x 17.5 x 17.5 (Internal board)
  • Operating temperature: - 40 °C to +100 °C
  • NTC Threshold temperature: 80 °C (±15 °C)
  • Mains harmonics: IEC61000-3-2 (Pout > 13 W)
  • EMC: IEC55015
  • Surge testing: IEC61000-4-5 Level 3
  • Lifetime: 26.000 hours at Tamb = 60 °C

Development kit content

  1. Reference design
  2. Quick start guide

User Manual and Schematic

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