Rohde&Schwarz RTO2034 Oscilloscope

Part NumberRTO2034
Rohde&Schwarz RTO2034  Oscilloscope

Offering bandwidths from 600 MHz to 6 GHz, RTO2000 oscilloscopes excel at both time domain and frequency domain testing.


Probes and accessories for Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes - product brochure
PDF, 13.3 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 13.01, File published: Jul 16, 2018
RT-Zxx high voltage and high current probes - data sheet
PDF, 2.1 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 19.00, File published: Mar 20, 2018
RT-Zxx standard probes - data sheet
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RT-Zxx high bandwidth probes - data sheet
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RTO2000 Digital oscilloscope - product brochure
PDF, 47.7 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 09.01, File published: Dec 5, 2017
RTO2000 Digital oscilloscope - data sheet
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VSE-K106 Narrowband IoT - data sheet
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VSE-K96 OFDM Vector Signal Analysis Application - data sheet
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RT-ZFxx Oscilloscope Test Fixtures - Data sheet 334 kB | V 07.00, 16-May-2017 - PD 3606.7653.22
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RTO-K21 USB2.0 Compliance Test - product brochure
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RTO2000 user manual
PDF, 68.5 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 11 (FW 3.70), File published: Dec 7, 2017
RT-ZF1 USB 2.0 Compliance Test Fixture Set, user manual
PDF, 6.7 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 06.00, File published: Aug 30, 2016


Detailed Description

Thanks to excellent signal fidelity, responsiveness of 1 million waveforms/s and up to 16-bit vertical resolution, you can measure quickly with confidence. The capacitive touchscreen with SmartGrid makes this oscilloscope easy and intuitive use.

I Quickly find signal faults with 1 million waveforms/s
I 2 Gsample deep memory to analyze long sequences
I Up to 16-bit vertical resolution
IMulti-channel spectrum analysis


Bandwidth3 GHz
Memory Depth max2 Gsample
Number of Channels4
Optional MSO16 digital channels
Sample Rate10 Gsample/s

Other Options


Model Line

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