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John Betten

Texas Instruments

Areas of interest of the author: Supply Light High Voltage Power

By John Betten:

  1. Delay Circuitry Controls Supply-Voltage Startup Sequence
    For some ICs, supply voltages should be applied in a particular sequence. One example is the subscriber line interface circuit (SLIC), which, depending on the application, may require several negative and/or positive voltages. The larger voltages are generally used to ring the...
  2. Inverting buck-boost converter regulates LED current
    Controlling the brightness of LEDs requires a driver that provides a constant, regulated current. To achieve this goal, the driver topology must be able to generate a large enough output voltage to forward bias the LEDs. So, what are your choices when the input- and...
  3. Increase Output Voltage With A Voltage Multiplier
    Applications such as printers, laser-based fiber optic systems, and charged-particle air filtration systems require hundreds or even thousands of volts at low power. Flyback converters and autotransformer boosts are reasonable topology choices, but require custom transformers...

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