Evaluation Kit Atmel ATMEGA328P-XMINI


The ATMEGA328P-XMINI - Atmel ATmega328P Xplained Mini evalutation kit is a hardware platform for evaluating the Atmel ATmega328P microcontroller.


China PCB Prototype and Fabrication Manufacturer

Detailed Description

The evaluation kit comes with a fully integrated debugger that provides seamless integration with Atmel Studio 6.2 or later. The kit provides access to the features of the ATmega328P enabling easy integration of the device in a custom design.

Evaluation Kit Atmel ATMEGA328P-XMINI

Key Features

  • ATmega328P MCU Installed:
    • Advanced RISC Architecture
    • Up to 20 MIPS Throughput at 20 MHz
    • 32 KBytes of In-System Self-Programmable Flash program memory, 1 KBytes EEPROM, 2 KBytes Internal SRAM
    • Atmel QTouch library support
      • Capacitive touch buttons, sliders and wheels
      • QTouch and QMatrix acquisition
      • Up to 64 sense channels
    • Two 8-bit Timer/Counters with Separate Prescaler and Compare Mode
    • One 16-bit Timer/Counter with Separate Prescaler, Compare Mode, and Capture Mode
    • Real Time Counter with Separate Oscillator
    • Six PWM Channels
    • 8-channel 10-bit ADC in TQFP and QFN/MLF package
    • Temperature Measurement
    • Programmable Serial USART
    • Master/Slave SPI Serial Interface
    • Byte-oriented 2-wire Serial Interface (Philips I2C compatible)
    • Programmable Watchdog Timer with Separate On-chip Oscillator
    • On-chip Analog Comparator
    • 23 Programmable I/O Lines
  • On-board debugger with full source-level debugging support in Atmel Studio.
  • Auto-ID for board identification in Atmel Studio 6.2
  • Access to all signals on target MCU
  • One green status LED
  • One mechanical user push button
  • Four capacitive touch buttons (underneath the AVR logo)
  • Virtual COM port (CDC)
  • 16MHz target clk
  • USB powered
  • Arduino shield compatible foot prints
  • Target SPI bus header foot print
  • Xplained Pro extension headers can easily be strapped in
  • Supported with application examples published on Atmel Spaces

ATMEGA328P-XMINI Schematic Diagram

Main Features of Kit or Board

Base componentAtmel
Category, bit8-bit
Supported familiesAVR8-bit
Board peripherals
  • I/O pins
  • I2C interface
  • SPI
  • TWI
  • USB
  • analog inputs
  • temperature sensor
  • user buttons
  • user LEDs
  • sense
  • Expansion Board

Other Names:


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