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  1. CT-Concept Technologie AG
    IGBT drivers for mid to high powers. Plug-and-play drivers. High-power and high-voltage IGBT modules with reverse voltages from 1200 V to 6500 V. Driver cores for IGBTs with reverse voltages from 600 V to 3300 V. DC/DC Converters (Power Supplies).
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: Switzerland Biel-Bienne
  2. Citel Inc.
    Power surge protection including coaxial surge protection, dc power surge protection, Gas Discharge Tubes and dataline surge protection.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: USA Miramar, FL
  3. Torex Semiconductor LTD.
    Voltage detectors and regulators, DC/DC converters, temperature sensors, power MOSFETs, schottky barrier diodes.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: Japan Tokyo
  4. Monolithic Power Systems
    DC/DC converter ICs that provide the supply voltage to a variety of electronic devices. LED driver ICs, used in lighting displays, such as those found in cellular handsets and handheld computing devices. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: USA San Jose, CA
  1. Cree, Inc.
    Manufacturer of semiconductors that enhance the value of LED solid-state lighting, power and communications products by significantly increasing their energy performance. Key to Cree’s market advantage is unrivaled materials expertise in ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: USA Durham, NC
  2. UTC
    Integrated Circuit: Standard Regulators; Low Dropout Regulators; Power Supply Control IC; Comparators; OP Amplifiers; Timer; Audio Power Amplifiers; Telecommunication Circuit; Motor Control IC; Radio Cassette Recorder Circuit; Television Circuit; ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: China Liaoning
  3. Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D)
    Drive Technology, Automation Systems, Communication / Networks, Low-Voltage Controls and Distribution, Electrical Installation Technology, Process Automation, Sensor, Measuring and Testing Technology, Power Supplies, Safety Systems - Safety ...
    Type: Manufacturing Development
    Location: Germany Munich
  4. Mean Well Enterprises Co
    Mean Well
    Product line includes AC/DC switching power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters and battery chargers.
    Type: Manufacturing Development
    Location: Taiwan Taipei
  5. Sipex Corporation
    Semiconductor company that designs, manufactures and markets a broad portfolio of high performance, value-added, analog integrated circuits (ICs) for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) doing business in the high growth markets of networking, ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: USA Milpitas, CA
  6. ABB
    Power and automation technologies. Semiconductors from 300 up to 12000 A and 200 up to 8500 V. A wide variety of high power semiconductors using conventional and future oriented technologies with high reliability fulfilling the demand of the ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: Switzerland Zurich