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Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

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    PCB prototype enterprise and a high-tech manufacturer specializing in quick PCB prototype and small-batch PCB production. The annual production capacity is 200,000 sq.m. for various of 1-layer, 2-layer or multi-layer PCBs. JLC is a professional PCB ...
    Type: Distributing · Manufacturing · Development
    Location China · Shenzhen
  2. EasyEDA
    A free cloud-based tool for schematic capture, PCB layout, and circuit simulation. EasyEDA is a zero-install cloud-based EDA application; all you need is a web-browser and internet connection and you are ready to draw circuits, run SPICE ...
    Type: Development
    Location China · Shenzhen
    PCB Manufacturing. Hand or Machine Builds PCB Prototyping. All products follow the IPC and ROHS REACH standards. PCBs are made from Gerber 274-X data and NC drill files. PCB Assembly. Mixed technical loading, Surface and through hole mounting. ...
    Type: Distributing · Manufacturing
    Location China · Shijiazhuang
  4. PCBWay
    Full feature custom PCB prototype service: PCB prototyping, low-volume production and PCB Assembly service. Shipping worldwide.
    Type: Distributing · Manufacturing
    Location China · Shenzhen
  5. Altium
    Software company that provides PC-based electronics design software for engineers (until 2001 - Protel). Products: Altium Designer unified electronics design solution. AltiumLive the cloud-based community that connects Altium designers, ...
    Type: Development
    Location USA · La Jolla, CA
  6. Design, prototype and manufacture printed circuit boards, sub-assemblies and complete electonic products. Development boards, programmers and emulators for rapid prototyping for ARM, AVR, MSP430, MAXQ and PIC microcontrollers. 3-rd party hardware ...
    Type: Distributing · Manufacturing · Development
    Location Bulgaria · Plovdiv
  7. Circuit design software
    Electronics Workbench is an international market leader, delivering the world's most widely used circuit design software. Electronics Workbench is the defacto standard in teaching and learning solutions for electronics education. The ...
    Type: Development
    Location Canada · Toronto

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