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Intersil Corporation


Milpitas, CA, USA

Type: Manufacturing
Design and manufacture of high performance analog semiconductors. Intersil products address three of the industry's fastest growing markets - flat panel displays, optical storage (CD and DVD recordable) and power management. Amplifiers, Data Converters, Display Products, DSL Line Drivers, Interface ICs, Optical Storage, Switches, MUXes, Crosspoint ICs, Voice Over IP ICs, Power Management (Switching Regulation, Power MOSFET Drivers, Hot Swap/Hot Plug, Power Supply Support, Battery Management, Linear Regulation), DSP Function ICs, MicroP/C ICs, Military/Space ICs, Radiation Hardened ICs. Intersil began its transformation into a high performance analog company in 2003 with the divestiture of its wireless business. In May 2004, Intersil acquired BitBlitz Communications, and most recently merged with standard analog products leader Xicor, Inc.

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