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IXYS Corporation


Santa Clara, CA, USA

Type: Manufacturing
IXYS is a global leader in Power Semiconductors, Gate Drive ICs and RF Power Devices. IXYS develops and markets primarily high performance power and RF semiconductors and control ICs that are used in controlling and converting electrical power efficiently in power systems for telecommunication infrastructure, motor drives, medical systems and transportation. IXYS also serves emerging markets with digital and analog ICs that control flat panel displays, medical instruments and telecommunication products.

IXYS develops, manufactures, and markets a broad spectrum of power semiconductors and power modules for the global power market.Discrete MOSFETs, MOSFET modules, Power Factor Correction Modules, Discrete IGBTs, IGBT Modules, Ultra Fast Discrete Diodes, FRED Modules, Sillicon Scholtky Diodes, GaAs Scholtky Diodes, Discrete Rectifier Diodes, Rectifiers Brigdes, Discrete Thyristors, Thyristor and Rectifier Modules, Dice and DCB Substrates, SRAM memory, Integrated Circuits, High Voltage Current Regulators, Breakover Diodes, Silicon Chip Resistors, AC Controller Modules.

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