Teledyne Technologies

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Type: Manufacturing


Teledyne Technologies Incorporated is a provider of sophisticated electronic components, instruments and communications products, including defense electronics, data acquisition and communications equipment for airlines and business aircraft, monitoring and control instruments for industrial and environmental applications and components, and subsystems for wireless and satellite communications. Teledyne also provides systems engineering solutions and information technology services for defense, space and environmental applications, and manufacture general aviation and missile engines and components, as well as on-site gas and power generation systems.

Teledyne Relays, a Unit of Teledyne Electronics and Communications, has been the world's innovative leader in manufacturing ultraminiature, hermetically sealed, electromechanical and solid-state switching products. The company's comprehensive product line meets a wide range of requirements for RF, microwave, wireless, high-speed digital, instrumentation, semiconductor test, heating and lighting, motor control, medical, commercial aviation, military and space applications.

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