Shenzhen, China

Type: Distributing Manufacturing Development Mounting


PCB prototype enterprise and a high-tech manufacturer specializing in quick PCB prototype and small-batch PCB production. The annual production capacity is 200,000 sq.m. for various of 1-layer, 2-layer or multi-layer PCBs. JLC is a professional PCB manufacturer featured of large scale, well equipment, strict management and superior quality. Expedited orders, up to 99% On-time delivery; Normal orders, up to 95% On-time delivery. PCBs are 100% AOI-tested and made of A-level boards material. Just upload Gerber file to get quote auto-matically and order online easily. Powerful ERP system allows you to track your order-processing status.

JLCPCB accepts Gerber files created by Eagle, Altium, Kicad and Diptrace. EasyEDA is JLCPCB’s partner platform and they also offer you a free online Gerber viewer.

JIALICHUANG Electronic Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

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