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Subsection: "MOSFET Single Transistors"
Manufacturer: "Vishay"
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  1. Datasheet Vishay SiHFP450
    Power MOSFET Not recommended for new designs, use SiHG16N50C
  2. Datasheet Vishay IRFP450
    Power MOSFET Not recommended for new designs, use SiHG16N50C
  3. N-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFET Obsolete, use Si4116DY
  4. Datasheet Vishay IRFP9240PBF
    Power MOSFET
  1. Datasheet Vishay SQJ211ELP-T1_GE3
    Automotive P-Channel 100 V (D-S) 175 C MOSFET
  2. Datasheet Vishay SiHH070N60EF-T1GE3
    EF Series Power MOSFET With Fast Body Diode
  3. Datasheet Vishay SQJ264EP-T1_GE3
    Automotive Dual N-Channel 60 V (D-S) 175 C MOSFETs
  4. Datasheet Vishay SiZ240DT-T1-GE3
    Dual N-Channel 40 V (D-S) MOSFETs
  5. Datasheet Vishay SiSS94DN-T1-GE3
    N-Channel 200 V (D-S) MOSFET
  6. P-Channel 30 V (D-S) MOSFET
  7. Dual N-Channel 30 V (D-S) MOSFET with Schottky Diode
  8. P-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFET
  9. P-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFET
  10. Datasheet Vishay SiSF20DN-T1-GE3
    Common - Drain Dual N-Channel 60 V (S1-S2) MOSFET Features TrenchFET® Gen IV power MOSFET Very low source-to-source on resistance Integrated common-drain n-channel MOSFETs in a compact and thermally enhanced package
  11. Datasheet Vishay SI2312CDS-T1-GE3
    N-Channel 20 V (D-S) MOSFET TrenchFET® power MOSFET 100% Rg tested
  12. Datasheet Vishay SQJ457EP-T1_GE3
    Automotive P-Channel 60 V (D-S) 175 C MOSFET TrenchFET® power MOSFET AEC-Q101 qualified 100 % Rg and UIS tested Package: PowerPAK SO-8L
  13. Datasheet Vishay SiSS22DN-T1-GE3
    N-Channel 60 V (D-S) MOSFET TrenchFET® Gen IV power MOSFET Very low RDS - Qg figure-of-merit (FOM) Tuned for the lowest RDS - Qoss FOM
  14. Datasheet Vishay SIHF9510S-GE3
    Power MOSFET
  15. Power MOSFET
  16. Datasheet Vishay SQD50N06-09L-GE3
    Automotive N-Channel 60 V (D-S) 175 °C MOSFET 100 % Rg and UIS Tested AEC-Q101 Qualifiedd TrenchFET Power MOSFET Package with Low Thermal Resistance TO-252

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