Alfredo Saab — Author

Alfredo Saab

Applications engineering manager, studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Previously, he worked as an American Scientific Associate at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.

Areas of interest of the author: Supply Measurement Interfaces

Co-authors: Tina Alikahi Steve Logan

By Alfredo Saab:

  1. Reduce voltage-reference output noise by half
    Alfredo Saab Steve Logan
    Reducing low-frequency (1/f) noise generated by an IC voltage reference can prove difficult. In theory, adding a lowpass filter to a reference's output reduces noise. In practice, a lowpass RC filter for suppression of noise frequencies below 10 Hz requires large values...
  2. Twisted Pair Accurately Reads Digital Temperature Sensor At 1000 m
    Alfredo Saab Tina Alikahi
    The best way to make midrange, low- to medium-accuracy temperature measurements (considering size, cost, performance, and ease of use) is to use an IC temperature sensor. But most IC temperature sensors are designed for applications where the circuits to which they connect are...

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