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  1. Monitoring relays, loadmonitors, timers, compact control units, coupling units, switching relays, safety relays, softstarters, breaking units, thyristor control units, current transformers, DC power supplies, time switches, hour meters.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: Austria Vienna
  2. Modular, analogue and digital timer switchers; automatic stairway switches; flush-mounting control elements; proximity switches; hour counters; liquid level control relies; coin-operated timers; chimes.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: Spain Madrid
  3. Huber+Suhner AG
    RF, fiber optic, wire and cable products.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: Switzerland Herisau
  4. ELKO EP
    Relies, modular electronic devices, installation devices for protection and switching, RF Control - wireless control system, INELS - intelligent electronic system.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: Ceska Republika Holesov - Vsetuly
  1. Citel Inc.
    Power surge protection including coaxial surge protection, dc power surge protection, Gas Discharge Tubes and dataline surge protection.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: USA Miramar, FL
  2. ALFA'R S.L.
    Connectors, wires, adaptors, tools.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: Spain Barcelona
  3. Sujun Electronic Co., Ltd.
    Anti-static soldering tools, anti-static SMT reworking equipments, magnifying lamps, static eliminators(ionizing air blowers), smoke absorbers, ultrasonic cleaners, oscilloscopes, frequency counters, dispensing controllers, testers.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: China Jiangsu
  4. Нard drives.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: USA Lake Forest, CA
  5. Ambric, Inc
    Fabless semiconductor company developing a new type of software-programmable, high-performance IC platform based on the first practical programming model for massively-parallel embedded computing. Massively parallel processor arrays (MPPAs). The ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: USA Beaverton, OR
  6. Benning Power Electronics
    Industry Power Supplies, Inverters, Controller MCU, Traction Chargers, Testers, Digital Multimeter, Current Clamp Multimeter.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location: UK Finchampstead