Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Type: Manufacturing


Xemics is a leading fabless semiconductor company developing and delivering standard and customized advanced integrated circuits that provide short range wireless connectivity solutions for Personal Area Networks and Home & Building Automation Networks. XEMICS combines its core technologies: sensor interfacing / data acquisition, 8 bits RISC microcontrollers, low frequency to UHF RF transceivers, audio Codecs, GPS, and emerging BluetoothTM together with the low-power design technology and expertise to provide wireless connectivity silicon solutions for autonomous battery operated and/or power sensitive terminal equipment. Industrial/process control: XEMICS' sensing machines, which can be combined with XEMICS data transceivers.

Transport/Asset tracking can be achieved with XEMICS' GPS receiver, data acquisition and short range wireless products for data logging and active ID tags. Medical/Pharmaceutical portable, battery operated remote telemetry, diagnosis and drug delivery systems, could benefit from short range wireless communication and data acquisition. Personal Area Systems: XEMICS' data acquisition, UHF narrow band, CODEC and Bluetooth technologies can be applied in Portable Communications, Portable Computer and Portable Consumer goods. For example XEMICS' wireless headset which has a combination of microphone/loudspeaker interface (codec), baseband processing and wireless link to the phone or computer for VoIP. Building/Home Automation: including automated energy meter reading/energy management, HVAC, security, lighting, temperature/climate control, home appliances, can all benefit from XEMICS' short range UHF narrow band transceiver and data acquisition MCU. Automotive systems: security/anti-theft, access control and future car entertainment systems will all require short-range wireless systems. GPS is increasingly used for in-car navigation systems.

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