Digilent, Inc.


Pullman, WA, USA

Type: Manufacturing

Programmable logic boards include the XUP-VRPro, Spartan-3, Spartan-2, and CPLD boards. Wide range of products for use in robotic and mechanical applications. Embedded control boards include the AVR-based control boards. Protoboards include the National Instruments ELVIS prototyping board and various solderless breadboards. Components include cables, power supplies, and parts kits. Accessory boards include all boards that connect to system boards using the 40-pin connectors, such as the Ethernet and USB modules boards, the Analog I/O1 board, the solderless breadboard, and the memory module board. Peripheral Module boards include all modules that use 6-pin headers to communicate with programmable logic or embedeed control boards. Examples include the ADC module, DAC module, H-bridge modules, and speaker module. Cables & connectors.

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