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  1. Monolithic Power Systems
    DC/DC converter ICs that provide the supply voltage to a variety of electronic devices. LED driver ICs, used in lighting displays, such as those found in cellular handsets and handheld computing devices. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · San Jose, CA
  2. Yageo Corporation
    Traditional carbon film, metal film, metal oxide film, and wire-wound resistors, as well as thick-film chip resistors used in Surface Mounting Technology (SMT), thin-film chip resistors, SIP resistor networks, thick film chip resistor networks, ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Taipei
  3. Micro Commercial Components Corp.
    Diodes, transistors, voltage regulators, MOSFETs, protection devices.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · Chatsworth,CA
  4. Macroblock, Inc.
    LED driver ICs.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Hsinchu
  5. Tai Shing Electronics Components
    Relays, solenoids
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Taipei
  6. Song Huei Electric Co., Ltd.
    Rotary, slide, wire wound and trimmer potentiometers.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Kaohsiung
  7. Song Chuan Precision Company Ltd.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Taipei
  8. MosChip Semiconductor
    PCI, USB, IEEE 1394, Serial Parallel, System on a Chip, Device Drivers, Embedded Firmware, Engineering and Reference Platforms, PLL, Transceivers and A/D D/A.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location India · Hyderabad
  9. Conexant Systems
    Semiconductor solutions for broadband communications for the digital home. Semiconductor system solutions that connect personal access products such as set-top boxes, residential gateways, PCs and game consoles to voice, video and data processing ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · Newport Beach, CA
  10. Chinfa Electronics
    Switching power supplies: AC/DC power modules, DC/AC power supplies, DC/DC converters, OEM/ODM.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan

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