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  1. Fenghua Electronics
    Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors; Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors; Thick Film Resistors; Zinc Oxide Varistors; HV Disc Ceramic Capacitors; Chip Inductor; Chip Bead; Humidity Sensor.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location China · Hong Kong
  2. Lambda Power group
    Range of power products from 1.5 W to 50 kW AC-DC and DC-DC. Lambda Power group of companies is an international presence with facilities in Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore and the United States.
    Type: Manufacturing
  3. Legrand Electric
    Electrical fittings.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location France
  4. Harting Technology Group
    Electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking, as well as in manufacturing, mechatronics and software creation. The Group uses these skills to develop customized solutions and products such as connectors for energy and ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Germany
  5. Isocom Components
    Manufacturer of optocouplers, optoswitches, MOSFET relays, and other optoelectronic components. Optocouplers and Optoisolators; Optoswitches and optosensors; Mosfet relays.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location UK · Cleveland
  6. Semelab Plc.
    Aerospace Semiconductor Products Semelab supplies hi-rel discrete semiconductors to manufacturers of space, military and industrial equipment world wide. With a large product base of more than 10500 device types, the company performs assembly, test ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location UK · Leicestershire
  7. Luminary Micro, Inc
    Designs, markets and sells ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontrollers (MCUs).
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · Austin, TX
  8. Marvell Semiconductor
    Storage, communications and consumer silicon solutions. The Company’s diverse product portfolio includes switching, transceiver, communications controller, wireless, and storage solutions that power the entire communications infrastructure, ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · Santa Clara, CA
  9. SK Interfaces Ltd
    Design, manufacture and marketing of a unique technology called ScreenKeys. ScreenKeys are programmable LCD push button key switches with integrated LCD and multi-coloured LED backlighting.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Ireland · Dublin
  10. Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation
    Vitesse designs, develops and markets a diverse portfolio of high-performance, cost-competitive semiconductor solutions for communications and storage networks worldwide. Engineering excellence and dedicated customer service distinguish Vitesse as ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · Camarillo, CA
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