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  1. Jantzen Audio Denmark
    Production of high-end quality induction coils and assembling of complete crossover networks for OEM manufacturers. One of JBL /Harman’s main suppliers of Inductors and accessory parts covering both high-end Audio and Professional Audio.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Denmark · Praestoe
  2. Bennic Components
    Professional acoustical parts: inductors, voice coils, no-polar and uni-polar capacitors, terminals, resistors (cement type).
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Taipei
  3. HALO Electronics, Inc.
    Communication magnetics including signal transformers, filters, CMR chokes and low power DC/DC converters.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · Mountain View, CA
  4. SyncMOS Technologies Inc.
    Consumer IC, such as embedded Flash MCU/DSP, and Mask ROM MCU. Flash Memory IC, such as 1M/2M/4M Flash memories, and serial Flash memory. IA and Others, such as USB based or RISC based products, etc.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · HsinChu
  5. Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
    Philips Lumileds Lighting Company is a fully integrated manufacturer of LED dice, packaged LEDs, and high-brightness LEDs—LUXEON®â€”designed for integration into general lighting products. The company markets LED solutions designed specifically ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · San Jose, CA
  6. The Luxeon® Star LEDs website is owned and operated by Quadica Developments Inc., a Canadian company based in Brantford, Ontario. Quadica Developments Inc. is an online retailer of Lumiled™ products. Luxeon® LEDs are manufactured by ...
    Type: Distributing
    Location Canada · Brantford
  7. Li Shin International Enterprise Corp.
    Switching Power Supplies; Magnetic Components (CCFL Inverter Transformer, SMPS POWER Transformer, Broadband magnetics, SMD Power Inductor); Telecom Products.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Taoyan
  8. Actron Technology Corporation
    Automotive diode manufacturer in fabrication of pressfit diodes, dish diodes, block diodes, and other packaging diodes for the application in the alternator.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Taoyan
  9. Diodes Incorporated
    Manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, application-specific standard products within the broad discrete and analog semiconductor markets, serving the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial and automotive markets. ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · Lee's Summit, MO
  10. Liteon Semiconductor Corporation
    Liteon Semiconductor Corporation is an affiliated enterprise of the Lite-On Technology Group. CIS, CCM, Discrete, Wafer Foundry, Fingerprint Sensor Module.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan

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