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Very simple amplifier phantom power
Very simple amplifier with phantom power
05.26.2022 Circuits

The circuit is suited for inductive sources such as a dynamic microphone, transformer or inductance sensor/pick up...

PIC AVR Microcontrollers Anchor Majority Embedded
PIC and AVR Microcontrollers Anchor the Majority of Embedded Designs Today
05.26.2022 News

Microchip grows its commitment to the 8-bit PIC and AVR MCUs by releasing five new product families and over 60 new devices...

China PCB Prototype and Fabrication Manufacturer
LEM unveiled world first Integrated Current
LEM to unveiled the world's first Integrated Current Sensor with Sigma Delta bitstream output
05.25.2022 News

LEM as launched the HMSR DA, the first Integrated current sensor on the market to offer a Sigma Delta bitstream output...

Open-loop power supply delivers as much
Open-loop power supply delivers as much as 1 W
05.24.2022 Circuits

For VCRs, TVs, and other equipment that requires a standby mode, you must supply power to a µP when other components are asleep to receive and interpret any wake-up signal from the remote control or from the broadcasting company...

Balancing power sharing paralleled boost converters
Balancing power sharing of paralleled boost converters in speakers
05.23.2022 Articles

Audio amplifiers for high-power portable speakers such as trolley speakers usually operate with lithium-ion batteries, and these batteries can vary from a single cell to a few cells in series. Designers generally use boost converters to produce the voltage for the audio amplifier, since the speakers may consume more than a few hundred watts...

Inverted MOSFET helps 555 oscillator ignore
Inverted MOSFET helps 555 oscillator ignore power supply and temp variations
05.22.2022 Articles

Since its invention over a half-century ago by Hanz Camenzind at Signetics, the familiar 555 analog timer (in league with its updated pin-compatible CMOS descendants) has become an iconic design element incorporated into useful standardized functional blocks almost too numerous to count...

Linear opto-couplers loop gain booby trap
Linear opto-couplers and the loop gain 'booby trap'
05.19.2022 Articles

A power supply that I was examining used an opto-coupler in its feedback path for control of its output voltage. This is a commonplace and well established design approach, but the feedback loop’s unconditional loop stability was not altogether a certainty...

STMicroelectronics integrated automotive audio amplifier combines
STMicroelectronics' integrated automotive audio amplifier combines high-definition sound with class-G efficiency
05.19.2022 News

STMicroelectronics’ TDA7901 automotive amplifier integrates a buck controller for class-G power switching and supports high-definition audio, a market-unique combination for great listening and high efficiency...

Switching regulator efficiently controls white-LED current
Switching regulator efficiently controls white-LED current
05.18.2022 Circuits

A few years ago, manufacturers specified their white, but dim, LEDs for a maximum forward-current rating of 20 mA. Today's white LEDs deliver more light and thus must operate at ever-higher bias currents...

Two-wire four-by-four-key keyboard interface saves power
Two-wire, four-by-four-key keyboard interface saves power
05.16.2022 Circuits

You can use a microcontroller that includes an ADC to design a two-wire-plus-ground keyboard interface. For example, you can use a resistive voltage divider to identify a pressed key...