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Power MOSFET is core regulated-dc electronic
Power MOSFET is core of regulated-dc electronic load
12.04.2018 Circuits

Designers use electronic dc loads for testing power supplies and sources, such as solar arrays or batteries, but commercial ones are often expensive. By using a power MOSFET in its linear region, you can build your own...

Tiny MEMS Pressure Sensor STMicroelectronics Enhances
Tiny MEMS Pressure Sensor from STMicroelectronics Enhances Measurement Accuracy and Avoids Time-Consuming Calibration
12.04.2018 News

The STMicroelectronics LPS22HH MEMS piezoelectric absolute pressure sensor is so accurate and stable that manufacturers can eliminate one-point calibration after soldering to increase throughput and efficiency....

Negative Output 500mA Low Dropout Linear
Negative Output, 500mA Low Dropout Linear Regulator Has Ultralow Noise & Ultrahigh PSRR
12.03.2018 News

Analog Devices announces the Power by Linear LT3094, an ultralow noise, ultrahigh power supply ripple rejection (PSRR), low dropout voltage, 500 mA negative linear regulator that targets applications requiring the lowest noise performance...

Pseudologarithmic thermistor signal conditioning spans wide
Pseudologarithmic thermistor signal conditioning spans wide temperature range
11.30.2018 Circuits

Given its low cost, small size, robust construction, accuracy, versatility and sensitivity, it's no wonder that the thermistor rates as one of the most popular temperature sensors available. However, in some applications, a thermistor can exhibit too much sensitivity for wide-range temperature measurements...

Vishay Intertechnology Optocouplers Offer 800 Off-State
Vishay Intertechnology's Optocouplers Offer 800 V Off-State Voltage, Deliver High Robustness and Noise Isolation
11.30.2018 News

Vishay Intertechnology broadened its optoelectronics portfolio with the release of two new optocouplers with a phototriac output in the compact flat SOP-4 package. Featuring high off-state voltage of 800 V and dV/dt of 1000 V/μs, the Vishay Semiconductors VOT8024AM and VOT8121AM deliver high robustness and noise isolation...

Driver offers proportional solenoid control without
Driver offers proportional solenoid control without PLC, microcontroller
11.29.2018 Circuits

The proportional-control solenoids used in some industrial hydraulic systems are usually driven by microcontrollers or programmable logic controllers. Such complex drivers typically require several different supply voltages for logic and control...

Solution next generation nanochips comes out
Solution for next generation nanochips comes out of thin air
11.29.2018 News

Researchers at RMIT University have engineered a new type of transistor, the building block for all electronics. Instead of sending electrical currents through silicon, these transistors send electrons through narrow air gaps, where they can travel unimpeded as if in space...

Monitor Temperature Multiple Locations Low-power 1.8V
Monitor Temperature at Multiple Locations with Low-power 1.8V Temperature Sensor Family
11.28.2018 News

Temperature measurement is central to the functionality of Internet of Things and personal computing devices, making it imperative that developers integrate temperature sensors that reduce power consumption and lower system voltage in applications. To meet these needs, Microchip Technology announced five new 1.8 V temperature sensors...

LED current regulator has low dropout
LED current regulator has low dropout
11.27.2018 Circuits

This Design Idea circuit regulates the current through one or more LEDs, making it almost independent of supply voltage. Its main advantage is a very small dropout voltage, which can be less than 100 mV. The design could find use on LED strips, where the voltage can vary along the length...

Analog Devices Latest Safety Isolated CAN
Analog Devices' Latest Safety Isolated CAN FD Transceivers Deliver 12 Mbps "Future-Proof" Networks
11.27.2018 News

Addressing the need for speed, functionality, isolation, and performance in industrial and building automation, energy systems, and mil/aero networks, Analog Devices announced an extension to its transceiver product line for controller area networks with flexible data-rate (CAN FD)...