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SEPIC generates 5V 100 mA
SEPIC generates 5V at 100 mA
02.14.2021 Circuits

Some applications require an input voltage higher than the breakdown voltage of the IC supply pin. In boost converters and SEPICs, you can separate the VIN pin of the IC from the input inductor and use a simple zener regulator to generate the supply voltage for the IC...

555 timer draws zero off current
555 timer draws zero off current
02.11.2021 Circuits

In this Design Idea, we’ve taught the classic 555 timer IC to consume zero current in its quiescent mode and wake up quickly in a known state...

Analog Devices Announces High Speed sup
Analog Devices Announces High Speed I2C to CAN-Physical Transceiver
02.11.2021 News

Analog Devices has introduced the robust high speed transceiver LT3960 that extends a single-master I2C bus through harsh or noisy environments at up to 400 kbps using the CAN-physical layer...

Polarity protector outperforms Schottky diodes
Polarity protector outperforms Schottky diodes
02.10.2021 Circuits

The polarity-protection circuit is a high-performance alternative to the usual series diode (often Schottky). The circuit incurs a much lower voltage drop than even the best Schottky diode...

Toshiba Introduces High-Current Photorelay Optimised Industrial
Toshiba Introduces High-Current Photorelay Optimised for Industrial Implementation
02.10.2021 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has just announced a new addition to its expansive optoelectronics portfolio. The TLP241B is a high-current Photorelay, targeted at use in industrial equipment...

Bootstrapping allows single-rail op amp provide
Bootstrapping allows single-rail op amp to provide 0V output
02.09.2021 Circuits

Many single-supply-powered applications require amplifier-output swings within 1 mV – or even submillivolts – of ground. Amplifier-output-saturation limitations normally preclude such operation...

TDK offers compact transformers DC DC
TDK offers compact transformers for DC/DC converters
02.09.2021 News

TDK Corporation presents the EPCOS E10 EM series, a new range of insulated SMT transformers that are suitable for various DC/DC converter topologies and gate driver circuits in e-mobility and industrial electronics...

NJR enter mass production high voltage
NJR to enter mass production of high voltage monitor IC NJU7890 that can directly detect 1000V voltage with ease and high precision and reduce 90% area
02.08.2021 News

New Japan Radio has developed a high voltage monitor IC "NJU7890" that can detect DC 1000 V voltage and output with high precision, and announced that mass production has begun...

Improved frequency modulator uses negatron
Improved frequency modulator uses «negatron»
02.07.2021 Circuits

You can improve a capacitive-sensor circuit with a modulator and an RF transmitter by modifying the modulator portion to obtain better accuracy....

STMicroelectronics Extends MasterGaN Family New Device
STMicroelectronics Extends MasterGaN Family with New Device Optimized for Asymmetrical Topologies
02.07.2021 News

Building upon the advantages of STMicroelectronics’ MasterGaN® platform, MasterGaN2 is the first in the new family to contain two asymmetric gallium-nitride (GaN) transistors, delivering an integrated GaN solution suited to soft-switching and active-rectification converter topologies...

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