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Pocket white-LED torch is power efficient
Pocket white-LED torch is power efficient
11.06.2020 Circuits

This Design Idea describes a single white-LED torch, which can be housed in an empty glue-stick tube and has a long rechargeable-battery life. The circuit is constructed with just a few commonly available parts...

Fully integrated ultra-compact DC DC converters
Fully integrated, ultra-compact DC/DC converters feature high-efficiency
11.06.2020 News

Leveraging a multi-patented design that significantly reduces the footprint and height of power-conversion circuitry, Murata has introduced the UltraBK family of compact, low-profile, fully integrated DC/DC converters...

Composite instrumentation amplifier challenges single-chip device
Composite instrumentation amplifier challenges single-chip device for bandwidth, offset, and noise
11.05.2020 Circuits

Although the prevailing number set in electronics is binary, human-machine interaction uses a decimal-number set. For this reason, designs often require the use of amplifiers with gain programmable in steps in the power of 10...

Toshiba Announces New Dual-Channel H-bridge Motor
Toshiba's Announces New Dual-Channel H-bridge Motor Driver IC with PWM Control
11.05.2020 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has further expanded its portfolio of driver solutions for brushed DC and stepper motors with the introduction of the TC78H660FNG...

Bring Back BASIC
Bring Back BASIC
11.04.2020 Articles

I must be kidding, right? No, I’m not. I’m just suggesting that we take another look at the old programming language known as BASIC. The language has a great deal going for it, particularly that it’s easy to learn and use...

New Embedded Universal Broadband LTE LPWA
New Embedded, Universal Broadband, LTE/LPWA Antenna for CAT-M & NB-IoT Applications
11.04.2020 News

AVX Corporation released a new embedded, universal broadband, LTE/LPWA antenna (1004795) as a standard, off-the-shelf solution designed for maximum versatility...

LED dimmer uses only two lines
LED dimmer uses only two lines
11.03.2020 Circuits

The circuit provides 32 steps of brightness control – from 0 to 100% – for a backlight or instrument panel, using just two general-purpose-microprocessor signals. In addition, the circuit requires little board space, because it uses only three SOT-23s and one µMax package...

STMicroelectronics Introduces High-Voltage Gate Driver 6kV
STMicroelectronics Introduces High-Voltage Gate Driver with 6kV Galvanic Isolation in Compact SO-8W Package
11.03.2020 News

STMicroelectronics’ STGAP2HS is a compact, high-voltage gate driver for applications that require up to 6 kV galvanic isolation between the gate-driving channel and the low-voltage control and interface circuitry. The 1200 V device can sink and source up to 4 A output current to simplify the design...

Indicator features expanded scale
Indicator features expanded scale
11.02.2020 Circuits

Test equipment for a production line should be user-friendly (read “idiot-proof”) and should offer minimal test time. In many cases, the test fixture must give an operator only one answer: pass or fail...

Infineon adds 40 device PQFN its
Infineon adds 40 V device in PQFN to its OptiMOS Source-Down power MOSFET family
11.02.2020 News

Contemporary power system designs demand high power density levels and small form factors to maximize system-level performance. Infineon Technologies tackles this challenge by focusing on system innovation with enhancements on the component level...

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