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plusmn 5V converter uses off-the-shelf surface
±5V converter uses off-the-shelf surface mount coil
02.05.2024 Circuits

Single-output switching regulator circuits can often be adapted to multiple output configurations with a minimum of changes, but these transformations usually call for custom wound inductors...

Direction detector doubles as decoder
Direction detector doubles as decoder
02.01.2024 Circuits

Fig 1’s circuit, which was developed to monitor the traffic of bumblebees into and out of the hive, differentiates “a-to-b” motion from “b-to-a” motion...

Quelling ground loop
Quelling a ground loop
02.01.2024 Articles

This issue had been previously addressed during pre-internet times in EDN of January 18,1990 but a further detailed look at the idea is warranted thirty-four years later...

Using an inductor improve an existing
Using an inductor to improve an existing design
01.31.2024 Circuits

Here is the circuit from a previous DI. Simple local low-noise voltage converter that can be used when a simple negative supply of low voltage is required. It is simple, and its efficiency can be improved by a very quick change...

Use copper temperature-compensate high current measurements
Use copper to temperature-compensate high current measurements
01.30.2024 Articles

Large currents flowing in a length cable can be measured using the voltage drop along the cable. It eliminates the need for a bulky shunt or expensive magnetic measurement method...

Improved Kelvin contacts boost current-sensing accuracy
Improved Kelvin contacts boost current-sensing accuracy by an order of magnitude
01.29.2024 Articles

Many power-supply designs rely on accurately sensing the voltage across a current-sense element...

RLD-based astable 555 timer circuit
RLD-based astable 555 timer circuit
01.26.2024 Circuits

In the classic configuration and most variants of the astable 555 multivibrator circuit, the timing characteristics are based on the charging and discharging of a capacitor. However, it can be argued that since the exponential voltage of a capacitor is qualitatively similar to inductor current...

Control processor power supply real time
Control a processor's power supply in real time
01.25.2024 Circuits

In battery-powered applications in which power management is key, a microprocessor may adjust its core voltage corresponding to an increase or a decrease in clock speed, allowing full processing power when necessary but not wasting excess power when idle...

1939 audio oscillator caught Disney eye
A 1939 audio oscillator caught Disney's eye - and helped launch HP
01.24.2024 Articles

75 years ago, one of the biggest electronics firms of the century got its start in a Palo Alto, California, garage – and it did so with the help of Mickey Mouse...

More gated 555 astable multivibrators hit
More gated 555 astable multivibrators hit the ground running
01.23.2024 Circuits

A previous Design Idea “Gated 555 astable hits the ground running” offered a fix for the problem of the excessively long first pulse that’s generated by traditional topology 555 astable circuits on start up when gated by the RESET pin...

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