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MM5130 RF Switch Delivers Up 10
MM5130 RF Switch Delivers Up to 10,000x Improvement in IP3 Linearity
04.01.2021 News

Menlo Microsystems known for reinventing the electronic switch with its Ideal Switch™ technology, has announced a significant performance milestone that will drive breakthrough improvements in RF signal performance across multiple industries...

SPST pushbutton switch combines power-control user-input
SPST pushbutton switch combines power-control, user-input functions
03.31.2021 Circuits

This Design Idea describes an enhancement to a previous one. The circuit uses a normally open SPST pushbutton switch, S1, instead of the SPDT switch that the original design required...

Efficient Power Conversion EPC Expands eToF
Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Expands eToF Laser Driver IC Family of Products with Device Optimized for Augmented Reality
03.31.2021 News

EPC announces the introduction of a laser driver that integrates a 40 V, 10 A FET with a gate driver and low-voltage differential signaling logic level input in a single chip for time-of-flight lidar systems used in robotics, drones, augmented reality, and gaming applications...

Infineon launches second-generation high-reliability non-volatile SRAM
Infineon launches second-generation of high-reliability non-volatile SRAM
03.30.2021 News

Infineon Technologies announced the availability of its second-generation non-volatile Static RAMs (nvSRAM). The new generation of devices are qualified for QML-Q and high-reliability industrial specifications...

Circuit controls brightness multiple displays
Circuit controls brightness of multiple displays
03.29.2021 Circuits

I recently needed to control nine seven-segment displays for a microcontroller's serial port. The complication I faced was the need to provide a continuous brightness adjustment for all the digits – from completely dark to fully bright...

Isolated Gate Driver STMicroelectronics Safely Controls
Isolated Gate Driver from STMicroelectronics Safely Controls Silicon-Carbide MOSFETs
03.29.2021 News

Joining STMicroelectronics’ STGAP family of isolated gate drivers, the STGAP2SiCS is optimized for safe control of silicon carbide MOSFETs and operates from a high-voltage rail up to 1200 V...

Integrator enables simple ohmmeter gigohm range
Integrator enables simple ohmmeter with gigohm range
03.26.2021 Circuits

The Texas Instruments IVC102 precision integrator has high-quality internal capacitors. The circuit allows you to measure very-high-resistance values of RX. A precision difference amplifier, a TI INA105, applies a reference voltage to RX...

High-Accuracy Op Amp STMicroelectronics Targets Energy-Efficient
High-Accuracy Op Amp from STMicroelectronics Targets Energy-Efficient Power Conversion
03.26.2021 News

The STMicroelectronics TSV7722 precision high-bandwidth operational amplifier, with gain-bandwidth of 22 MHz and slew rate of 11 V/μs, is well-suited for high-speed signal conditioning and accurate current measurement in power-conversion circuits and optical sensors...

Short circuit tracer finder uses low
Short circuit tracer/finder uses low power
03.25.2021 Circuits

This Design Idea presents a low power short circuit finder that capitalizes on the ear’s sensitivity to changes in frequency. The heart of the circuit is a voltage-to-frequency converter...

Highly Integrated Galvanically Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulators
Highly Integrated, Galvanically Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulators from STMicroelectronics Boost Accuracy and Reliability
03.25.2021 News

The STMicroelectronics ISOSD61 and ISOSD61L are high-accuracy isolated, second-order sigma-delta modulators that deliver enhanced performance and reliability in industrial applications such as motor control, electric-vehicle charging stations, solar inverters, UPS, and server and telecom power supplies...