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IR domed LEDs deliver up 5.0A
IR domed LEDs deliver up to 5.0A pulsed radiant power over 50°
04.28.2020 News

Lumileds introduced new additions to the LUXEON IR Domed Line that offer a significant increase in both DC and pulse drive current – up to 1.5 A and 5.0 A, respectively...

High-side current-shunt monitor offers reduced error
High-side current-shunt monitor offers reduced error
04.25.2020 Circuits

The circuit is an alternative to a high-side current monitor in a recent Design Idea. That monitor uses the Analog Devices AD8212 and an external high-voltage bipolar PNP transistor...

Maxim combines boost buck converters LED
Maxim combines boost and buck converters in LED driver
04.25.2020 News

Maxim Integrated Products has released a new family of automotive ICs. The MAX25601A/B/C/D is a synchronous boost controller followed by a synchronous buck LED controller...

20A 40V Integrated Power Module DC
20A/40V Integrated Power Module for DC Brushless Motors (BLDC)
04.25.2020 Circuits

This project is based on STK984-090A from ON Semiconductor which is a fully-integrated inverter with current rating 20 A and supply voltage 40 V DC...

Espressif Launches ESP32-WROVER-E-Based ESP32-Vaquita-DSPG Alexa Google
Espressif Launches ESP32-WROVER-E-Based ESP32-Vaquita-DSPG for Alexa, Google Voice Projects
04.25.2020 News

Espressif has announced the launch of a new development board for its popular ESP32 wireless system-on-chip, this time designed for always-on voice-activated assistant system...

Analog Devices Releases 40V USB Type-C
Analog Devices Releases 40V USB Type-C Power Delivery Buck-Boost Controller
04.25.2020 News

Analog Devices has released a new synchronous 4-switch buck boost controllers LT®8253/LT8253A optimized for automotive USB-C power delivery...

ESS Expands its USB DAC portfolio
ESS Expands its USB DAC portfolio with a New Low-Power Solution Featuring Amazing Sound Quality
04.23.2020 News

ESS Technology announced the ES9260, a new USB DAC optimized for low-power consumption. Intended for use in headsets and audio adaptors that demand high-quality sound and long play times...

New Silicon Labs Wireless SoCs Enable
New Silicon Labs Wireless SoCs Enable Eco-Friendly Zigbee Green Power IoT Devices
04.22.2020 News

Silicon Labs announces a new family of secure, ultra-low-power Zigbee system-on-chip devices designed for eco-friendly IoT products deployed in mesh networks...

ATtiny85 Pulse Oximeter Photoplethysmograph
ATtiny85 Pulse Oximeter and Photoplethysmograph
04.21.2020 Circuits

This project implemented on an ATtiny85 displays a moving Photoplethysmogram together with pulse rate and estimates of SpO2 - blood oxygen percentage...

Texas Instruments has developed high-accuracy comparator
Texas Instruments has developed the high-accuracy comparator with integrated reference
04.21.2020 News

Texas Instruments has developed the new low-power, high-accuracy comparator TLV4011 with a precision, integrated reference. Two external resistors can be connected to the input to create an adjustable voltage threshold down to 1.226 V...