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HOLTEK New 9V Battery BA45F5420 5440
HOLTEK New 9V Battery BA45F5420/ 5440/ 5450 Smoke Detector MCUs
09.17.2020 News

Holtek wishes to announce the release of its new range of 9 V battery Smoke Detector dedicated MCUs, the BA45F5420/BA45F5440/BA45F5450...

What All This Unused Input Stuff
What's All This Unused Input Stuff, Anyhow?
09.17.2020 Articles

You can’t leave unused inputs floating, but you might not want to connect them to a power or ground rail either...

High Precision Linear Power Amplifier Delivers
High Precision Linear Power Amplifier Delivers New Levels of Power Density Yet Unseen in SIP Form-Factor
09.17.2020 News

The PA22 from Apex Microtechnology establishes a new benchmark in power amplifier performance for a variety of applications where high speed and short-term power dissipation is a must...

Power-Up PCBA September Design Assembly DFA
Power-Up PCBA 1 September: Design for Assembly (DFA) Review Now Free for All PCB Assembly Orders with Seeed Fusion
09.17.2020 News

This post marks the beginning of a new series of developments with an emphasis on our most comprehensive offering at Seeed Fusion, turnkey PCB assembly (PCBA)...

Precision active load operates as low
Precision active load operates as low as 2V
09.16.2020 Circuits

This Design Idea presents a self-powered, precision-active-load circuit that improves on a previously published design. Added features include a wider operating-voltage range of 2 to 50 V or higher and several flexible current-setting modes...

Toshiba Introduces new Compact-Sized Photorelay Devices
Toshiba Introduces new Compact-Sized Photorelay Devices
09.16.2020 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe continues to drive innovation forward in optoelectronics with the addition of more photorelays to its expansive portfolio. All three of these devices are housed in the new P-SON4 package format...

Circuit offers improved active rectification
Circuit offers improved active rectification
09.15.2020 Circuits

Rectifiers convert ac signals to dc. You can combine a diode and a load resistor to create a half-wave rectifier, provided that the amplitude of the ac source is much larger than the forward drop of the diode...

New Photorelays Toshiba Contribute Equipment Downsizing
New Photorelays from Toshiba Contribute to Equipment Downsizing by Reducing Mounting Density
09.15.2020 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched three new photorelays, the TLP3407SRA, TLP3475SRHA and TLP3412SRHA. With a 2.0 mm × 1.45 mm footprint, they are some of the smallest voltage-driven photorelays on the market...

Relays eliminate high-voltage noise
Relays eliminate high-voltage noise
09.14.2020 Circuits

Most laboratories and industrial environments have many kinds of electrical-noise sources at all frequencies from heavy machinery, instruments, power supplies, and TV stations. Engineers have used many simple devices and techniques to handle this noise...

EPC Doubles Performance its 200 eGaN
EPC Doubles the Performance of its 200 V eGaN FET Family
09.14.2020 News

EPC advances the performance capability while lowering the cost of off-the-shelf gallium nitride transistors with the introduction of the EPC2215 and EPC2207 200 V eGaN FETs...

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