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Groundbreaking technology audio market Infineon launches
Groundbreaking technology in the audio market: Infineon launches class D audio brand MERUS with integrated multilevel amplifier ICs
06.04.2019 News

Infineon Technologies launches its MERUS brand, uniting the existing portfolio of multi-chip modules and discrete audio products under one umbrella. The brand will spearhead the belief that the best audio amplifier ICs...

How Extend Battery Run-Time Wearable Applications.
How to Extend Battery Run-Time for Wearable Applications. Part 1
06.03.2019 Articles

Maximizing available battery capacity requires a system-level approach to power efficiency plus components that tightly control battery operation while consuming minimal power...

Protected against water dust humidity ultra-small
Protected against water, dust & humidity: ultra-small barometric pressure sensor DPS368 from Infineon
06.03.2019 News

Infineon Technologies launches the XENSIV™ DPS368. The miniaturized digital barometric pressure sensor is capable of measuring both pressure and temperature. It offers an ultra-high precision of ±2 cm and a low current consumption for precise measurement of altitude, air flow and body movements...

In-Circuit Programming Switch Simplifies Operation Programmable
In-Circuit Programming Switch Simplifies Operation Of Programmable Devices

Many devices require programming through a serial bus, such as I2C. The programming can be done during final test, after the circuit board has been assembled. In many cases, the pins used for programming can then be utilized for something else during normal operation...

Industry fastest 12-bit ADC meets most
Industry's fastest 12-bit ADC meets the most demanding requirements of tomorrow's test and measurement, and defense applications
05.30.2019 News

Texas Instruments introduced a new ultra-high-speed analog-to-digital converter with the industry’s widest bandwidth, fastest sampling rate and lowest power consumption...

Impulse-Controlled Sequential Switch Without Active Electronics
Impulse-Controlled Sequential Switch Without Active Electronics
05.30.2019 Circuits

This circuit uses two electromechanical relays to realize a sequential switch that’s permanently resistant to electrical disturbance, remembering its state despite power failure and consuming energy only when it’s switched from one state to the other...

USB PD Controller Diodes Incorporated Supports
USB PD Controller from Diodes Incorporated Supports Standard and Proprietary Protocols for Power Delivery in a Small Outline Package
05.30.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the introduction of the AP43770 USB Type-C power delivery controller, a highly integrated solution for implementing PD over USB in fixed and portable devices, and offline power adapters...

Feedback-Controlled Constant-Current Limiter Includes Digital On
Feedback-Controlled Constant-Current Limiter Includes Digital On/Off Control
05.29.2019 Circuits

This circuit uses a few standard discrete components to provide a user-settable current-limit function with closed-loop performance. In addition, the limiter function can be turned on and off via an external digital control line...

Vishay Intertechnology Miniature IR Receivers Heimdall
Vishay Intertechnology Miniature IR Receivers in Heimdall and Panhead Packages Deliver Improved Sensitivity, Noise Suppression, and Pulse-Width Accuracy
05.29.2019 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced two new series of miniature infrared receiver modules for IR remote control applications. Devices in the Vishay Semiconductors TSOP95xxx and TSOP96xxx series deliver improved dark-ambient and disturbed-ambient sensitivity...

Synthesize variable in-circuit Rs Ls Cs
Synthesize variable in-circuit Rs, Ls, and Cs
05.28.2019 Circuits

The Miller effect, first reported a century ago, causes impedances connected between input and output of a voltage amplifier to be reflected in the amplifier input impedance, proportionately scaled by amplifier gain. Although first seen as only an undesired parasitic-capacitance multiplier limiting bandwidth and stability, the Miller effect has also been incorporated into useful topologies...