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Simple Analysis Flex-PCB Manufacturing Process PCBWay
Simple Analysis of Flex-PCB Manufacturing Process in PCBWay
09.17.2019 Articles

With the continuous expansion of the application scope and application field of flexible circuit board, from the perspective of the application field of FPC and the prospect of the development law of domestic and foreign markets...

Elmos Highly integrated programmable motor controller
Elmos: Highly integrated, programmable motor controller for controlling BLDC, Stepper and DC motors
09.17.2019 News

Elmos presents a highly integrated motor controller, enabling its customers to realize a powerful and cost-effective implementation of motor control for 12 V automotive applications. The IC combines a 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 microcontroller and an analog motor driver...

Vishay Intertechnology IHDM Edge-Wound Inductor Delivers
Vishay Intertechnology IHDM Edge-Wound Inductor Delivers Stable Inductance and Saturation at Temps to +180 °C and Current to 150 A
09.16.2019 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new IHDM edge-wound, through-hole inductor with rated current up to 150 A for industrial and military applications...

Voltage reference filter increases 32-bit ADC
Voltage reference filter increases 32-bit ADC SNR by 6dB
09.12.2019 Circuits

Attaining optimal SNR performance from an ADC isn’t just a matter of providing a low noise signal to the ADC’s input. Providing a low noise reference voltage is just as important...

CML Flexible BPSK Wireless Data Modulator
CML's Flexible BPSK Wireless Data Modulator Simplifies Design for Licenced Frequency Bands
09.12.2019 News

CML Microcircuits are pleased to announce the introduction of the CMX7146, a flexible data modulator that simplifies the design of transmit-only solutions using BPSK and differential BPSK modulation...

Infineon launches OPTIGA Trust improve security
Infineon launches OPTIGA Trust M to improve the security and performance of cloud connected devices and services
09.12.2019 News

Hardware-based trust anchors are key for connected applications and smart services, whether for a robotic arm in the smart factory or automated air conditioning in a private home. The new OPTIGA Trust M solution from Infineon Technologies AG helps manufacturers to enhance the security...

Active-filter circuit oscilloscope inspect Class amplifier
Active-filter circuit and oscilloscope inspect a Class D amplifier's output
09.11.2019 Circuits

The increasing acceptance of Class D amplifiers has helped them gain market share from their linear Class AB brethren. That acceptance is no surprise; the advantages of Class D amplifiers are legion, but such amplifiers also require new techniques for evaluation...

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces new micro PMT
Hamamatsu Photonics introduces a new micro PMT encapsulated in a plastic package ideal for downsizing medical diagnostic devices and environmental analyzers
09.11.2019 News

Hamamatsu Photonics now offers a new micro PMT “R12900U” housing the world’s smallest photomultiplier tube in a miniature plastic package designed to easily mount on electronic circuit boards...

PWM circuit uses one op amp
PWM circuit uses one op amp
09.10.2019 Circuits

This circuit delivers a rectangular signal with duty cycle varying between 0 and 100% in response to an input signal varying from 0 to 5 V dc...

Texas Instruments unveils solderless robotics kit
Texas Instruments unveils solderless robotics kit for university education
09.10.2019 News

Texas Instruments introduced the newest addition to the TI Robotics System Learning Kit (TI-RSLK) family, the TI-RSLK MAX, a low-cost robotics kit and curriculum that is simple to build, code and test...