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Toshiba enhances range 600V-rated IPDs BLDC
Toshiba enhances range of 600V-rated IPDs for BLDC motor drive
11.09.2023 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has extended its range of intelligent power devices (IPD) for brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive applications. The new devices are suited to use in pumps, air conditioning, ventilation, fans and other similar applications...

Circuit distorts duty cycle CML inputs
Circuit distorts duty cycle for CML inputs
11.08.2023 Articles

To test a gigabit-speed data-recovery chip, you need a clock with a controllable duty cycle. Because most pattern and clock generators have a fixed duty-cycle output of 50%, the design may require a small circuit to distort the duty cycle...

PWM controller drives LEDs high-voltage lines
PWM controller drives LEDs from high-voltage lines
11.07.2023 Circuits

Powering LEDs from a wide dc range – say, 30 to 380 V – without wasting a lot of power in the regulating block, is a difficult task when the LED current needs to be constant...

DIY LED display provides extra functions
DIY LED display provides extra functions and PWM
11.06.2023 Circuits

This design idea shows how easily “new flesh can be added to the old bones” and how some new functions can be added to the simple LED display that was published earlier...

Low-cost digital DAC provides digital three-phase-waveform
Low-cost digital DAC provides digital three-phase-waveform synthesis
11.01.2023 Circuits

Many applications involve the digital synthesis of three-phase sinusoidal waveforms, such as ac-motor drives, active power filters, and grid-voltage synchronizers, that use a microcontroller or a DSP for digital control. You can perform this synthesis by using conventional analog techniques...

All you need know about using
All you need to know about using IGBTs
10.31.2023 Articles

These days, much of the news coverage and discussion in the semiconductor industry is about devices based on the new wide bandgap materials such as silicon carbide and gallium nitride. The medium-to-high power applications that used IGBTs still exist, as do the devices themselves...

3-leg regulator shunt mode makes variable
3-leg regulator in shunt mode makes variable power supply symmetrical
10.30.2023 Circuits

Surprising facts, like “old fangled” 3-leg linear regulators (LM317, LM337, LM350, et al.) can be used in shunt regulator topologies can sometimes inspire “new fangled” circuit designs...

Simple night-light uses photoresistor detect dusk
Simple night-light uses a photoresistor to detect dusk
10.29.2023 Circuits

Streetlights, emergency lights, and security lights must automatically turn on when it gets dark. You base the control circuit on the resistance of a photoresistor or another LDR that varies with light intensity...

Temperature controller has take-back-half convergence algorithm
Temperature controller has "take-back-half" convergence algorithm
10.26.2023 Circuits

“The unfortunate relationship between servo systems and oscillators is very apparent in thermal-control systems,” said Linear Technology's Jim Williams...

Momentary switch controls mains latch-on remote
Momentary switch controls mains with latch-on and remote shutdown
10.25.2023 Circuits

The purpose of this Design Idea was to improve reliability, add new features, and replace a latching power switch with a momentary one...

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