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Latest 1-Form-B Photorelay Toshiba Offers 1.2
Latest 1-Form-B Photorelay from Toshiba Offers 1.2 A On-State Current Rating
06.01.2021 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has further strengthened its extensive optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of a new photorelay. Supplied in a compact DIP6 package, the TLP4590A provides engineers with a more convenient and reliable alternative to conventional mechanical relays...

High-side current sensor has period output
High-side current sensor has period output
05.31.2021 Circuits

You use high-side current monitoring in many battery-powered products that require accurate monitoring of load current, charger current, or both. In applications for nonportable designs, high-side-current monitoring serves as a power-supply watchdog that can flag a failure in downstream devices...

Low sub DS on sub 40
Low RDS(on) 40 V MOSFETs from Nexperia deliver highest power density for Automotive and Industrial applications
05.31.2021 News

Nexperia announced new 0.55 mΩ RDS(on) 40 V power MOSFETs in the high-reliability LFPAK88 package for automotive (BUK7S0R5-40H) and industrial (PSMNR55-40SSH) applications...

Improving Efficiency an Active Switch on
Improving Efficiency with an Active Switch on an AC Bridge
05.28.2021 Articles

Increasing power conversion efficiency and power density has always been the primary goal for the power supply industry. Over the past decade, there has been phenomenal progress thanks to the development of power devices, topologies, and control...

Renesas Expands Portfolio World Smallest Photocouplers
Renesas Expands Portfolio of World's Smallest Photocouplers for Industrial Automation and Solar Inverter Applications
05.28.2021 News

Renesas Electronics expanded its family of 8.2 mm creepage photocouplers with three new devices designed for operation in harsh industrial automation equipment, solar inverter, and EV charger operating environments...

Light-Sensing Circuit Yields Human-Like Dynamic Range
Light-Sensing Circuit Yields Human-Like Dynamic Range
05.27.2021 Circuits

Photodiodes and phototransistors, whether photoresistive or photovoltaic, respond to a wide range of light levels by producing a current (not voltage) that is, unfortunately, linearly proportional to the light (as long as you keep the voltage bias constant or nearly so)...

Vishay Intertechnology Best Class 30 N-Channel
Vishay Intertechnology Best in Class 30 V N-Channel MOSFET Delivers High Power Density and Efficiency for Isolated and Non-Isolated Topologies
05.27.2021 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a versatile new 30 V n-channel TrenchFET Gen V power MOSFET that delivers increased power density and efficiency for both isolated and non-isolated topologies...

Triangle waves drive simple frequency doubler
Triangle waves drive simple frequency doubler
05.26.2021 Circuits

If you use a function generator, you may occasionally require a sine-wave output at a higher frequency than the generator can provide...

Analog Devices introduces quad-channel isolated LVDS
Analog Devices introduces quad-channel isolated LVDS buffer
05.26.2021 News

Analog Devices introduced the ADN4624, a quad-channel, signal isolated, low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) buffer that operates at up to 2.5 Gbps with very low jitter...

LMC555 Timers Delay Hardware Reset Collect
LMC555 Timers Delay Hardware Reset To Collect Debug Data
05.25.2021 Circuits

Most microprocessors have some type of hardware watchdog that can be used to reset the microprocessor and the surrounding hardware to a known state if firmware inadvertently stops executing code. But it may be advantageous to record the watchdog-overflow event in nonvolatile memory...