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Test continuity an LED
Test continuity with an LED
07.23.2020 Circuits

You sometimes need to know whether a resistance exceeds a preset limit. The continuity tester lets you determine that fact for resistances of 0.5 Ω to 10 kΩ...

Allegro Releases World Most Accurate 400
Allegro Releases World's Most Accurate 400 kHz Current Sensor IC with 5 kV Isolation Rating
07.23.2020 News

Allegro MicroSystems announced the launch of the ACS37002 family of advanced Hall-effect current sensors. The ACS37002 has 400 kHz sensing bandwidth up to 180 A with low offset and better than 1% typical total accuracy over the full –40 °C to 150 °C automotive temperature range...

Simple Energy-Tripped Circuit Breaker Automatic Delayed
Simple Energy-Tripped Circuit Breaker with Automatic Delayed Retry
07.22.2020 Circuits

A circuit breaker protects sensitive load circuits from excessive current flow by opening the power supply when the current reaches a predetermined level. The simplest circuit breaker is a fuse, but blown fuses require physical replacement...

New Analog Devices Detector Measures RMS
New Analog Devices' Detector Measures RMS Power up to 70 GHz
07.22.2020 News

Analog Devices has announced the new LTC5597 IC, a high accuracy RMS power detector that provides a very wide RF input bandwidth, from 100 MHz up to 70 GHz...

Produce current positive or negative high-voltage
Produce current from positive or negative high-voltage supplies
07.21.2020 Circuits

You sometimes need a current source for supply voltages as high as 1000 V or more. This current source can be useful for ripple-voltage reduction when the current source’s high-impedance node feeds an electrolytic capacitor to effectively short the ripple voltage...

2-Phase Stepping Motor Driver IC Toshiba
2-Phase Stepping Motor Driver IC from Toshiba Fully Addresses Automotive Sector Requirements
07.21.2020 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced the TB9120AFTG. This constant-current 2-phase bipolar stepping motor driver, which is designed for automotive use, can significantly streamline motor system implementations...

Navitas Drives Cool Fast-Charger Upgrade
Navitas Drives a Cool Fast-Charger Upgrade
07.20.2020 News

Navitas Semiconductor announced a new range of 650 V-rated GaNFast power ICs in 6 × 8 mm PQFN packaging with a proprietary, integrated cooling pad for high-efficiency, high-density power systems...

Bourns Extends Rotary Encoder Line New
Bourns Extends Rotary Encoder Line with New Model Featuring High Detent Force with Smooth Tactile Feedback
07.16.2020 News

Bourns, Inc. announced the introduction of Model PEC11H as an extension to the company's rotary encoder product line...

Enablement Batteryless Applications Wireless Power
Enablement of Batteryless Applications with Wireless Power
07.16.2020 Circuits

My application doesn’t have a battery. Is it possible to power it wirelessly?...

Littelfuse Adds 105 deg Rated 800V
Littelfuse Adds 105 °C Rated, 800V Solid State Relay to Product Line
07.16.2020 News

Littelfuse announced the PLA172P OptoMOS® Relay, an 800 V normally-open single-pole 6-pin solid-state relay...