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Increase piezoelectric transducer acoustic output simple
Increase piezoelectric transducer acoustic output with a simple circuit
01.21.2020 Circuits

There have been many different ideas presented for increasing the acoustic output of a piezo buzzer or ultrasonic transducer. Most of them involve rather complicated circuitry that drives up the total solution cost...

Power Integrations Highly Robust SCALE-iDriver Gate
Power Integrations' Highly Robust SCALE-iDriver Gate Drivers Achieve AEC-Q100 Automotive Qualification
01.21.2020 News

Power Integrations announced the launch of its automotive-qualified SID1181KQ SCALE-iDriver gate driver for 750 V-rated IGBTs...

MEMS Relays Push Power Limits
MEMS Relays Push Power Limits
01.20.2020 Articles

At APEC 2019, Menlo Micro was showing off its new power relay made with microelectromechanical-systems manufacturing...

Smart Driver IC Battery Powered DC
Smart Driver IC for Battery Powered DC Motors
01.20.2020 News

TRINAMIC Motion Control announces the TMC7300, a low-voltage driver for one DC motor up to 2 A peak, or two DC motors up to 2.4 A peak...

Negative Linear Regulator Features 0.8 micro
Negative Linear Regulator Features 0.8 µV RMS Noise and 74 dB Power Supply Rejection Ratio at 1 MHz
01.19.2020 Circuits

Low dropout linear regulators have been widely used in noise-sensitive applications for decades. Nevertheless, noise requirements have become tougher to meet as the latest precision sensors, high speed and high resolution data converters, and frequency synthesizers challenge conventional LDO regulators to produce ultralow output noise...

TDK announces world first MIPI standard
TDK announces world's first MIPI standard SoundWire microphone
01.19.2020 News

TDK Corporation introduces the world’s first MIPI Standard SoundWire® microphone for mobile, IoT and other consumer devices. This multimode microphone pushes the boundaries of digital microphone acoustic performance while providing advanced feature sets with very low power...

Speakerless Immersive Sound Continental Sennheiser Revolutionize
Speakerless Immersive Sound: Continental and Sennheiser Revolutionize Vehicle Audio
01.16.2020 News

At CES 2020 in Las Vegas technology company Continental and audio specialist Sennheiser presented a speakerless audio system for the vehicle interior...

Use current mirror control power supply
Use a current mirror to control a power supply
01.15.2020 Circuits

Controlling a power supply is a necessary task in many applications, such as in battery chargers, solar power controllers, and so on. Industry provides a rich number of off-the-shelf integrated power supplies that, unfortunately, do not offer a simple way to control the output...

HOLTEK New HT45B3305H CAN Bus Controller
HOLTEK New HT45B3305H CAN Bus Controller
01.15.2020 News

Holtek announces the release of its new CAN Bus interface controller IC, the HT45B3305H. The CAN physical layer supports up to a 1 Mbit/s high speed network...

Fixed Input Push-pull Control Chip SCM1212A
Fixed Input Push-pull Control Chip SCM1212A, Integrating Three Key Technologies
01.14.2020 News

Mornsun’s newest fixed input push-pull control chip SCM1212A integrates soft-start function, output short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection to effectively improve product reliability...