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Use time-domain analysis Zobel network
Use time-domain analysis of Zobel network
07.06.2023 Articles

A Zobel network is useful in making a reactive load appear as a pure resistance to a driving source prone to stability problems. A typical situation is an audio power amplifier driving a loudspeaker...

300 volt second self-calibrating Shannon decoder
300 volt, 4 second, self-calibrating Shannon decoder DAC
07.06.2023 Circuits

Besides its mind-boggling simplicity and programmable resolution, the chief attribute of the Shannon decoder DAC is speed...

Bootstrap biasing high input voltage step-down
Bootstrap biasing of high input voltage step-down controller increases converter efficiency
07.05.2023 Circuits

High voltage buck DC/DC controllers are popular in automotive applications due to their extremely wide 4 V to 60 V input voltage range, eliminating the need for a snubber and voltage suppression circuitry...

Self-heated Vbe transistor thermostat needs no
Self-heated ∆Vbe transistor thermostat needs no calibration
07.04.2023 Circuits

It’s just an unavoidable fact: electronic components’ parameters drift with temperature. Even the most stable voltage references, op amps, crystal oscillators, etc., have non-zero temperature coefficients...

Complementary-pair dc dc converter simultaneously doubles
Complementary-pair dc/dc converter simultaneously doubles, inverts supply voltage
06.29.2023 Circuits

The circuit in this Design Idea uses an intrinsic property of collector voltages in one-transformer pushpull dc/dc converters: They have a swing of twice the supply voltage...

Shannon decoder DAC meets UART
Shannon decoder DAC meets UART
06.29.2023 Circuits

If you need to quickly and inexpensively convert a binary number into a proportional analog voltage, one cool way to do it is...

Solar panel powers two-stage lead-acid battery
Solar panel powers two-stage lead-acid battery charger
06.28.2023 Articles

A solar-powered lead-acid battery charger can ensure that the battery remains fully charged over a wide temperature range. The ideal charging circuit compensates for temperature and sunlight variations, including recovery from shading...

Broadband random noise generator
Broadband random noise generator
06.27.2023 Circuits

Filter, audio, and RF-communications testing often require a random noise source. Circuit provides an RMS-amplitude regulated noise source with selectable bandwidth. RMS output is 300 mV with a 1 kHz to 5 MHz bandwidth, selectable in decade ranges...

3.3V powered converter
3.3V powered V/F converter
06.26.2023 Circuits

Figure 1 is a “charge pump” type V/F converter specifically designed to run from a 3.3 V rail. A 0 V to 2 V input produces a corresponding 0 kHz to 3 kHz output with linearity inside 0.05%...

Battery internal resistance meter
Battery internal resistance meter
06.25.2023 Circuits

It is often desirable to determine a battery’s internal resistance to evaluate its condition or suitability for an application. Accurate battery resistance determination is complicated by inherent capacitive terms which corrupt results...