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Analog Devices Unveils SHARC Audio Module
Analog Devices Unveils SHARC Audio Module Platform for Rapid Audio DSP Project Development
02.27.2019 News

Analog Devices announced the availability of the SHARC Audio Module, a hardware/software platform that facilitates efficient product prototyping, development, and production of a variety of digital audio products...

How Printed Circuit Board PCB Is
How Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Is Made
02.26.2019 Articles

The PCB production process is not a secret for people who once used to make them at home conditions. It's time to check the production process of creating a printed circuit board looks like on a huge scale...

Bipolar Transistors Diodes Incorporated Feature 3.3mm
Bipolar Transistors from Diodes Incorporated Feature a 3.3mm x 3.3mm Package and Enable Higher Power Density
02.26.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced a family of NPN and PNP power bipolar transistors in a small form factor (3.3 mm × 3.3 mm), offering increased power density for applications requiring up to 100 V and 3 A...

Toshiba releases small MOSFET excellent ESD
Toshiba releases small MOSFET with excellent ESD protection
02.25.2019 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has released a dual MOSFET with high levels of ESD protection. The new SSM6N813R is intended for use in rugged automotive applications...

Buck regulator controls white LED optical
Buck regulator controls white LED with optical feedback
02.24.2019 Circuits

There is much interest in LED-based lighting due to the availability of high-power, high-efficiency white – and other-color – LEDs. Because an LED is a current-controlled device, typical control circuits regulate the current through the LED to maintain uniform intensity...

Alpha Omega Semiconductor Continues Expand its
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Continues to Expand its Fifth Generation EZBuck Family
02.24.2019 News

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor introduced AOZ6662DI-01 and AOZ6663DI-01, high efficiency, simple-to-use synchronous buck regulators...

Impact AL Surface Treatment on Peel
The Impact of AL Surface Treatment on the Peel Strength between Rigid-Flex PCB
02.21.2019 Articles

Rigid-flex PCB is a new type of PCB which has both the durability of rigid PCB and the adaptability of flexible PCB. Of all types of printed circuit boards, rigid-flex PCBs are the most resistant to harsh application environments and are favored by manufacturers of medical and military equipment...

Maxim Buck Converters Controllers Deliver Smallest
Maxim's Buck Converters and Controllers Deliver Smallest, Most Efficient High-Voltage Automotive Power Solutions
02.21.2019 News

Maxim Integrated Products announced power-management ICs offering the industry’s smallest solution size and highest efficiency to help automotive designers meet space and power challenges of next-generation automotive applications...

Dimming multiple LED strings enables color-tunable
Dimming multiple LED strings enables color-tunable luminaires
02.20.2019 Articles

In many solid-state lighting applications, such as architectural, area, and downlighting, color accuracy is very important. Moreover, an increasing number of products support dynamic color tuning – to set the white point or CCT and/ or to enable dynamic full-color products...

Nexperia launches 40 low sub DS
Nexperia launches 40 V low RDS(on) automotive MOSFETs in a 3x3 mm footprint for demanding powertrain applications
02.20.2019 News

Nexperia introduced a portfolio of low RDS(on) 40 V AEC-Q101 MOSFETs targeting space-constricted, increased-power modules in demanding powertrain applications. Housed in the miniature, LFPAK33 package which has a footprint of only 10.9 mm2...