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PCB Layout Design Tips Help Your
PCB Layout Design Tips to Help in Your PCB Projects | PCBgogo
03.18.2020 Articles

A PCB is designed using a number of elements and components, each component holding a specific function that contribute to the application of the entire circuit. A very important component you should not overlook is the layout of your PCB...

Best-in-class price performance 600 CoolMOS S7
Best-in-class in price and performance: 600 V CoolMOS S7 superjunction MOSFET for low-frequency applications
03.18.2020 News

Infineon Technologies develops solutions for highest efficiency and quality requirements. The newly launched 600 V CoolMOS S7 product family leads the way for power density and energy efficiency for applications where MOSFETs are switched at a low frequency...

CAN XL Next step CAN evolution
CAN XL - Next step in CAN evolution
03.17.2020 Articles

CAN XL provides a superior solution for data rates up to 10 Mbit/s by maintaining the advantages of the CAN protocol like collision-resolution by non-destructive arbitration...

Cypress Introduces Sixth Generation USB-C Controllers
Cypress Introduces Sixth Generation USB-C Controllers for PCs and Notebooks
03.17.2020 News

Cypress Semiconductor announced its latest USB-C controllers with Power Delivery, EZ-PD CCG6DF and CCG6SF. The new dual and single-port USB-C controllers offer the highest BOM integration for next-generation notebooks and desktops...

Alpha Omega Semiconductor Unveils New Series
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Unveils a New Series of Intelligent MOSFET Power Modules
03.17.2020 News

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor announced the release of a new intelligent power module, AIM702H50B, specialized for low-power BLDC motor drives system such as fan motors in home appliances and air-conditioners...

Analog Devices has introduced ADAU1787 codec
Analog Devices has introduced the ADAU1787 codec with four inputs, and two outputs, and Audio DSPs
03.16.2020 News

Analog Devices has introduced the ADAU1787 codec with four inputs and two outputs that incorporates two digital signal processors...

Japan electronics industry connected fight against
Japan's electronics industry connected to the fight against coronavirus. Sharp display production switches to surgical masks
03.16.2020 News

Japanese electronics maker Sharp Corp. said it will start making surgical masks, which are in high demand because of the virus outbreak...

Guidelines Placing Inductor on Switch Mode
Guidelines for Placing the Inductor on a Switch Mode Power Supply Printed Circuit Board
03.15.2020 Articles

Switching regulators for voltage conversion use inductors for temporarily storing energy. These inductors are often very large components and must be positioned in the printed circuit board layout of the switching regulator...

1mm-Thin Polymer Aluminum Electrolytics Provides High
1mm-Thin Polymer Aluminum Electrolytics Provides High Ripple Current and Capacitance
03.15.2020 News

The new PPC Series of ultra-thin polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Cornell Dubilier represents a totally new capacitor form factor...

UCLA Innovative Biplane Design Could Lead
UCLA Innovative 'Biplane' Design Could Lead to Next Generation of Wind Turbines
03.12.2020 Articles

Biplanes, the fixed-wing aircrafts with two wings, one above the other, exist today mostly in aviation museums, World War I movies and black-and-white photos...