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shrunken Digital transceiver AKM releases Cartesian
A shrunken Digital transceiver; AKM releases a Cartesian Feedback Loop transmission IC with DAC and PLL
12.28.2018 News

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation has started mass production of the AK2403, a narrow band radio transceiver IC. The AK2403 achieves high linearity which is required for the QPSK and QAM modulation methods using Cartesian Feedback Loop technology...

PCB Assembly Process PCBWay Factory
The PCB Assembly Process in PCBWay Factory
12.27.2018 Articles

PCBWay is one of the best PCB prototype and assembly manufacturer in China. Their professional engineers and technicians will work closely with you to ensure the best quality and quickest possible lead time...

NVE Introduces Smart GMR Magnetometer
NVE Introduces Smart GMR Magnetometer
12.27.2018 News

NVE Corporation announced the new SM124-10E Smart Magnetometer. The new sensor combines a Giant Magnetoresistance sensor element with elegant digital signal processing. The versatile product can be used for current or proximity measurements...

Convert voltage potentiometer-wiper setting
Convert voltage to potentiometer-wiper setting
12.26.2018 Circuits

The circuit converts an analog input voltage, VIN, to a proportional wiper setting of a DPP (digitally programmable potentiometer). The potentiometer's wiper setting, which varies from position 0 through 31, corresponds to the input voltage, which varies from 0 to 1 V dc...

Sensor Module Development Kits Arduino Raspberry
Sensor Module Development Kits for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

TE Connectivity announced general availability of AmbiMate MS4 sensor module development kits. The kits allow global engineering and development teams to build prototypes and evaluation boards for systems incorporating TE’s state-of-the-art AmbiMate MS4 Series sensor modules...

How Measure Current Power Improved System
How to Measure Current, Power for Improved System Monitoring
12.25.2018 Articles

If you're seeking a way to measure current and power in a circuit, you need to know about current-sense amplifiers (CSAs). A CSA is a specialized op amp connected as differential amplifier with precision gain resistors on-chip. Its most common application is overcurrent protection in a wide range of products...

Mitsubishi Electric University Tokyo Reveal New
Mitsubishi Electric and the University of Tokyo Reveal New Mechanism for Enhancing Reliability of SiC Power Semiconductor Devices
12.25.2018 News

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and the University of Tokyo announced what they believe to be an all-new mechanism for enhancing the reliability of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor devices in power electronics systems...

Boost 3.3V 5V tiny audio amplifier
Boost 3.3V to 5V with tiny audio amplifier
12.24.2018 Circuits

This charge-pump circuit quietly converts a 3.3 V source to 5 V at 500 mA. LM4871LD power amplifier makes this design idea both possible and practical, thanks to its low output resistance, low cost, compact size, and high dissipation capability...

Highly accurate digital temperature sensors provide
Highly accurate digital temperature sensors provide unparalleled simplicity for RTD-based and medical designs
12.24.2018 News

Texas Instruments introduced a new temperature sensor family that offers ±0.1 °C accuracy across a wide temperature range and helps simplify system design for industrial and medical applications. The TMP117 is the first single-chip temperature sensor to offer similar performance to platinum resistance temperature detectors...

Controller solves voltage drop problem high
Controller solves voltage drop problem of high impedance, long length power lines
12.22.2018 Circuits

The LT8710 is a versatile DC/DC controller that supports boost, SEPIC, inverting, or flyback configurations, and is widely used in automotive and industrial systems. The LT8710 includes features that enable use in applications with high impedance power supplies...