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Power Integrations New MinE-CAP IC Reduces
Power Integrations' New MinE-CAP IC Reduces Volume of AC-DC Converters by Up to 40%
11.12.2020 News

Power Integrations announced the MinE-CAP IC for high power density, universal input AC-DC converters. By halving the size of the high-voltage bulk electrolytic capacitors required in offline power supplies, this new type of IC enables a reduction in adapter size of up to 40%...

Voltage Conversion Four Quadrants
Voltage Conversion in Four Quadrants
11.11.2020 Articles

A four-quadrant dc-dc converter offers an elegant way to control currents and voltages, and is able to set current to any level...

Vishay Intertechnology Launches Industry First AEC-Q101
Vishay Intertechnology Launches Industry's First AEC-Q101 Qualified 60 V MOSFET in the PowerPAK SO-8L Dual Asymmetric Package
11.11.2020 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced an AEC-Q101 qualified n-channel 60 V MOSFET that is the industry’s first such device in the PowerPAK® SO-8L dual asymmetric package...

Single-Gate Logic Devices Diodes Incorporated Target
Single-Gate Logic Devices from Diodes Incorporated Target Automotive Applications Including Infotainment and ADAS
11.10.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced new additions to its expanding portfolio of automotive-compliant logic devices. The 74AHC1GxxQ (standard CMOS) and 74AHCT1GxxQ (TTL compatible) devices are AEC-Q100 grade 1 qualified...

Monolithic Switching Regulator When Everything Is
Monolithic Switching Regulator—When Everything Is on a Chip
11.09.2020 Articles

A switching regulator can be constructed either monolithically or via a controller. In a monolithic switching regulator, the respective power switches, usually MOSFETs, are integrated within a single silicon chip. With controllers, in addition to the controller IC, the power semiconductors must be selected and positioned separately...

Infinet Wireless makes furthest wireless link
Infinet Wireless makes furthest wireless link in millimeter band
11.09.2020 News

Infinet Wireless, together with its partner Flex, has successfully tested the Quanta 70 platform, pushing it to the limits in the most challenging conditions possible. A link was successfully deployed between the towns of Klin and Dubna in the Moscow region, over a distance of 51 km, and delivered results which are simply a unique achievement...

Pocket white-LED torch is power efficient
Pocket white-LED torch is power efficient
11.06.2020 Circuits

This Design Idea describes a single white-LED torch, which can be housed in an empty glue-stick tube and has a long rechargeable-battery life. The circuit is constructed with just a few commonly available parts...

Fully integrated ultra-compact DC DC converters
Fully integrated, ultra-compact DC/DC converters feature high-efficiency
11.06.2020 News

Leveraging a multi-patented design that significantly reduces the footprint and height of power-conversion circuitry, Murata has introduced the UltraBK family of compact, low-profile, fully integrated DC/DC converters...

Composite instrumentation amplifier challenges single-chip device
Composite instrumentation amplifier challenges single-chip device for bandwidth, offset, and noise
11.05.2020 Circuits

Although the prevailing number set in electronics is binary, human-machine interaction uses a decimal-number set. For this reason, designs often require the use of amplifiers with gain programmable in steps in the power of 10...

Toshiba Announces New Dual-Channel H-bridge Motor
Toshiba's Announces New Dual-Channel H-bridge Motor Driver IC with PWM Control
11.05.2020 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has further expanded its portfolio of driver solutions for brushed DC and stepper motors with the introduction of the TC78H660FNG...

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