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Low-power CMOS oscillator has push-pull output
Low-power CMOS oscillator has push-pull output
02.11.2020 Circuits

Digital oscillators often generate TTL- or CMOS-level outputs, referred to ground. Generating a symmetric bipolar output with respect to ground presents a challenge...

Take stage Blue high-power laser Osram
Take the stage: Blue high-power laser from Osram provides breathtaking moments at events
02.11.2020 News

Rock and pop shows today are about much more than music. The entertainment factor, including numerous show elements, is becoming more and more important in concerts in big stadiums and event halls across the world...

Circuit Removes Relay-Contact Bounce
Circuit Removes Relay-Contact Bounce
02.10.2020 Circuits

Advances in semiconductor technology have allowed ICs to replace many mechanical relays, but relays still dominate in high-current circuits that must stand off high voltages of arbitrary polarity...

Automotive-Compliant Real-Time Clocks Diodes Incorporated Offer
Automotive-Compliant, Real-Time Clocks from Diodes Incorporated Offer Low-Standby Current for Infotainment and T-Box Systems
02.10.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced that automotive-compliant versions of its popular, low-power, real-time clock solutions, PT7C4363BQ and PT7C4563BQ, are now available...

Composite Amplifiers. High Output Drive Capability
Composite Amplifiers. High Output Drive Capability with Precision. Part 2
02.09.2020 Articles

In a typical operational amplifier circuit, a portion of the output is fed back to the inverting input. Errors that are present on the output which were generated in the loop are multiplied by the feedback factor (β) and subtracted out ...

Toshiba Launches 10 Mbps Logic Output
Toshiba Launches a 10 Mbps Logic Output Photocoupler for PLCs
02.09.2020 News

Device is housed in a 5-pin SO6 package and conforms to IEC 61131. Toshiba has launched a new high-speed 10 Mbps logic output photocoupler for 24 V digital input programmable logic controller (PLC) and other measurement and control equipment ...

Composite Amplifiers. High Output Drive Capability
Composite Amplifiers. High Output Drive Capability with Precision. Part 1
02.06.2020 Articles

It is normal, and almost expected, to be faced with applications for which a solution does not appear to exist. To meet their requirements would require us to think of a solution that is beyond the performance of current products that the market offers. For example, an application may require an amplifier that ...

Ultra-Low Quiescent Current Output Voltage Selectable
Ultra-Low Quiescent Current, Output Voltage Selectable Function Expanded Lineup of Step-Down DC/DC Converter XC9276Series
02.06.2020 News

The XC9276 Series is a 150 mA step-down synchronous rectification DC/DC converter which has an output voltage switch-over function with an ultra-low power consumption circuit and a PFM control ...

Omron 100A Relay Runs Cool Thanks
Omron's 100A Relay Runs Cool Thanks to Ultra-low Contact Resistance
02.05.2020 News

Omron Electronics Components has moved into the high power relay market with the launch of a 100 A device featuring exceptionally low heat generation due to an ultra-low contact resistance ...

Ampleon Releases Industry Most Efficient 500-Watt
Ampleon Releases the Industry's Most Efficient 500-Watt LDMOS Transistor Operating in the 433 MHz Band
02.05.2020 News

Ampleon released the BLP05H9S500P LDMOS-based power amplifier transistor designed for use in industrial heating, defrosting, plasma lighting and medical applications. Operating at a frequency range of between 423 to 443 MHz ...