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Build High-Frequency Portable Spectrum Analyzer Using
Build A High-Frequency Portable Spectrum Analyzer Using Two Filter ICs
06.30.2021 Circuits

Designers sometimes need to analyze the spectrum of a modulated carrier. Although they can do this by down-converting and then digitizing and signal processing in the digital domain, the high-speed analog-to-digital converter and the processor power required will reduce battery life...

Texas Instruments Releases Family Hot-Swappable sup
Texas Instruments Releases a Family of Hot-Swappable I2C Isolators
06.29.2021 News

The ISO1644, ISO1640 and ISO1641 (ISO164x) devices, released by Texas Instruments are hot swappable, low-power, bidirectional isolators that are compatible with I2C interfaces...

New Vishay Intertechnology SMD HI-TMP Wet
New Vishay Intertechnology SMD HI-TMP Wet Tantalum Capacitors Save Board Space and Increase Reliability
06.28.2021 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of HI-TMP® surface-mount wet tantalum capacitors with high operating temperatures to +200 °C in the compact C case code...

Minimize short-circuit current pulse hot-swap controller
Minimize the short-circuit current pulse in a hot-swap controller
06.27.2021 Circuits

Because of internal circuit-breaker delay and limited MOS-gate pulldown current, many hot-swap controllers do not limit current during the first 10 to 50 µsec following a shorted output. The result can be a brief flow of several hundred amperes ...

Industry Lowest-Noise Class Amplifier Maxim Integrated
Industry's Lowest-Noise, Class D/G Amplifier from Maxim Integrated Consumes 1/5 the Quiescent Power for Industry-Compliant, Always-On Speakers
06.24.2021 News

Maxim Integrated Products unveiled the MAX98396 Class D/G speaker amplifier with the industry’s lowest noise and lowest quiescent power consumption, which is nearly five times lower power than similar amplifiers...

Configurable Automotive Low-Dropout Regulators STMicroelectronics Provide
Configurable Automotive Low-Dropout Regulators from STMicroelectronics Provide Diagnostics for Functional Safety
06.24.2021 News

With eight selectable fixed-output voltages, diagnostic features for functional safety, and high thermal performance, STMicroelectronics’ L99VR01 AEC-Q100 qualified low-dropout linear voltage regulators simplify system design and ease inventory management for multiple automotive applications...

Nordic launches tiny footprint ultra low
Nordic launches tiny footprint, ultra low IQ power management IC for nRF52/nRF53 Series SoCs and other compatible products
06.23.2021 News

Nordic Semiconductor announces the launch of its first power management IC, the ‘nPM1100’. The nPM1100 combines a USB compatible input regulator with overvoltage protection, 400 mA battery charger and 150 mA DC/DC...

Assessing Advantages Ultra-wideband Systems Through Impulse
Assessing the Advantages of Ultra-wideband Systems Through Impulse Radios
06.21.2021 Articles

Using impulse radios as an example, we'll examine the advantages of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology compared to other short-range wireless communication technologies...

E-PEAS Introduces Versatile New Buck-Boost ICs
E-PEAS Introduces Versatile New Buck-Boost ICs for Highly Efficient Energy Harvesting from Solar & Vibrational Sources
06.21.2021 News

Expanding its portfolio of advanced power management ICs  for energy harvesting applications, E-peas has announced two new devices capable of further pushing the performance envelope...

Minimize noise ripple low-noise buck converter
Minimize noise and ripple with a low-noise buck converter
06.17.2021 Articles

Minimizing noise is a common challenge for engineers designing a power supply for noise-sensitive systems for test and measurement and radio applications, such as clocks, data converters or amplifiers...