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Renesas Unveils Industry First 60W Wireless
Renesas Unveils Industry's First 60W Wireless Power Receiver IC
01.11.2021 News

Renesas Electronics introduced the world’s first 60 W wireless power receiver, the P9418, to deliver faster wireless charging experiences for smartphones, laptops and notebook devices in the industry’s highest power density solution...

Instrumentation amp makes noninverting integrator
Instrumentation amp makes noninverting integrator
01.10.2021 Circuits

Figure shows the classic implementation of an integrator. The circuit has two properties that may be undesirable in same applications: It necessarily inverts, and it requires a split-supply or midsupply reference...

High-Temperature Snubberless 8H Triacs STMicroelectronics Save
High-Temperature Snubberless 8H Triacs from STMicroelectronics Save Space and Boost Reliability
01.10.2021 News

STMicroelectronics’ 800 V 8H Triacs operate at full rated current up to the maximum junction temperature of 150 °C, allowing heatsinks in drives for AC loads to be up to 50% smaller to combine compact dimensions with high reliability...

Circuit checks swamp-cooler water level
Circuit checks «swamp-cooler» water level
01.05.2021 Circuits

A “swamp cooler” is an easy way to obtain effective air conditioning, especially in hot and dry climates, if a water source is readily available. Although most units are very reliable, the storage-reservoir control usually uses a single level-detector component...

Magnetic-Field Navigation as an Alternative GPS
Magnetic-Field Navigation as an «Alternative» GPS?
01.03.2021 Articles

Using measurements of anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field and machine learning to extract data from raw signals, then matching them to accurate magnetic-anomaly maps, it may possible to navigate aircraft with reasonable accuracy independent of GPS...

Turning Raspberry Pi into Keyboard
Turning the Raspberry Pi 4 into a Keyboard
12.30.2020 Articles

The Raspberry Pi 400 is a Raspberry Pi 4 inside a keyboard...

DPPs make nonvolatile microvolt DAC
DPPs make nonvolatile microvolt DAC
12.29.2020 Circuits

The availability of a seemingly limitless variety of monolithic DAC chips makes it easy to implement most digital-to-analog-conversion applications with a single off-the-shelf device. Sometimes, an unusual set of requirements necessitates a multichip approach, however...

Alpha Omega Semiconductor Announces New High
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Announces New High SOA MOSFETs for 48 V Hot Swap Telecom Applications
12.29.2020 News

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor announced the release of, AOTL66518 and AOB66518L, a 150 V MOSFET with low on-resistance and a high Safe Operating Area capability designed for demanding applications in Telcom Hot Swap...

Op amps make JFET circuits repeatable
Op amps make JFET circuits repeatable
12.28.2020 Circuits

Because they use practically no bias current (a useful feature in itself), JFETs also have practically no current noise. This feature means that you can use JFETs in very-high-resistance circuits and obtain good noise performance...

Microchip Delivers First 8-bit MCU Family
Microchip Delivers First 8-bit MCU Family for CAN FD Networks
12.28.2020 News

Microchip Technology announced its PIC18-Q84 family – the first PIC18 microcontroller (MCU) family that can be used to transmit and receive data through a Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) bus...

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