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New Wireless Platform Enables Next-Generation Connected
New Wireless Platform Enables Next-Generation Connected Products to Scale the IoT
04.30.2019 News

Silicon Labs has introduced the next generation of its Wireless Gecko platform, Series 2, designed to make Internet of Things (IoT) products more powerful, efficient and reliable...

1.5V battery powers white-LED driver
1.5V battery powers white-LED driver
04.29.2019 Circuits

Although white LEDs are common in a variety of lighting applications, their 3 to 4 V forward-voltage drop makes low-voltage applications challenging. Charge pumps and other ICs are available for driving white LEDs, but they generally don't work with the low supply voltage of 1.5 V...

CEL Launches New UV-C LEDs Medical
CEL Launches New UV-C LEDs for Medical, Industrial and Consumer Sterilization and Disinfection Applications
04.29.2019 News

CEL announced a new family of Deep UltraViolet LEDs for a wide range of sterilization and disinfection applications including consumer goods such as self-disinfecting holders for toothbrushes and kitchen utensils as well as sterilizing wands for items such as smartphones, tablets and keyboards...

Use Boost Converter Create An Auto-Dimmable
Use A Boost Converter To Create An Auto-Dimmable LED Flashlight
04.25.2019 Circuits

Due to their light output and long life, high-brightness LEDs are well-suited for use in flashlights. Typically, the LEDs are driven with a constant current. So when the battery voltage drops, the flashlight just stops working. In some situations, this could be dangerous...

ABLIC Launches S-35710 20 I-Series Wake-up
ABLIC Launches the S-35710/20 (I-Series) Wake-up Timer IC
04.25.2019 News

ABLIC Inc. launched the S-35710/20 (I-Series), a wake-up timer IC with ultra-low power consumption that allows flexible wake-up time settings. This product has already been launched as a convenience timer for automotive use, but the new S-35710/20 (I-Series) timer IC was launched as a general-purpose wake-up timer IC...

MEMS Chip Combines Accelerometer High-Accuracy Temperature
MEMS Chip Combines Accelerometer with High-Accuracy Temperature Sensor for Superior Precision
04.25.2019 News

The STMicroelectronics LIS2DTW12 combines a MEMS 3-axis accelerometer and a temperature sensor on a single die for use in space-constrained and battery-sensitive detectors such as shipping trackers, wearables, and IoT endpoints...

Power meter uses low-cost multiplier
Power meter uses low-cost multiplier
04.24.2019 Circuits

A power-meter circuit typically requires either an analog or a digital multiplying circuit. These circuits can be complex, finicky, or expensive. A simpler way to achieve the multiplication first converts the current...

E.On opens its largest offshore wind
E.On opens its largest offshore wind farm in Baltic Sea
04.24.2019 News

The Arkona offshore wind farm of E.On and Equinor went into operation with a festive event in the port of Sassnitz-Mukran on the island of Rügen...

Perform Coarse Fine Correction Less Costly
Perform Coarse And Fine Correction With Less Costly Dual DCPS
04.23.2019 Circuits

Digitally controlled potentiometers find uses in a wide variety of systems for setting bias currents, variable reference voltages, and calibration settings. In industrial control and automation applications, high accuracy is a must. DCPs with 1024 taps are available, but for a few dollars instead of tens of cents...

ReDriver Diodes Incorporated Boosts Signal Quality
ReDriver from Diodes Incorporated Boosts Signal Quality of High-Speed PCIe 4.0 Interfaces
04.23.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated introduced a ReDriver for the server, storage, and networking market segment. The PI3EQX16904GL is a PCIe 4.0 compliant, 2.5 Gbps to 16 Gbps, four-differential channel, linear ReDriver...