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Vishay Intertechnology Common-Drain Dual N-Channel 60
Vishay Intertechnology Common-Drain Dual N-Channel 60 V MOSFET Increases Power Density and Efficiency
12.22.2019 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new common-drain dual n-channel 60 V MOSFET in the compact, thermally enhanced PowerPAK® 1212-8SCD package...

Toshiba launches range general-purpose system power
Toshiba launches a range of general-purpose system power ICs for automotive applications
12.19.2019 News

Toshiba Electronics announced the launch of a range of general-purpose system power ICs with multiple-outputs. The new devices support functional safety according to ISO26262 for safety-critical automotive applications...

Renesas Electronics Announces World Smallest Photocouplers
Renesas Electronics Announces World's Smallest Photocouplers for Industrial Automation and Solar Inverter Applications
12.18.2019 News

Renesas Electronics announced five new 8.2 mm creepage photocouplers that are the world’s smallest isolation devices for industrial automation equipment and solar inverters...

Second Generation Dual-Frequency GNSS chip
Second Generation Dual-Frequency GNSS chip
12.17.2019 News

The Broadcom BCM47765 is the latest Broadcom sensor hub microcontroller with integrated GNSS. The BCM47765 includes many sensor hub and GNSS innovations...

Murata Develops World First Multilayer Ceramic
Murata Develops the World's First Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
12.17.2019 News

Murata Manufacturing has developed the GRM011R60J104M, the world’s first multi-layer ceramic capacitor to feature a maximum capacitance of 0.1 µF in 008004 inch size (0.25×0.125 mm)...

Simple Realization Fully Integrated 4-Wire RTD
Simple Realization of a Fully Integrated 4-Wire RTD Temperature Measurement System for High Precision Measurement Applications
12.16.2019 Articles

For a wide variety of products, manufacturing processes require highly precise and reliable temperature measurement technologies. Temperature is often measured through direct contact with a sensor...

Nexperia introduces industry fastest Common Mode
Nexperia introduces industry's fastest Common Mode Filters with Integrated ESD Protection for Super Speed USB
12.16.2019 News

Nexperia announced the market’s fastest common mode filter (choke)/ ESD protection combination. The new PCMFxUSB3BA/C features the industry’s widest differential passband of up to 10 GHz 3 dB frequency and a very high surge robustness of up to 7.5 A 8/ 20 µs...

Inductor Built-in Negative Output Voltage Expanded
Inductor Built-in Negative Output Voltage Expanded Lineup of "micro DC/DC" Converters
12.15.2019 News

Torex Semiconductor has launched the XCL303/XCL304 as a new series of inductor built-in negative output voltage “micro DC/DC” Converters. The XCL303/XCL304 series are small coil-integrated negative voltage micro DC/DC converter IC...

Achieve precision temperature control TEC Seebeck-voltage
Achieve precision temperature control with TEC Seebeck-voltage sampling
12.12.2019 Circuits

TEC temperature-control systems often have limited stability. The causes of these limitations are the thermal properties of the system, not the performance of the control electronics...

Reduce Memory Costs Retain Data Power
Reduce Memory Costs and Retain Data at Power Loss with Microchip's EERAM Memory Solutions
12.12.2019 News

From smart meters to manufacturing lines, applications that require repetitive task data logging must be able to automatically restore content if power is disrupted during processing...