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Squeeze extra resolution an 8-bit DAC
Squeeze extra resolution from an 8-bit DAC with Shannon decoder idea
04.26.2023 Articles

When someone notices that two 8-bit DACs can be bought for less than one 16-bit DAC, a classic question is often asked: Why can’t you simply take two 8-bit DACs...

Broken-coil detector is simple yet robust
Broken-coil detector is simple yet robust
04.25.2023 Articles

The circuit in this Design Idea was originally designed to detect damaged conveyor belts in the mining industry. Thin coils are embedded in the conveyor belt. If the belt suffers damage, it stretches at the affected location, causing one or more coils to break...

Bipolar AC input V-F converter
Bipolar (AC) input V-F converter
04.24.2023 Circuits

No currently available V-F converter will accept bipolar (AC) inputs. This feature is desirable in power line monitoring and other applications...

1.5V Powered 350ps rise time pulse
1.5V Powered, 350ps rise time pulse generator
04.21.2023 Circuits

Verifying the rise time limit of wideband test equipment setups is a difficult task. In particular, the “end-to-end” rise time of oscilloscope-probe combinations is often required to assure measurement integrity...

DAC PWM Controlled Triangle Sawtooth Generator
DAC (PWM) Controlled Triangle/Sawtooth Generator
04.20.2023 Circuits

Circuit designs abound for linear triangle/sawtooth generators, and many are based on the iconic LMC555 CMOS analog timer. But relatively few are voltage controlled, making them tricky to program with a DAC...

Isolated PWM suits low frequencies
Isolated PWM suits low frequencies
04.19.2023 Circuits

Many industrial- and medical-system circuits require isolation from the mains-ac power. You can often send a signal across the isolation barrier using a small transformer; transformers do not pass low-frequency signals well...

Adjustable regulator trimmer simple failsafe circuit
Adjustable regulator trimmer simple failsafe circuit
04.18.2023 Circuits

Frequent contributor, Peter Demchenko, recently published “A safe adjustable regulator” discussing the likelihood and consequences of rheostat-connected voltage trimmer failure in three-terminal adjustable regulator...

4.5ns dual-comparator-based crystal oscillator has 50
4.5ns dual-comparator-based crystal oscillator has 50% duty cycle and complementary outputs
04.17.2023 Circuits

Circuit uses the LT1720 dual comparator in a 50% duty cycle crystal oscillator. Output frequencies of up to 10 MHz are practical...

What are differences between coaxial connectors
What are the differences between coaxial connectors? Part 2
04.14.2023 Articles

As stated in Part 1, the Type-N connector was introduced in 1942. Still commonly used today, this connector, which employs threaded coupling, is known for its durability...

Jolly upgrade Arduino UNO
Jolly upgrade for the Arduino UNO
04.14.2023 News

A development team led by electronics engineer and Arduino co-founder Gianluca Martino has completed the first phase of a crowdfunding project, outsourcing the production and sales of the Jolly module to Swiss company Meteca SA...