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Semtech Expands its Portfolio AEC-Q100 Qualified
Semtech Expands its Portfolio of AEC-Q100 Qualified Protection Devices
03.10.2019 News

Semtech Corporation announced the addition of RClamp®3552TQ into its ever expanding portfolio of AEC-Q100 qualified devices. This new device extends the offering of products specifically targeted at Advanced Driver Assistance Systems...

Nexperia announces industry smallest logic parts
Nexperia announces industry's smallest logic parts approved for automotive
03.07.2019 News

Nexperia announced that over twenty logic types in the company’s space-saving leadless MicroPak packages are now AEC-Q100 qualified. These logic solutions are the smallest devices of their type suitable for automotive applications...

Toshiba starts sample shipments automotive DC
Toshiba starts sample shipments of automotive DC motor driver IC with LIN slave function
03.06.2019 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has started sample shipments of an automotive DC motor driver IC with a LIN slave function that can communicate with a LIN 2.0 master IC for in-vehicle networks...

Vishay Intertechnology High Saturation IHSR Inductor
Vishay Intertechnology High Saturation IHSR Inductor Features Low DCR, High Current Density for Multi-Phase Power Supplies
03.05.2019 News

Vishay Intertechnology expanded its IHSR series of high saturation commercial inductors with a new device in the compact 4 mm by 4 mm 1616 case size...

IDT Launches Industry First Software Upgradeable
IDT Launches Industry's First Software Upgradeable Digital Gas Sensor Platform for Smart Refrigerators
03.04.2019 News

Integrated Device Technology is enabling manufacturers to add new odor detection and mitigation capabilities to their smart refrigerators with the introduction today of the IDT® ZMOD4450 refrigeration gas sensor platform, the first integrated digital gas sensor for Refrigeration Air Quality applications...

THD-Enhanced Bias Circuit Design Targets Class
THD-Enhanced Bias Circuit Design Targets Class AB Buffers
03.03.2019 Circuits

Bias circuits for class AB buffers can take several forms. One alternative (not necessarily the best) is usually called the “old VBE doubler”...

New Series High-Side Low-Side Gate Drivers
New Series of High-Side/Low-Side Gate Drivers from Diodes Incorporated Delivers Higher Performance in an SO-8 Package
03.03.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced a new family of high-voltage, high-speed gate drivers for converters, inverters, motor control, and Class-D power amplifier applications. These devices are suitable for motor drive applications up to 100 V...

e-peas Applies its Ultra-Low Power Technology
e-peas Applies its Ultra-Low Power Technology to Thermally-Based Energy Harvesting
02.28.2019 News

e-peas has announced the introduction of a new power management IC specifically optimized for energy harvesting from thermal sources in wireless sensors application...

Tiny microcontroller hosts dual DC DC-boost
Tiny microcontroller hosts dual DC/DC-boost converters
02.27.2019 Circuits

Batteries are the typical power sources for portable-system applications, and it is not unusual these days to find microcontroller-based portable systems. A variety of microcontrollers operates at low power-supply voltages, such as 1.8 V...

Analog Devices Unveils SHARC Audio Module
Analog Devices Unveils SHARC Audio Module Platform for Rapid Audio DSP Project Development
02.27.2019 News

Analog Devices announced the availability of the SHARC Audio Module, a hardware/software platform that facilitates efficient product prototyping, development, and production of a variety of digital audio products...