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PWM circuit uses fuse sense current
PWM circuit uses fuse to sense current
11.08.2021 Circuits

High efficiency and, hence, low loss is a usual design goal for a PWM circuit. Figure shows one of several channels of low-loss PWM control for hydraulic valves used in heavy industrial machinery...

Circuit adds foldback-current protection
Circuit adds foldback-current protection
11.07.2021 Circuits

For many applications that require power-supply currents of a few amperes or less, three-terminal adjustable-output linear voltage regulators, such as LM317, offer ease of use, low cost, and full on-chip overload protection...

Circuit folds back current during fault
Circuit folds back current during fault conditions
11.04.2021 Circuits

You can use monolithic linear regulators at currents lower than 5 A for most applications. Most manufacturers of these devices integrate current-limiting and thermal shutdown to prevent damage during fault conditions...

Sensing intelligence edge become accessible all
Sensing and intelligence at the edge become accessible to all, with Nicla Sense ME by Arduino Pro and Bosch Sensortec
11.02.2021 News

Arduino’s smallest board to date is ready to sense and make sense of the world: state-of-the-art technology meets easy-to-use versatility, in the first product launch within the new Nicla family...

LED status indication battery charger
LED status indication battery charger
11.01.2021 Circuits

I recently got an assignment to design a battery charger. I decided to use the BQ2000TSN from Texas Instruments because of its versatility in battery chemistry. In my case the battery charger is used to charge a Lithium-ion battery pack...

Resistor network extends Schmitt trigger reach
Resistor network extends Schmitt trigger's reach
10.29.2021 Articles

The circuit shows a familiar technique for converting a low-level analog signal to digital form. Resistors R1 and R2 set the quiescent dc level at the Schmitt inverter's input to a value roughly equal to the midpoint of the hysteresis band...

Switch circuit controls lights
Switch circuit controls lights
10.29.2021 Circuits

Cities and towns worldwide are considering and installing LED streetlights to help save electric energy, reduce costs, protect the environment, and improve lighting for their citizens. Despite this trend, the lamps’ turn-on/ turn-off time control is receiving little attention...

Tiny Power Management IC Analog Devices
Tiny Power Management IC from Analog Devices Charges Wearables and Hearables Four Times Faster
10.29.2021 News

The new MAX77659 single-inductor multiple output power management IC with integrated switch-mode buck-boost charger from Analog Devices charges wearables, hearables and Internet of Things devices faster and in less space than any other PMIC available today...

Mechanical Switches Try Make Comeback if
Mechanical Switches Try to Make a Comeback, if They Can Get Small Enough
10.27.2021 News

Problems with solid-state switches are leading some electrical engineers to consider mechanical ones for digital chips. A team of engineers in Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering are investigating how to develop reliable, nanoscale mechanical switches...

Voltage reference is software-programmable
Voltage reference is software-programmable
10.26.2021 Circuits

For a variety of reasons, designers often discover that their creations need yet more power-supply voltages. For example, a system powered by ±2.5 V power supplies suddenly needs a precision –1.4 V reference for a signal-level-shifting circuit and needs a 2.1 V reference to drive an ADC...