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Circuit lets you isolate measure current
Circuit lets you isolate and measure current
11.19.2023 Circuits

You often need to measure current during circuit design and debugging. You can perform that task by breaking a path, inserting a shunt resistor, measuring its voltage, and converting the voltage to current. Unfortunately, that approach is sometimes impractical...

Op-amp wipes out DPOT wiper resistance
Op-amp wipes out DPOT wiper resistance
11.16.2023 Circuits

An interesting variation on the theme of digital to analog converters is the digital potentiometer...

Use microcontroller design boost converter
Use a microcontroller to design a boost converter
11.15.2023 Articles

Boost converters, like other switchers, have traditionally received their control signals from a dedicated circuit. However, a recent trend is to integrate simple switching-power-supply building blocks into generic devices, such as microcontrollers...

DIY solar tracker system
DIY solar tracker system
11.14.2023 Circuits

The solar panels are operating at optimal parameters when they are at the perfect right angle to the sun. Unfortunately this is accomplished only if solar panels are rotated by the sun...

Circuit forms satellite-dish command decoder
Circuit forms satellite-dish command decoder
11.09.2023 Circuits

By decoding the commands sent by a direct-broadcast satellite receiver that uses the DISEqC protocol, you can troubleshoot the commands or simply listen in...

DAC buddy
The DAC buddy
11.09.2023 Circuits

Frequent design idea contributor, Peter Demchenko, recently published “Extending the resolution of a peripheral DAC”. In it, Peter describes an inverting dual-supply amplifier circuit that he says is intended “…to improve the resolution of a peripheral DAC...

Toshiba enhances range 600V-rated IPDs BLDC
Toshiba enhances range of 600V-rated IPDs for BLDC motor drive
11.09.2023 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has extended its range of intelligent power devices (IPD) for brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive applications. The new devices are suited to use in pumps, air conditioning, ventilation, fans and other similar applications...

Circuit distorts duty cycle CML inputs
Circuit distorts duty cycle for CML inputs
11.08.2023 Articles

To test a gigabit-speed data-recovery chip, you need a clock with a controllable duty cycle. Because most pattern and clock generators have a fixed duty-cycle output of 50%, the design may require a small circuit to distort the duty cycle...

PWM controller drives LEDs high-voltage lines
PWM controller drives LEDs from high-voltage lines
11.07.2023 Circuits

Powering LEDs from a wide dc range – say, 30 to 380 V – without wasting a lot of power in the regulating block, is a difficult task when the LED current needs to be constant...

DIY LED display provides extra functions
DIY LED display provides extra functions and PWM
11.06.2023 Circuits

This design idea shows how easily “new flesh can be added to the old bones” and how some new functions can be added to the simple LED display that was published earlier...