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Constant-Current Source Creates Slope-Compensation Ramp SMPS
Constant-Current Source Creates Slope-Compensation Ramp in SMPS
05.03.2022 Articles

A switched-mode power supply employing peak current-mode control requires a ramp signal to slope-compensate the inner (current) control loop. Slope compensation stabilizes the current loop, which would otherwise exhibit subharmonic oscillation...

Generate Positive Negative Voltage by Combining
Generate Positive and Negative Voltage by Combining Two DC Sources
04.28.2022 Articles

Using two unipolar dc supplies in an anti-series configuration is another approach for generating positive and negative voltage – and one that doesn't suffer from power interruption...

Circuit yields ultralow-noise VGA
Circuit yields ultralow-noise VGA
04.27.2022 Circuits

A number of single-chip VGAs variable-gain amplifiers are available today. Unfortunately, they all have drawbacks, such as high noise, 55 V limit, low input impedance, or nonlinear gain/frequency characteristics. The circuit iis a 16-step, ultralow-noise VGA that solves many of these problems...

Low-cost switcher converts 24V
Low-cost switcher converts 5 to 24V
04.26.2022 Circuits

The low-cost, three-transistor boost switching regulator iis a modified astable multivibrator comprising...

Clamping Circuit Lowers Distortion Improves Overdrive
Clamping Circuit Lowers Distortion, Improves Overdrive Recovery Time
04.25.2022 Circuits

Some amplifier applications require clamping or limiting due to large, sporadic signals appearing at the amplifier input. Clamping these errant signals protects the amplifier and other sensitive downstream circuitry...

Ideal switches pose their own challenges
Ideal switches pose their own challenges
04.22.2022 Articles

Ask a power converter designer what they want from a semiconductor switch and the answer might be something like: “Low on-resistance, high off-resistance, and the fastest possible transition between the two states”...

Single capacitor sine-wave RC-oscillators
Single capacitor sine-wave RC-oscillators
04.22.2022 Circuits

Sine-wave RC-oscillators with smooth frequency tuning described in the article radically and favorably differ from previously known generators of this purpose by the presence of only one frequency-setting capacitor...

differential optically isolated driver testing an
A differential, optically isolated driver for testing of an instrumentation amplifier
04.21.2022 Circuits

Some of the electrical signals we work with are said to be “floating” with respect to ground. A typical example might be a voltage drop over a shunt resistor in a power supply or a complex biomedical signal...

E-PEAS Unveils Constant Voltage PMICs Intermittent
E-PEAS Unveils Constant Voltage PMICs for Intermittent Input Energy Harvesting Arrangements
04.21.2022 News

Through the release of a further three new power management ICs, e-peas is providing product developers with even greater scope to implement their energy harvesting systems...

Asymmetric Output Into Capacitor Load Turns
Asymmetric Output Into Capacitor Load Turns Capacitor Into Ideal Diode
04.20.2022 Circuits

Comparators are great at turning little signals into large digital outputs. In the example described here, a friend wanted to detect the presence of a small 60-Hz AC signal centered on 2.5 V DC...