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Analog Devices has Developed High Precision
Analog Devices has Developed a High Precision Digital Temperature Sensor for Clinical Applications
03.25.2020 News

Analog Devices has developed a high accuracy, digital I2C temperature sensor ADT7422 designed to meet the clinical thermometry specification of the ASTM E1112 standards when soldered onto the final printed circuit board...

OptiMOS IPOL voltage regulators COT engine
OptiMOS IPOL voltage regulators with COT engine for enhanced transients and easy design
03.25.2020 News

Infineon Technologies introduces the IR3887M, IR3888M and IR3889M devices in its new family of integrated-point-of-load voltage regulators featuring a fast constant-on-time engine...

Nexperia delivers first ESD protection device
Nexperia delivers first ESD protection device for USB4
03.24.2020 News

Nexperia announced the PESD2V8R1BSF, industry's first ESD protection device dedicated for the USB4 standard with industry-leading RF performance...

Analog Devices announces 42V 15A Synchronous
Analog Devices announces 42V, 15A Synchronous Step-Down regulator Silent Switcher 2
03.24.2020 News

Analog Devices announced the release of a new synchronous step-down regulator, LT8648S, that features second generation Silent Switcher architecture designed to minimize EMI emissions while delivering high efficiency at high switching frequencies...

Increase efficiency low-noise analog TE cooler
Increase the efficiency of a low-noise analog TE cooler driver
03.23.2020 Circuits

A typical driver for thermoelectric cooler applications may use pulse width modulation to drive an H-bridge circuit. This scheme works but drives the TE device with very large current pulses...

See be seen New LED Osram
See and be seen: New LED from Osram ensures optimal visibility in dense fog
03.23.2020 News

Dense fog and poor visibility repeatedly lead to serious rear-end collisions. In poor weather conditions, good visibility through a bright rear fog light is very important. The Synios P2720 CR from Osram provides many benefits to manufacturers...

New Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade Phototransistor
New Vishay Intertechnology Automotive Grade Phototransistor Optocoupler Saves Energy and Space
03.22.2020 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new Automotive Grade phototransistor optocoupler that combines a high current transfer ratio range from 50% to 600% with a low forward current of 1 mA...

Simple Circuit Offers Single-Adjustment Tone Control
Simple Circuit Offers Single-Adjustment Tone Control
03.19.2020 Circuits

Early radio receivers and record players nearly always had a knob marked “tone,” which was usually a crude low-pass filter with some form of severity adjustment. At best, these controls could partially compensate for bass loss caused by poor speaker baffling...

PCIe 5.0 Clock Generators Buffers Diodes
PCIe 5.0 Clock Generators and Buffers from Diodes Incorporated Offer Forward Compatibility for Server, IPC, Networking, and Datacenter Applications
03.19.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the company's first families of clock generators and clock buffers that meet PCIe 5.0 specifications while still complying with PCIe 4.0 and previous generations...

Perform XOR XNOR function diode bridge
Perform the XOR/XNOR function with a diode bridge and a transistor
03.18.2020 Circuits

When designing logic for higher-than-usual supply voltages, such as 24 V, you can use a voltage regulator with a standard logic family and interface it through level shifters. Alternatively, if the logic is not too complex and the speed is not extensively high, you can build gates from discrete components...