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High-Speed Bi-Directional Dual Supply Level Shifter
High-Speed Bi-Directional Dual Supply Level Shifter IC from Diodes Incorporated Aimed at Automotive Applications
04.14.2021 News

Diodes Incorporated has expanded its family of voltage-level shifters, with the release of the PI4ULS3V304AQ. This advanced level shifting technology, featuring high degrees of flexibility, is proving vital to modern automobile design...

Add gain an absolute-value amplifier
Add gain to an absolute-value amplifier
04.13.2021 Circuits

The absolute-value amplifier is a basic building block in test-and-measurement and signal-processing applications. The addition of a DPP (digitally programmable potentiometer) adds another dimension, G (gain), to this key circuit...

Texas Instruments announces High-Speed RRI Comparator
Texas Instruments announces High-Speed RRI Comparator with LVDS Outputs
04.13.2021 News

Texas Instruments has announced TLV3604 and TLV3605 800-ps, high-speed comparators with LVDS outputs and rail-to-rail inputs...

Variable load tests voltage sources
Variable load tests voltage sources
04.12.2021 Circuits

The circuit serves as a variable, current-sink load for testing voltage sources. You use digital commands to set the load current of the device under test over a wide range, independently of the device under test's output voltage...

650 fast level-shift SOI EiceDRIVER integrated
650 V fast level-shift SOI EiceDRIVER with integrated bootstrap diodes offer superior robustness and fast frequency switching
04.12.2021 News

Infineon Technologies broadens its EiceDRIVER portfolio with new 650 V half-bridge and high and low side gate drivers. The new devices are based on the company’s unique silicon-on-insulator technology...

Low-component-count logic probe works TTL CMOS
Low-component-count logic probe works with TTL and CMOS logic
04.09.2021 Circuits

The circuit uses the LM358 dual op amp running as a comparator, plus a few other inexpensive components, to make a TTL/CMOS-logic probe. The circuit gets its power from the circuit under test, which lets it work with TTL or CMOS logic...

Vishay Intertechnology World Best Automotive -80
Vishay Intertechnology World's Best Automotive -80 V P-Channel MOSFET Increases Efficiency and Power Density
04.09.2021 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced the world’s best AEC-Q101 qualified p-channel –80 V TrenchFET® MOSFET. With the lowest on-resistance of any –80 V p-channel device, the new Vishay Siliconix SQJA81EP increases power density and efficiency in automotive applications...

Digitize Thermocouple Output Near Sensing Point
Digitize Thermocouple Output Near Sensing Point
04.08.2021 Circuits

The thermocouple is a popular sensor for industrial temperature measurement because it's accurate, cost-effective, widely available, and suitable for a wide range of temperatures...

Integrated 1.5A Synchronous Regulators STMicroelectronics Simplify
Integrated 1.5A Synchronous Regulators from STMicroelectronics Simplify High-Efficiency Power Conversion
04.08.2021 News

STMicroelectronics has introduced L6981 synchronous step-down regulators, extending the family of high-efficiency converters that simplify power-supply design by integrating power elements, feedback circuitry, and safety features on-chip...

Supply derives 3.3V USB port
Supply derives 5 and 3.3V from USB port
04.07.2021 Circuits

The circuit derives its power from a USB port and produces 5 and 3.3 V supply rails for portable devices, such as digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs...

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