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Energy Scavenging Remote Sensors
Energy Scavenging for Remote Sensors
05.12.2019 Circuits

A recent concept being implemented to power circuits is using energy scavenging. This makes use of energy collection through solar cells, piezoelectric generators, or other energy conversion devices. These devices collect energy from diffuse sources...

Versatile Boost Controller LED LCD Applications
Versatile Boost Controller for LED/LCD Applications from Diodes Incorporated Delivers 1~100% Dimming Range
05.12.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated introduced the AL3353 LED/LCD 40 V max input boost controller, applicable across a wide range of applications where a constant voltage or constant current are required to drive displays and backlights with a dimming ratio of 100:1...

Infineon CIPOS Micro IPM adds IGBT
Infineon's CIPOS Micro IPM adds IGBT based IM231 series for highest power density
05.08.2019 News

Infineon Technologies is introducing its CIPOS Micro IM231 series, a family of 600 V rated intelligent power modules. It is qualified for harsh humid environments, passing 1000 hours of high voltage, high temperature and high humidity reverse bias stress testing...

Multiplying DAC makes programmable resistor
Multiplying DAC makes programmable resistor
05.07.2019 Circuits

Figure shows a configuration that implements a digitally programmable resistor using a quad op amp and a multiplying DAC. The circuit is equivalent to a voltage-controlled resistor...

Maxim Unveils Smallest Most Power-Efficient Dual
Maxim Unveils Smallest, Most Power-Efficient Dual IO-Link Transceiver with DC-DC Regulator and Surge Protection
05.07.2019 News

Designers can now enable smarter digital factories with the MAX22513 surge-protected, dual-driver IO-Link® device transceiver with integrated DC-DC buck regulator from Maxim Integrated Products...

Microchip Announces Production Release Silicon Carbide
Microchip Announces Production Release of Silicon Carbide Products That Enable High-Voltage, Reliable Power Electronics
05.07.2019 News

Demand is growing for SiC power products that improve system efficiency, robustness and power density in automotive, industrial and aerospace and defense applications. Microchip Technology, via its Microsemi subsidiary, announced the production release of a family of SiC power devices that offer proven ruggedness...

NASA Apollo electronics circa 1960
NASA Apollo electronics circa 1960
05.06.2019 Articles

I began my career in electronic circuit design in 1972; I remember what relatively few integrated circuits were available at that time. So, when I look back at the Apollo program that began in the early '60s and put a man on the Moon in 1969, I am in awe of the creative use of that era’s technology put to use in that spacecraft system...

ORNL have developed printed flexible sensor
ORNL have developed printed flexible sensor
05.06.2019 News

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a low-cost, printed, flexible sensor that can wrap around power cables to precisely monitor electrical loads from household appliances to support grid operations...

Log-ratio amplifier has six-decade dynamic range
Log-ratio amplifier has six-decade dynamic range
05.05.2019 Circuits

You need optical-power monitoring to guarantee overall system performance in fiber-optic communication systems. Logarithmic-signal processing can maintain precise measurements over a wide dynamic range...

AKM releases an audio processor automotive
AKM releases an audio processor for automotive head-units supporting playback of high resolution sound sources
05.05.2019 News

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation released the AK7604, an audio processor optimized for processing high resolution music sources in automotive sound systems...