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EPC Launches 170 eGaN FET Offering
EPC Launches 170 V eGaN FET Offering Best-in-Class Synchronous Rectification Performance and Cost to Seize High End Server and Consumer Power Supply Applications
11.22.2020 News

Efficient Power Conversion advances the performance capability while lowering the cost of off-the-shelf gallium nitride transistors with the introduction of the EPC2059 (6.8 mΩ, 170 V) eGaN FET...

Circuit forms adjustable bipolar clamp
Circuit forms adjustable bipolar clamp
11.19.2020 Circuits

The easy way to clamp a signal to a given value is to use two zener diodes, connected back-to-back. This method has several disadvantages...

Alpha Omega Semiconductor Releases Fast Switching
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Releases Fast Switching 600V αMOS5 Super Junction MOSFETs in SMD-type TOLL Package
11.19.2020 News

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor announced the release of a Fast Switching 600 V αMOS5™ Super Junction MOSFETs in SMD-type TOLL Package. αMOS5 is AOS’s latest generation of high voltage MOSFET, designed to meet the high efficiency and high-density needs...

Circuit generates fan-speed control
Circuit generates fan-speed control
11.18.2020 Circuits

Fan noise is becoming a significant issue as electronic equipment increasingly enters the office and the home. Noise is proportional to fan speed, and the airflow – hence, fan speed – necessary for cooling is less at low ambient temperatures...

Vishay Intertechnology New Automotive Grade Proximity
Vishay Intertechnology's New Automotive Grade Proximity Sensors Deliver High Resolution Up to 20 µm for Force Sensing
11.18.2020 News

The Optoelectronics group of Vishay Intertechnology introduced two new fully integrated Automotive Grade proximity sensors with high resolution up to 20 µm for force sensing applications...

Tips tricks optimizing your voltage supervisor
Tips and tricks for optimizing your voltage supervisor
11.17.2020 Articles

Voltage supervisors have provided analog voltage monitoring to digital circuits for decades. Texas Instruments released the original TL7705 in 1983; it consumed 1.8 mA, came in a plastic dual-inline package and you can still purchase it today...

Dialog Semiconductor Announces SLG47004 GreenPAK First
Dialog Semiconductor Announces SLG47004 GreenPAK First Fully Programmable Advanced Analog System IC
11.17.2020 News

Dialog Semiconductor announced the SLG47004, Dialog’s first Advanced Analog GreenPAK™ IC. The SLG47004 integrates an instrumentation amplifier with auto-trimming, digital pots, analog switches and a myriad of digital functions with in-system programmability in a small 3 mm × 3 mm solution size...

P-channel power-MOSFET driver uses unity-gain op
P-channel power-MOSFET driver uses unity-gain op amp
11.16.2020 Circuits

P-channel MOSFETs can simplify designs when you use them as high-side switches on circuits with voltages exceeding 100 V dc. When driving a MOSFET, you must rapidly charge and discharge the input capacitance between its gate and its source to reduce heat losses...

Bidirectional Level Translator Diodes Incorporated Connects
Bidirectional Level Translator from Diodes Incorporated Connects SD 3.0 Memory with Low-Voltage Processing Hardware
11.13.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the PI4ULS3V4857, a SD 3.0-compliant bidirectional level translator for use in communication, consumer, and computing system applications including smartphone handsets, notebooks, SD/MicroSD card readers, wireless access points, and 5G femtocells...

Feedback circuit enhances phototransistor linear operation
Feedback circuit enhances phototransistor's linear operation
11.12.2020 Circuits

A designer who uses a phototransistor to convert a modulated optical signal to an electrical signal frequently encounters problems when high-intensity background light saturates the phototransistor...

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