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Use heated diode as flow sensor
Use a heated diode as a flow sensor
11.11.2022 Circuits

This Design Idea describes a method by which you can detect and assess air or liquid fluid flow using an externally heated semiconductor diode. Airflow across the heated diode reduces its temperature, causing a variation in the diode's voltage drop...

Thermal considerations matter Class amplifiers
Thermal considerations matter for Class D amplifiers
11.10.2022 Articles

A Class D amplifier provides better efficiency and thermal performance than a comparable Class AB amplifier, but implementing a Class D amplifier still requires attention to good electrical- and thermal-design practices...

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High-speed peak detector uses ECL comparator
High-speed peak detector uses ECL comparator
11.09.2022 Circuits

Professional electronics designers often use peak-detector circuit sin such applications as amplitude measurement, automatic gain control, and data regeneration. You can build a simple and fast peak detector from a serial diode and a shunt capacitor, but it suffers from serious inaccuracy...

Samsung Electronics Begins Mass Production 8th-Gen
Samsung Electronics Begins Mass Production of 8th-Gen Vertical NAND with Industry's Highest Bit Density
11.07.2022 News

Samsung Electronics, as promised at Flash Memory Summit 2022 and Samsung Memory Tech Day 2022, announced that it has begun mass producing a 1-terabit (Tb) triple-level cell (TLC) eighth-generation Vertical NAND (V-NAND) with the industry’s highest bit density...

Automotive switching regulators get input-transient-voltage protection
Automotive switching regulators get input-transient-voltage protection
11.04.2022 Circuits

Engineers often face difficult trade-offs when voltage regulators can encounter high-voltage transients that are well above normal input-supply operating ranges. This situation is common in automotive applications in which high-voltage transients from an alternator load dump can produce transients of 36 to 75 V for durations as long as 400 msec...

Short dc power-line pulses afford remote
Short dc power-line pulses afford remote control
11.03.2022 Circuits

If you face the challenge of adding a second, independently controlled light source to an existing ceiling lamp controlled by a wall switch, you may find that stringing a second power line is impossible...

Precision current sink costs less than
Precision current sink costs less than $20
11.02.2022 Circuits

If you often need a simple active load (constant-current sink), you can benefit from the simple circuit...

CMOS flip-flop used off label implements
CMOS flip-flop used "off label" implements precision capacitance sensor
11.01.2022 Circuits

When applied to pharmaceuticals, the term “off-label” suggests the (frequently discovered) practical and beneficial uses for a drug that are different from the one it was originally developed for. This happens for electronic components too...

Why Does Current-Mode Control Switching Regulators
Why Does Current-Mode Control in Switching Regulators Matter?
10.31.2022 Articles

There are thousands of different switching regulators on the market. Selection is based on specifications such as input voltage range, output voltage capability, maximum output current, and a slew of other parameters. This article explains current mode...

Protect MOSFETs heavy-duty inductive switched-mode circuits
Protect MOSFETs in heavy-duty inductive switched-mode circuits
10.30.2022 Circuits

The MOSFET power switch is commonly the most vulnerable part of a new switched-mode high-power circuit. One threat for this device is exceeding the value of the maximum allowed pulse current...