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Measurement circuit features high common-mode rejection
Measurement circuit features high common-mode rejection
05.06.2024 Articles

Modern measurement systems often operate with single 5-V power supplies, yet their input signals may have large common-mode voltages that exceed the supply by tens or hundreds of volts...

Drive blue LED 3V battery
Drive a blue LED from a 3V battery
05.03.2024 Circuits

Using a blue LED can pose problems when available power-supply voltages don't meet or exceed the LED's 3 V forward-voltage drop. This Design Idea shows how to drive a blue LED from a 3 V battery...

Automotive link uses single wire
Automotive link uses single wire
05.02.2024 Circuits

In the automotive industry, in which the goal is to produce cars with simpler, lighter wiring looms, any interface that uses just one wire instead of two offers a distinct advantage...

groovy apparatus calibrating miniature high sensitivity
A groovy apparatus for calibrating miniature high sensitivity anemometers
05.01.2024 Circuits

Anemometers are an important category of environmental sensor. Articles about their design, data capture, and linearization have comprised topics featured in EDN Design Ideas, several quite recently. Less well covered, however, has been the topic of accurate, inexpensive, (even improvisational) methods for their testing and calibration...

Correct voltage drop phase shift transmission
Correct voltage drop and phase shift in transmission lines
04.29.2024 Articles

Many precision test-and-measurement and high-speed analog applications require an exact targeted voltage to be delivered to the device under test or intended load to accurately analyze the device...

Efficient digitally regulated bipolar voltage rail
Efficient digitally regulated bipolar voltage rail booster
04.26.2024 Circuits

The challenge of improving analog/digital accuracy by preventing amplifier saturation in systems supplied with only a single logic-level power rail has been receiving a lot of activity and design creativity recently...

How build an isolated digital AC
How to build an isolated digital AC dimmer using Arduino
04.26.2024 Circuits

AC loads are everywhere around us because at least home appliances are supplied with the mains power. Therefore, we always face the situations that we want to have full control (dimming) over an AC load such as a lamp, a motor, vacuum cleaner...

Driving CMOS totem poles logic signals
Driving CMOS totem poles with logic signals, AC coupling, and grounded gates
04.25.2024 Articles

Despite massive, large-scale integration being ubiquitous in contemporary electronic design, discrete MOSFETs in the classic CMOS totem pole topology are still sometimes indispensable...

Adaptable pullup
Adaptable pullup
04.24.2024 Circuits

It’s common for I2C systems to have both standard and fast devices on the same bus. For I2C systems, the speed and power consumption both depend on the values of pullup resistors...

Precise voltage regulation dynamic voltage scaling
Precise voltage regulation with dynamic voltage scaling
04.23.2024 Articles

This article discusses the use of dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) to achieve precise voltage regulation. DVS is a process that adjusts the output voltage slightly higher or lower in anticipation of load transients...

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