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Use photoelectric-FET optocoupler as linear voltage-controlled
Use a photoelectric-FET optocoupler as a linear voltage-controlled potentiometer
08.14.2023 Circuits

You can use a photoelectric FET as a variable resistor or a potentiometer in combination with a fixed resistor...

Extending resolution peripheral DAC
Extending the resolution of a peripheral DAC
08.13.2023 Articles

The 8-bit resolution of a peripheral DAC (such as the ATtiny family, for instance) is often insufficient. Let’s see how the problem can be solved using on-chip resources...

Magnetic field strength meter calibrator. Part
Magnetic field strength meter and calibrator. Part 2
08.09.2023 Circuits

A simple way of producing a large magnetic field strength is to use a solenoid. The field strength and inductance can be calculated accurately from the physical dimensions and the current...

Magnetic field strength meter calibrator. Part
Magnetic field strength meter and calibrator. Part 1
08.08.2023 Circuits

This project will explain how to develop a system to measure magnetic field emissions at frequencies up to 150 kHz from high-current power cables without cutting or disturbing the cable...

Low power voltage-to-frequency converter makes wireless
Low power voltage-to-frequency converter makes a wireless probe for testing an inductive power supply
08.03.2023 Circuits

Powering portable telemetry systems for long-term monitoring presents interesting design challenges. Batteries are unsuitable for certain critical applications, and, in these circumstances, designers typically use wireless inductive links to transmit both power and data...

Solve low-frequency-cutoff problems capacitive sensors
Solve low-frequency-cutoff problems in capacitive sensors
08.02.2023 Articles

One of the first problems a capacitive-sensor analog designer must face is the low-frequency cutoff. Theoretically, you must fulfill just one simple requirement: a sufficiently large input resistance of the preamplifier's first stage...

Introduction linear variable differential transformers LVDTs
Introduction to linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs)
08.01.2023 Articles

The linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) is an electromechanical transducer that senses the mechanical displacement of a core and produces a proportional AC voltage at the output...

Sine reference is synchronous ac line
Sine reference is synchronous with ac line
07.31.2023 Circuits

Many applications require a sinusoidal reference voltage synchronized to the ac line voltage. You cannot derive such a reference voltage directly from the ac line because the waveform of the ac line is distorted...

Laser simulator helps avoid destroyed diodes
Laser simulator helps avoid destroyed diodes
07.30.2023 Circuits

Laser diodes can destroy themselves in a few nanoseconds, so testing the response and stability of a feedback-stabilized laser-diode driver can be expensive...

Light powers isolation amplifier
Light powers isolation amplifier
07.27.2023 Circuits

Self-powered isolation amplifiers, which need no external isolated power supply, provide versatile and convenient interfaces in many applications that require galvanic isolation of the signal source...