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Making Class AB output stage safer
Making a Class AB output stage safer
02.21.2021 Circuits

A widely-used push-pull configuration of an AB class amplifier needs some improvements...

Voltage-to-current converter drives white LEDs
Voltage-to-current converter drives white LEDs
02.18.2021 Circuits

You sometimes need to drive a white LED from one 1.5 V battery. Unfortunately, the forward voltage of a white LED is 3 to 4 V. So, you would need a dc/dc converter to drive the LED from one battery...

New iMOTION SmartDriver family IMD110 three-phase
New iMOTION SmartDriver family IMD110 with three-phase gate driver offers integration and flexibility
02.18.2021 News

Infineon Technologies introduces the new IMD110 SmartDriver series. The smart motor controller family combines the iMOTION Motion Control Engine with a three-phase gate driver in a compact package...

Get just enough boost voltage
Get just enough boost voltage
02.17.2021 Circuits

Adding a current-mirror circuit to a typical boost circuit allows you to select the amount of boost voltage and to ensure a constant difference between the input and the output voltages...

GaN is as Easy Use as
GaN is as Easy to Use as Silicon: EPC Introduces a 48 V to 12 V Demo Board Featuring EPC eGaN FETs and New Renesas DC/DC Controller
02.17.2021 News

EPC announces the availability of the EPC9157, a 300 W DC-DC demo board in the tiny 1/16th brick size, measuring just 33 mm × 22.9 mm × 9 mm...

Navitas Cranks Up Power Gallium Nitride
Navitas Cranks Up the Power with Gallium Nitride
02.16.2021 News

Navitas Semiconductor announced the NV6128, a new high-power 650V/800V-rated GaNFast power IC to address the high-power mobile and consumer power electronics market, and take market share from the old, slow, silicon chip...

Delay line has wide duty-cycle range
Delay line has wide duty-cycle range
02.15.2021 Circuits

Today's digital delay lines can process pulses no shorter than their delay times, and that restriction confines the devices to applications in which the duty cycle remains near 50%. A limited range of available delays further limits their use...

New KD7051 PHY Automotive Networking
New KD7051 PHY for Automotive Networking
02.15.2021 News

KDPOF presents the brand new integrated Fiber Optic Transceiver KD7051. It is the first device for optical in-vehicle connectivity that incorporates the transceiver IC, optoelectronics, and optics...

SEPIC generates 5V 100 mA
SEPIC generates 5V at 100 mA
02.14.2021 Circuits

Some applications require an input voltage higher than the breakdown voltage of the IC supply pin. In boost converters and SEPICs, you can separate the VIN pin of the IC from the input inductor and use a simple zener regulator to generate the supply voltage for the IC...

555 timer draws zero off current
555 timer draws zero off current
02.11.2021 Circuits

In this Design Idea, we’ve taught the classic 555 timer IC to consume zero current in its quiescent mode and wake up quickly in a known state...

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