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Wearable Haptic Device Creates Sensation Touch
Wearable Haptic Device Creates the Sensation of Touch
04.08.2020 Articles

Actually feeling a hug from your mother or a friend through a video call may become a reality soon if a team of biomedical researchers from City University of Hong Kong and Northwestern University in the U.S. succeeds in commercializing a wireless virtual reality concept that works with the user’s skin...

IXYS launches mass production new SiC
IXYS launches mass production of new SiC MOSFET and IGBT driver
04.08.2020 News

IXYS has begun mass production of the IX4351NE IC, designed to drive SiC MOSFETs and high power IGBTs. Separate 9 A source and sink outputs allow for tailored turn-on and turn-off timing while minimizing switching losses...

Toshiba announces new dual output IGBT
Toshiba announces a new dual output IGBT / MOSFET driver
04.07.2020 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced a new IGBT/MOSFET gate driver equipped with additional built-in functionality. The new TLP5231 will simplify the design task in a wide range of applications...

Self-Calibrating USB Voltage Current Meter
Self-Calibrating USB Voltage/Current Meter
04.06.2020 Circuits

With a code size of 1 KB on an ATtiny13A MCU, this tiny module measures voltages up to 22 volts and current up to 5 amps...

Texas Instruments has Announces New Dual
Texas Instruments has Announces a New Dual Channel Temperature Sensor With Resistor Programmable Temperature Switches
04.06.2020 News

Texas Instruments has announced a new IC that is a part of family of ultra-low power, dual channel, resistor programmable temperature switches that enable protection and detection of system thermal events from –40 °C to 125 °C...

Great Things You Need Know About
5 Great Things You Need To Know About Utsource
04.06.2020 Articles

With the advancement in technology, every field of science has transformed with the help of latest inventions. Few years ago, electrical circuits were used based on analog signals such as traditional oscilloscope is consisted of analog circuit...

4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller Pass-Thru Capability Eliminates
4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller with Pass-Thru Capability Eliminates Switching Noise
04.05.2020 Articles

A common dc-to-dc converter problem is generating a regulated voltage when the input voltage can be above, below, or equal to the output – that is, the converter must perform both step-up and step-down functions...

Analog Devices extends its family Module
Analog Devices extends its family of μModule regulators
04.05.2020 News

Analog Devices has added a new device to its family of μModule voltage regulators. The LTM4691 is a complete dual 2 A output switching mode DC/DC power supply in a tiny 3 mm × 4 mm × 1.18 mm LGA package...

Texas Instruments Expands HCS Logic Family
Texas Instruments Expands HCS Logic Family
04.02.2020 News

Texas Instruments has added the new SN74HCS30 IC to its HCS family of digital chips. This device contains one independent 8-input NAND gate with Schmitt-trigger inputs...

STMicroelectronics Reveals Innovative Synchronous-Rectification Controller Affordable
STMicroelectronics Reveals Innovative Synchronous-Rectification Controller for Affordable, High-Efficiency Power Adapters
04.02.2020 News

The STMicroelectronics SRK1001 secondary-side synchronous-rectification controller introduces adaptive features that cut bill-of-materials costs, minimize circuit size, and simplify the design of power adapters, chargers...

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