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MEMS-Like Accelerometer-Microphone Captures Lung Cardiac Vibe
MEMS-Like Accelerometer-Microphone Captures Lung, Cardiac "Vibe" for New Insight
08.27.2020 Articles

A wearable millimeter-sized accelerometer functions as a microphone to capture the vibrations created by heart and lung functions, thus providing additional physiological data...

Vishay Intertechnology -30 P-Channel MOSFET Offers
Vishay Intertechnology -30 V P-Channel MOSFET Offers Industry-Low 1.7 mΩ RDS(ON) for High Efficiency, Power Density
08.27.2020 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced the first-ever -30 V p-channel power MOSFET to offer on-resistance of 1.7 mΩ at 10 V...

Dynamically adjust negative output voltages
Dynamically adjust negative output voltages
08.27.2020 Articles

There are standard techniques to generate negative output voltages, and there are well-known approaches to dynamically adjust an output voltage. The missing link that I hope to address in this article combines both techniques with a simple level-shifting circuit...

Dialog Semiconductor SmartBond TINY Module Demystifies
Dialog Semiconductor's SmartBond TINY Module Demystifies IoT Development
08.27.2020 News

Dialog Semiconductor announced the availability of the DA14531 SmartBond TINY module, empowering customers to build the next generation of connected devices. The SmartBond TINY module was specifically optimized to significantly reduce the cost of adding Bluetooth low energy functionality to an IoT...

Diodes Incorporated announces 25Wx2 Stereo 50Wx1
Diodes Incorporated announces 25Wx2 Stereo/50Wx1 Mono Digital Audio Amplifier with EQ & DRC
08.26.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated announced a high efficiency, Stereo 25 W / Mono 50 W Class D digital audio amplifier PAM8823 with I2S input to drive stereo bridge-tied speakers...

Learning like high-voltage op-amp ICs
Learning to like high-voltage op-amp ICs
08.25.2020 Articles

A lot of the analog-circuit conversation these days is centered on low-power and thus low-voltage considerations...  Still, there’s a large slice of analog power-related circuitry devoted to control of higher voltages...

STMicroelectronics Reveals Fast-Starting Intelligent Power Switches
STMicroelectronics Reveals Fast-Starting Intelligent Power Switches for Demanding Safety Applications
08.25.2020 News

STMicroelectronics has added new fast-starting devices to its family of intelligent power switches for safety-instrumented systems. With power-on delay time of less than 60 µs, the IPS160HF and IPS161HF satisfy standardized requirements for interface types C and D in Safety Integrity Level...

Toshiba New Photorelays Low Trigger Current
Toshiba's New Photorelays with Low Trigger Current Contribute to Low Power Consumption in Battery-Powered Equipment
08.24.2020 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced two new photorelays, the TLP170AM and TLP170GM, housed in a small 4-pin SO6 package, for security systems, building automation and other industrial equipment. The new products feature a low trigger LED current of 1 mA...

Maximum Power Point Tracker Optimizes Solar
Maximum Power Point Tracker Optimizes Solar Fan Drive
08.20.2020 Circuits

Harnessing solar energy directly to power a fan provides an environmentally friendly way of cooling or drying during the hot daylight hours of tropical environments. It also avoids the cost and complexity of storing the energy in batteries...

Texas Instruments Introduces industry smallest 16-bit
Texas Instruments Introduces the industry's smallest 16-bit, 8-channel ADC
08.20.2020 News

Many applications are requiring smaller and smaller devices every year. At the same time, these small-size applications are demanding increasing levels of performance. To address this challenge, Texas Instruments created the ADS7066...