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High Clock-to-Center Frequency Ratio LTC1068-200 Extends
High Clock-to-Center Frequency Ratio LTC1068-200 Extends Capabilities of Switched Capacitor Highpass Filter
11.13.2018 Circuits

In the past, commercially available switched capacitor filters have had limited use as highpass filters because of their sampled-data nature. Sampled-data systems generate spurious frequencies when the sampling clock of the filter and the input signal mix...

Vishay Intertechnology Miniature IR Receivers Minimold
Vishay Intertechnology Miniature IR Receivers in Minimold, Mold, and Minicast Packages Deliver Improved Sensitivity, Noise Suppression, and Pulse-Width Accuracy
11.13.2018 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced three new series of miniature infrared receiver modules for IR remote control applications...

High-performance IPM CIPOS Maxi industrial motor
High-performance IPM CIPOS Maxi for industrial motor drives of up to 1.8 kW
11.12.2018 News

Infineon Technologies adds another member to its family of intelligent power modules (IPMs): CIPOS Maxi IM818 series integrates various power and control components to increase reliability, optimize PCB size and system costs. The IPM is packaged in a DIP 36x23D housing...

Generate swept sine cosine waveforms two
Generate swept sine/cosine waveforms with two filters
11.09.2018 Circuits

Demodulators, directional circuits, and other electronics applications often need two sine waves with a 90° difference in phase – a sine wave and its cosine wave. Engineers typically use analog filters to create the phase shift...

Maxim Battery Fuel-Gauge ICs Deliver Lowest
Maxim Battery Fuel-Gauge ICs Deliver Lowest Operating Current to Maximize Run-Time for Mobile and Portable Devices
11.09.2018 News

Designers of lithium-ion battery-powered mobile devices such as wearables, electric bicycles, power tools and internet of things products can improve the end-user experience by extending run-time and delivering accurate battery state-of-charge data with the MAX17262 single-cell and MAX17263 single-/multi-cell fuel-gauge ICs from Maxim Integrated Products...

Vishay Intertechnology New Proximity Sensor Features
Vishay Intertechnology's New Proximity Sensor Features Range Up to 20 cm in 3.05 mm by 2 mm Leadless Package
11.08.2018 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a fully integrated proximity sensor that combines a high power vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), a photodiode, a signal processing IC, and a 12-bit ADC in a single package...

Toshiba announces Bluetooth IC automotive applications
Toshiba announces Bluetooth 5 IC for automotive applications
11.07.2018 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced a new Bluetooth IC for automotive applications will be added to their IC line-up. The TC35681IFTG is based on an ARM Cortex-M0 CPU and is compliant with Bluetooth Low Energy core specification 5.0...

Bosch launches BMI260 family new generation
Bosch launches BMI260 family: new generation of IMUs optimized for smartphone applications Improved accuracy at lower power consumption
11.07.2018 News

Bosch Sensortec launches the BMI260 family, a new generation of high-performance MEMS Inertial Measurement Units targeted at smartphone applications. The family comprises of three sensors – BMI260, BMI261 and BMI263 – which deliver an extensive range of features, including full Android compliance...

CMX655D Ultra-low Power Voice Codec
CMX655D Ultra-low Power Voice Codec
11.06.2018 News

CML Microcircuits introduces the next generation in voice codecs, aimed at existing telephony and emerging high quality speech applications in smart devices. The CMX655D marks a significant evolution in voice codecs, which brings greater integration at ultra-low power to enable advanced features in a wide range of applications...

Circuit forms efficient cosine calculator
Circuit forms efficient cosine calculator
11.02.2018 Circuits

The circuit converts a ±10 V analog voltage representing an angle between θMIN and θMAX and emits a voltage equal to 10·cosθ. This circuit can have an accuracy of better than 1% over ±120° or better than 0.2% over ±90°...