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  1. Semtech Corporation
    Analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products: power management, protection, advanced communications, human interface, test and measurement, high-speed clock/logic, wireless and sensing products. The company's integrated circuits are employed in ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · Camarillo, CA
  2. Intech LCD Group Ltd
    TN, HTN, STN and FSTN LCD. LCD modules packaged by the leading-edge COF technology.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location China · Hong Kong
  3. IMP
    IMP Inc
    Design, manufacture and market integrated circuit (IC) semiconductor devices. The Group markets its analog IC technology in two basic forms: wafer foundry and custom IC manufacturing services and power management ICs. The wafer foundry segment ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · San Jose, CA
  4. Hongfa Relays
    Developing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of relays.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location China · Xiamen
  5. Henan Hanwei Electronics Co., Ltd.
    R D, manufacture, marketing of a full line gas-detection products and solutions. Hanwei products can be divided into domestic gas alarm, portable gas detector, industrial fixed system, breath alcohol tester and gas analyzer series, as well as gas ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location China · Zhengzhou
  6. Elna America, Inc.
    Aluminum electrolytic, electric double layer and tantalum SMD capacitors. Elna America, Inc. was established in 1977 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Elna Co Ltd. Japan.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · Cypress, CA
  7. Designer and manufacturer of products for housing electronic systems. The company provides everything from components such as modular enclosures, cabinets and backplanes up to complete standard or custom system platforms. Elma also manufactures ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Switzerland · Wetzikon
  8. Eic Semiconductor Inc
    Manufacturer and supplier of discrete semiconductors. Rectifier Diodes, High Speed Switching / Small Signal Diodes, Zener Diodes, Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes, Transistors.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Thailand · Bangkok
  9. ITT Electronic Components
    Connectors, interconnects, and cable assemblies.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · White Plains, NY
  10. DC Components Co. Ltd
    Rectifiers, Zener Diodes, Transistors, SCR, ICs
    Electronic components » DC Components
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Taichung

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