Datasheets - Analog Switches, Multiplexers Texas Instruments

Subsection: "Analog Switches, Multiplexers"
Manufacturer: "Texas Instruments"
74AC11138 74AC11151 74AC11153 74AC11157 74AC11158 74AC11238 74AC11239 74AC11251 74AC11257 74AC11258 74AC11352 74ACT11139 74ACT11151 74ACT11153 74ACT11157 74ACT11158 74ACT11238 74ACT11251 74ACT11253 74ACT11257 74ACT11258 74ACT11352 74ACT11353 74ACT16254 CD40147B CD4016B CD40257B CD4028B CD4051B CD4051B-Q1 CD4052B CD4053B CD4053B-Q1 CD4055B CD4056B CD4066B CD4066B-Q1 CD4067B CD4097B CD4512B CD4514B CD4515B CD4532B CD4543B CD4555B CD4556B CD74AC138 CD74AC139 CD74AC151 CD74AC153 CD74AC157 CD74AC158 CD74AC238 CD74AC251 CD74AC253 CD74AC257 CD74ACT138 CD74ACT139 CD74ACT151 CD74ACT153 CD74ACT157 CD74ACT158 CD74ACT238 CD74ACT253 CD74ACT257 CD74ACT258 CD74HC137 CD74HC138 CD74HC138-Q1 CD74HC139 CD74HC147 CD74HC151 CD74HC153 CD74HC154 CD74HC157 CD74HC237 CD74HC238 CD74HC251 CD74HC253 CD74HC257 CD74HC354 CD74HC4016 CD74HC4051 CD74HC4051-Q1 CD74HC4052 CD74HC4066 CD74HC4067 CD74HC42 CD74HC4316 CD74HC4351 CD74HC4352 CD74HC4511 CD74HC4514 CD74HC4515 CD74HC4543 CD74HCT137 CD74HCT138 CD74HCT139 CD74HCT147 CD74HCT151 CD74HCT153 CD74HCT154 CD74HCT157 CD74HCT158 CD74HCT237 CD74HCT238 CD74HCT251 CD74HCT253 CD74HCT257 CD74HCT258 CD74HCT354 CD74HCT356 CD74HCT4051 CD74HCT4051-Q1 CD74HCT4052 CD74HCT4053 CD74HCT4066 CD74HCT4066-Q1 CD74HCT4067 CD74HCT4067-Q1 CD74HCT42 CD74HCT4316 CD74HCT4351 CD74HCT4511 CD74HCT4543 CY74FCT138T CY74FCT157T CY74FCT2257T CY74FCT257T CY74FCT399T CYBUS3384 HD3SS0001 LMH6570 LMH6572 LMH6574 LMH6580 LMH6583 LMH6586 LMS4684 MAX4594 MAX4595 MAX4596 MAX4597 MPA4609 MPC100 MPC102 MPC104 MPC506 MPC507 MPC508 MPC509 MUX36D04 MUX36D08 MUX36S08 MUX36S16 MUX506 MUX507 MUX508 MUX509 OPA3875 OPA4872 OPA4872-EP OPA875 SN74145 SN74147 SN74151A SN74251 SN74298 SN7445 SN7446A SN7448 SN74ABTH16460 SN74AHC138 SN74AHC139 SN74AHC157 SN74AHC158 SN74AHC1G66H SN74AHC4066 SN74AHCT138 SN74AHCT138Q-Q1 SN74AHCT139 SN74AHCT157 SN74AHCT158 SN74ALS137A SN74ALS138A SN74ALS139 SN74ALS151 SN74ALS153 SN74ALS156 SN74ALS157A SN74ALS158 SN74ALS251 SN74ALS253 SN74ALS257A SN74ALS258A SN74AS131A SN74AS138 SN74AS151 SN74AS153 SN74AS157 SN74AS158 SN74AS253A SN74AS257 SN74AS258 SN74AS298 SN74AS298A SN74AS850A SN74AS851B SN74AUC1G66 SN74AUC2G53 SN74AUC2G66 SN74BCT2414 SN74CB3Q16210 SN74CB3Q16211 SN74CB3Q16244 SN74CB3Q16245 SN74CB3Q16811 SN74CB3Q3125 SN74CB3Q32245 SN74CB3Q3244 SN74CB3Q3245 SN74CB3Q3251 SN74CB3Q3253 SN74CB3Q3257 SN74CB3Q3305 SN74CB3Q3306A SN74CB3Q3345 SN74CB3Q3384A SN74CB3Q6800 SN74CB3T16210 SN74CB3T16210-Q1 SN74CB3T16211 SN74CB3T16212 SN74CB3T1G125-Q1 SN74CB3T3125 SN74CB3T3245 SN74CB3T3253 SN74CB3T3257 SN74CB3T3306 SN74CB3T3383 SN74CB3T3384 SN74CBT16209 SN74CBT16209A SN74CBT16210 SN74CBT16210C SN74CBT16211 SN74CBT16211A SN74CBT16211C SN74CBT16212 SN74CBT16212A SN74CBT16212C SN74CBT16213 SN74CBT16214 SN74CBT16214C SN74CBT162292 SN74CBT16232 SN74CBT16233 SN74CBT16244 SN74CBT16244C SN74CBT16245 SN74CBT16245-Q1 SN74CBT16245C SN74CBT16292 SN74CBT16390 SN74CBT16800C SN74CBT16811C SN74CBT16861 SN74CBT3125 SN74CBT3125C SN74CBT3126 SN74CBT32245 SN74CBT3244 SN74CBT3244C SN74CBT3245 SN74CBT3245A SN74CBT3245C SN74CBT3251 SN74CBT3253 SN74CBT3253C SN74CBT3257 SN74CBT3257C SN74CBT3305C SN74CBT3306 SN74CBT3306C SN74CBT3345 SN74CBT3345C SN74CBT3383 SN74CBT3383C SN74CBT3384 SN74CBT3384A SN74CBT3384C SN74CBT34X245 SN74CBT3861 SN74CBT6800 SN74CBT6800A SN74CBT6800C SN74CBT6845C SN74CBTD16210 SN74CBTD16211 SN74CBTD3305C SN74CBTD3306 SN74CBTD3306C SN74CBTD3384 SN74CBTD3384C SN74CBTD3861 SN74CBTH16211 SN74CBTK16245 SN74CBTK32245 SN74CBTK6800 SN74CBTLV16210 SN74CBTLV16211 SN74CBTLV16211C SN74CBTLV16212 SN74CBTLV16292 SN74CBTLV16800 SN74CBTLV1G125 SN74CBTLV1G125-Q1 SN74CBTLV3125 SN74CBTLV3126 SN74CBTLV3245 SN74CBTLV3245A SN74CBTLV3251 SN74CBTLV3253 SN74CBTLV3257 SN74CBTLV3383 SN74CBTLV3384 SN74CBTLV3857 SN74CBTLV3861 SN74CBTLV3861-Q1 SN74CBTR16861 SN74CBTS16211 SN74CBTS16212 SN74CBTS3306 SN74CBTS3384 SN74CBTS6800 SN74CBTU4411 SN74F138 SN74F151B SN74F153 SN74F157A SN74F251B SN74F253 SN74F257 SN74F258 SN74F352 SN74HC138 SN74HC138-Q1 SN74HC139 SN74HC139-Q1 SN74HC148 SN74HC151 SN74HC151-Q1 SN74HC153 SN74HC154 SN74HC157 SN74HC158 SN74HC237 SN74HC238 SN74HC239 SN74HC251 SN74HC253 SN74HC253-Q1 SN74HC257 SN74HC258 SN74HC354 SN74HC4066 SN74HC42 SN74HC4514 SN74HC4851 SN74HC4851-Q1 SN74HC4852 SN74HC4852-Q1 SN74HCT138 SN74HCT139 SN74HCT157 SN74HCT238 SN74HCT257 SN74LS138 SN74LS139A SN74LS145 SN74LS147 SN74LS148 SN74LS151 SN74LS153 SN74LS155A SN74LS156 SN74LS157 SN74LS158 SN74LS247 SN74LS248 SN74LS251 SN74LS253 SN74LS257B SN74LS258B SN74LS298 SN74LS348 SN74LS352 SN74LS353 SN74LS354 SN74LS356 SN74LS399 SN74LS42 SN74LS47 SN74LS48 SN74LV138A SN74LV138AT SN74LV139A SN74LV157A SN74LV4051A SN74LV4051A-Q1 SN74LV4052A SN74LV4052A-Q1 SN74LV4053A SN74LV4053A-Q1 SN74LV4066A SN74LVC138A SN74LVC138A-Q1 SN74LVC139A SN74LVC139A-Q1 SN74LVC157A SN74LVC157A-Q1 SN74LVC1G3157 SN74LVC1G3157-Q1 SN74LVC1G66 SN74LVC1G66-Q1 SN74LVC257 SN74LVC257A SN74LVC257A-Q1 SN74LVC2G53 SN74LVC2G66 SN74LVC2G66-Q1 SN74S138A SN74S139A SN74S253 SN74S257 SN74TVC16222 SN74TVC16222A SN74TVC3010 SN74TVC3306 TL52055 TL601 TL604 TL607 TL610 TMUX136 TMUX4053 TS12A12511 TS12A44513 TS12A44514 TS12A44515 TS12A4514 TS12A4515 TS12A4516 TS12A4517 TS2A116E TS2DDR2811 TS3A225E TS3A226AE TS3A226E TS3A227E TS3A24157 TS3A24159 TS3A26746E TS3A27518E TS3A27518E-Q1 TS3A44159 TS3A44159-DIE TS3A4741 TS3A4742 TS3A4751 TS3A5017 TS3A5018 TS3A5223 TS3DDR32611 TS3DDR3812 TS3DDR4000 TS3DS10224 TS3DS26227 TS3DV20812 TS3DV416 TS3DV421 TS3DV520 TS3DV520E TS3DV621 TS3DV642 TS3L100 TS3L110 TS3L301 TS3L4892 TS3L500 TS3L500AE TS3L501E TS3USB30 TS3V330 TS3V340 TS3V712E TS3V712EL TS3V713EL TS5A1066 TS5A12301E TS5A2053 TS5A2066 TS5A21366 TS5A22362 TS5A22364 TS5A22364-Q1 TS5A22366 TS5A23157 TS5A23157-Q1 TS5A23159 TS5A23160 TS5A23166 TS5A23167 TS5A26542 TS5A3153 TS5A3154 TS5A3157 TS5A3159 TS5A3159-Q1 TS5A3159A TS5A3160 TS5A3166 TS5A3166-Q1 TS5A3167 TS5A3357 TS5A3357-Q1 TS5A3359 TS5A4594 TS5A4595 TS5A4596 TS5A4597 TS5A4624 TS5A623157 TS5A63157 TS5A6542 TS5A9411 TS5L100 TS5N118 TS5N214 TS5N412 TS5V330 TS5V330C TS5V522C TSU6712 TX810
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  1. +/-12-V, 2:1, 3-channel multiplexer with 1.8-V logic compatible logic
  2. Datasheet Texas Instruments 1P1G3157QDBVRQ1
    Automotive 5-V, 2:1 (SPDT), 1-channel analog switch 6-SOT-23 -40 to 125
  1. PMOS Analog Switch 8-PDIP
  2. Datasheet Texas Instruments TX810IRHHR
    8-Channel, Programmable T/R Switch for Ultrasound 36-VQFN 0 to 70
  3. Datasheet Texas Instruments TSU6712YFPRB
    SP4T Switch with Impedance Detection, Micro-USB switch to support USB, UART, Audio, and Video 25-DSBGA -40 to 85
  4. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5V522CDBQR
  5. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5V330PWG4
    Quad SPDT Wide Bandwidth Video Switch with Low On-State Resistance 16-TSSOP -40 to 85
  6. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5V330CPW
    Quad SPDT Wide Bandwidth Video Switch With ESD & Low On-State Resistance 16-TSSOP -40 to 85
  7. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5N412DBQR
    4-Bit 1-of-2 Fet Multiplexer/Demultiplexer High-Bandwidth Bus Switch 16-SSOP -40 to 85
  8. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5N214PWG4
    2-Bit 1-of-4 Fet Multiplexer/Demultiplexer High-Bandwidth Bus Switch 16-TSSOP -40 to 85
  9. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5N118DBQR
    1-of-8 Fet Multiplexer/Demultiplexer High-Bandwidth Bus Switch 16-SSOP -40 to 85
  10. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5L100PW
    Quad SPDT Wide Bandwidth LAN Switch with Low On-State Resistance 20-TSSOP 0 to 70
  11. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5A9411DCKT
    10-Ohm SPDT Analog Switch 6-SC70 -40 to 85
  12. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5A63157DCKRG4
    15-Ohm SPDT Analog Switch 5-V/3.3-V Single-Channel 2:1 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer 6-SC70 -40 to 85
  13. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5A6542YZPR
    0.75-Ohm SPDT Analog Switch With Input Logic Translation 8-DSBGA -40 to 85
  14. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5A623157DGSR
    Dual 10-Ohm SPDT Analog Switch With Undershoot/Overshoot Voltage Protection 10-VSSOP -40 to 85
  15. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5A4624DCKR
    1-Ohm SPDT Analog Switch 5-V/3.3-V Single-Channel 2:1 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer 6-SC70 -40 to 85
  16. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5A4597DCKRE4
    Single-Channel 8-Ohm SPST Analog Switch 5-SC70 -40 to 85
  17. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5A4596DBVRG4
    8-Ohm SPST 5-V/3.3-V Single-Channel Analog Switch 5-SOT-23 -40 to 85
  18. Datasheet Texas Instruments TS5A4595DCKRE4
    8-Ohm SPST 5-V/3.3-V Single-Channel Analog Switch 5-SC70 -40 to 85

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