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Circuit controls intensity reflex optical sights
Circuit controls intensity of reflex optical sights
03.07.2021 Circuits

A popular category of aiming/pointing aids is the reflex, or “red-dot,” sight. This system finds use in such diverse applications as astronomy, archery, and shooting. In the reflex sight, light from an internal source...

Class-D Amplifier High-Definition Automotive Audio STMicroelectronics
Class-D Amplifier for High-Definition Automotive Audio from STMicroelectronics Adds Diagnostics for Safety Alerting
03.07.2021 News

The HFDA801A from STMicroelectronics is a high-resolution audio amplifier that is specifically designed for compact, cost-effective automotive applications. The HFDA801A is a 2 MHz switching pulse-width modulation Class-D amplifier with a quad-bridge configuration...

High-speed clamp functions as pulse-forming circuit
High-speed clamp functions as pulse-forming circuit
03.04.2021 Circuits

Amplifiers with positive feedback are the bases of signal-grade pulse-forming circuits. This setup ensures a triggerlike operation in which the input signal crosses the input-threshold level; in most cases, the input signal is a voltage signal...

Greenliant Launches High Capacity 1TB microSD
Greenliant Launches High Capacity 1TB microSD ArmourDrive Industrial Memory Cards
03.04.2021 News

Greenliant has expanded its ArmourDrive industrial memory card portfolio with the high reliability, high capacity microSD QX Series, available from 256 GB to 1 TB, and operating at wide temperatures (-25 to +85 degrees Celsius)...

Alpha Omega Semiconductor Announces Type-C Power
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Announces Type-C Power Delivery High Voltage Source Switch
03.03.2021 News

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor announced a new Type-C Power Delivery high voltage source protection switch capable up to 28 V absolute maximum voltage...

Вышел электронный журнал РадиоЛоцман 2021 01-02
Вышел электронный журнал "РадиоЛоцман" 2021, 01-02

Электронный журнал в формате PDF для разработчиков электроники. Распространяется бесплатно на сайте РадиоЛоцман...

Reset generator uses fleapower
Reset generator uses «fleapower»
03.02.2021 Circuits

When a processor-controlled device must operate reliably, designers often choose to periodically reset the processor rather than rely on a watchdog configuration...

HOLTEK New BP45F4NB BP45FH4NB Power Bank
03.02.2021 News

Holtek is pleased to announce the release of its new power bank dedicated Flash MCUs, the BP45F4NB and BP45FH4NB. Using their internal complementary PWM drive function, the devices can implement full charge and discharge battery management operations...

Why do you never see birds
Why do you never see birds on high-tension power lines?
03.01.2021 Articles

We very often see flocks of birds perched in trees, on rooftops, on local power line wires, and even on radio antennas. However, I have noticed that I never see birds coming to rest on high-tension power lines...

Nexperia extends LFPAK56D MOSFET line-up AEC-Q101-qualified
Nexperia extends LFPAK56D MOSFET line-up with AEC-Q101-qualified half-bridge package
03.01.2021 News

Nexperia announced a series of half-bridge (high side & low side) automotive MOSFETs constructed in the space-saving LFPAK56D package format. The half-bridge configuration of two MOSFETs is a standard building block for many automotive applications including motor drives and DC/DC converters...

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