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12MW Wind Turbine Prototype be Installed
12MW Wind Turbine Prototype to be Installed in Rotterdam
02.01.2019 News

GE Renewable Energy and Future Wind announced the signing of an agreement for Future Wind to install the first Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbine prototype. The installation will take place in Maasvlakte-Rotterdam during summer 2019...

Smart-Antenna Controller STMicroelectronics Cuts Board Space
Smart-Antenna Controller from STMicroelectronics Cuts Board Space, BoM, and Battery Load for Superior Smartphone Performance
01.31.2019 News

STMicroelectronics’ STHVDAC-253C7 digital controller for tunable capacitors such as ST’s STPTIC family shrinks the size, bill of materials, and power consumption of antenna-tuning circuits for stabilizing smartphone RF performance...

Extend input range low-dropout regulator
Extend the input range of a low-dropout regulator
01.30.2019 Articles

Because of process limitations, all ICs have an input-voltage limitation. This limitation can be cumbersome when you try to step down a high supply voltage to a lower, regulated voltage using a dc/dc converter, such as a linear regulator...

NVE Introduces World First TMR Smart
NVE Introduces World's First TMR Smart Angle Sensor
01.30.2019 News

NVE Corporation announced the new ASR002-10E Smart Angle Sensor. The new sensor combines a unique Tunneling Magnetoresistance sensor element with elegant digital signal processing...

Extend low-output-voltage switching regulator input range
Extend low-output-voltage switching regulator's input range
01.29.2019 Circuits

 Internal operating voltages in electronic devices continue to decrease, but input-source voltages don't change. As the difference between input and output voltages increases, so does the improvement in efficiency that a switching regulator offers...

Maxim Introduces Industry First Integrated PPG
Maxim Introduces Industry's First Integrated PPG and ECG Biosensor Module for Mobile Devices
01.29.2019 News

Designers now have an easier way to deliver both photoplethysmogram and electrocardiogram measurements for health monitoring from a mobile, battery-powered device. The new MAX86150 from Maxim Integrated Products is a first-of-a kind biosensor module...

Standard 18650 Li-Ion Cell Isn Always
The Standard 18650 Li-Ion Cell Isn't Always Standard
01.28.2019 Articles

You may want to double-check the dimensions of the 18650 you’re targeting for a design – a built-in protection circuit could extend it past the standard size...

Toshiba Announces Latest Ethernet Bridge IC
Toshiba Announces Latest Ethernet Bridge IC for Automotive and Industrial applications
01.28.2019 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe announced the TC9562 series, its latest member in the automotive network bridge IC product line. The TC9562 series provides advanced Ethernet capability for telematics and infotainment systems for the automotive segment...

Tearing Down Philips MP3 Player
Tearing Down the Philips MP3 Player
01.27.2019 Articles

I got this Philips GoGear MP3 player at the Singapore airport back in 2007. It cost over 60 dollars. I hated it almost immediately. The display is hard to read and has silly little bubble animations instead of plain information on its OLED display...

Sample shipment world highest level high
Sample shipment of the world's highest level high voltage/ultra small size all-solid-state battery
01.27.2019 News

Realized High Voltage (3.0V), High Energy Density by Oxide Based SMD Type FDK corporation will begin sample shipment of oxide based all-solid-state battery using high electrochemical potential cathode material «lithium cobalt pyrophosphate (Li2CoP2O7)» which was jointly developed with Fujitsu Laboratories...