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New VIPer Converter STMicroelectronics Features Market
New VIPer Converter from STMicroelectronics Features Market's Highest MOSFET Breakdown Voltage, 1050V, for Robust and Reliable Power Supplies
08.05.2019 News

The STMicroelectronics VIPer26K high-voltage converter integrates a 1050 V avalanche-rugged N-channel power MOSFET that enables offline power supplies to combine a wide input-voltage range with the advantages of a simplified design...

New Spin on Classic Architecture Achieving
A New Spin on a Classic Architecture: Achieving a Fully Differential Output Using Single-Ended Instrumentation Amplifiers
08.01.2019 Articles

Can we generate a differential output signal using instrumentation amplifiers?...

Vishay Intertechnology Unveils Long-Life Ceramic Quartz-Based
Vishay Intertechnology Unveils Long-Life Ceramic / Quartz-Based UVC Emitting Diode in Compact SMD Package
08.01.2019 News

Vishay Intertechnology is adding to its portfolio of short wavelength ultraviolet emitting diodes with a compact new SMD device for sterilization, sanitation, and purification applications...

Do more less space Tiny amplifiers
Do more in less space: Tiny amplifiers minimize footprint and maximize performance in space-constrained designs
08.01.2019 News

Texas Instruments introduced the industry’s smallest current-sense amplifier in a leaded package and the smallest, most accurate comparators with an internal 1.2-V or 0.2-V reference...

Enhanced VLED Driver Updates JFET Constant-Current
Enhanced VLED Driver Updates JFET Constant-Current Source
07.31.2019 Circuits

By pairing a visible-light LED with a depletion-mode MOSFET, you can create an efficient, controllable current-source driver...

Semtech New RClamp Array Provides Industry-Leading
Semtech's New RClamp Array Provides Industry-Leading Protection for LVDS, Ethernet and USB 3.x Interfaces
07.31.2019 News

Semtech Corporation announced the latest addition to the RClamp platform, a low capacitance 3.3 V transient voltage protection array optimized to safeguard high-speed data interfaces from electrostatic discharge and overvoltage transient threats...

Power Integrations Releases Gallium Nitride-Based InnoSwitch3
Power Integrations Releases Gallium Nitride-Based InnoSwitch3 AC-DC Converter ICs
07.30.2019 News

Power Integrations announced new members of its InnoSwitch3 families of offline CV/CC flyback switcher ICs. The new ICs feature up to 95% efficiency across the full load range and up to 100 W in enclosed adapter implementations without requiring a heatsink...

How Read Measurement Data Dial Indicator
How to Read Measurement Data of a Dial Indicator and Send This Data to a Personal Computer (PC)
07.29.2019 Circuits

In today’s age, measuring devices with digital indication of measurement results, such as Digital Calipers, Micrometers, Dial Indicators, are becoming widely popular. Most of these devices also have a port for outputting data to an external device for storage or analysis...

Renesas Electronics Introduces Family 15 Mbps
Renesas Electronics Introduces Family of 15 Mbps Photocouplers with Industry Leading Features for Harsh Industrial Applications
07.29.2019 News

Renesas Electronics announced three new 15 Mbps photocouplers designed to withstand the harsh operating environments of industrial and factory automation equipment...

Robust Flexible Automotive Buck LED Drivers
Robust and Flexible, Automotive Buck, LED Drivers from Diodes Incorporated Streamline Interior and Exterior Lighting
07.25.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated introduced two automotive LED drivers that combine robust performance, simplified design, and flexibility to address internal and external lighting applications, such as fog lamps, position lamps, rear lamps, and door lamps...