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Exclusively select relays
Exclusively select 1 of N relays
11.24.2023 Circuits

Sometimes you may need a group of switches where, if any switch is activated, it deactivates the previously active switch. This Design Idea implements such a function with relays...

Toshiba launches first 30 N-channel common-drain
Toshiba launches first 30 V N-channel common-drain MOSFET
11.24.2023 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched their first 30 V N-channel common-drain MOSFET. The new SSM10N961L device offers low-loss operation and is specifically intended for use within devices with USB interfaces...

Simultaneously control gain on two independent
Simultaneously control gain on two independent channels with a single element pot
11.23.2023 Circuits

A question that arises frequently in audio and signal processing applications is this: How can I control gain on dual channel (e.g., stereo) inputs simultaneously with only a single knob?...

Measure small LCs scope
Measure small LCs with a scope
11.21.2023 Articles

One of our technicians recently asked for help determining the value of an SMT inductor. It was unmarked, and was many turns of very fine wire on a ferrite core...

Status indicator flags five discharge states
Status indicator flags five discharge states
11.20.2023 Circuits

With just one leftover op amp or comparator, you can add a battery-condition indicator to your portable circuit design...

Circuit lets you isolate measure current
Circuit lets you isolate and measure current
11.19.2023 Circuits

You often need to measure current during circuit design and debugging. You can perform that task by breaking a path, inserting a shunt resistor, measuring its voltage, and converting the voltage to current. Unfortunately, that approach is sometimes impractical...

Op-amp wipes out DPOT wiper resistance
Op-amp wipes out DPOT wiper resistance
11.16.2023 Circuits

An interesting variation on the theme of digital to analog converters is the digital potentiometer...

Use microcontroller design boost converter
Use a microcontroller to design a boost converter
11.15.2023 Articles

Boost converters, like other switchers, have traditionally received their control signals from a dedicated circuit. However, a recent trend is to integrate simple switching-power-supply building blocks into generic devices, such as microcontrollers...

DIY solar tracker system
DIY solar tracker system
11.14.2023 Circuits

The solar panels are operating at optimal parameters when they are at the perfect right angle to the sun. Unfortunately this is accomplished only if solar panels are rotated by the sun...

Circuit forms satellite-dish command decoder
Circuit forms satellite-dish command decoder
11.09.2023 Circuits

By decoding the commands sent by a direct-broadcast satellite receiver that uses the DISEqC protocol, you can troubleshoot the commands or simply listen in...

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