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Rectifier tracks positive negative peaks
Rectifier tracks positive and negative peaks
12.17.2020 Circuits

Signals ranging from music to complex control-system waveforms may contain unequal positive and negative peak amplitudes. An "envelope-follower" circuit can track unequal peaks, but the ability to select a desired peak can enhance the circuit's performance...

Texas Instruments Introduced Nano 125 nA
Texas Instruments Introduced Nano 125 nA IQ, 1% Accurate Voltage Supervisor, Push-Button Monitor with Programmable Sense and Reset Delay
12.17.2020 News

Texas Instruments introduced nano-IQ, precision voltage supervisor TPS3899 that monitors system voltages or pushbutton inputs as low as 0.51 V...

Decibels Use caution
Decibels: Use with caution
12.16.2020 Articles

Decibels are commonly used in electronic systems that include RF, audio, and more recently, signal integrity. While many engineers already think in decibels, if you mostly work in the time domain, you may not think the same way...

Renesas Expands ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality
Renesas Expands ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality Family With Industry's First IP67 Waterproof Sensor for High-Humidity Environments
12.16.2020 News

Renesas Electronics expanded its popular ZMOD4410 Indoor Air Quality sensor platform with the industry’s first software-configurable IP67-qualified waterproof option for IAQ applications operating in wet or dirty environments...

Vishay Intertechnology Launches Industry First 4-Quadrant
Vishay Intertechnology Launches Industry's First 4-Quadrant Silicon PIN Photodiode in Surface-Mount Package, Qualified for Automotive Applications
12.15.2020 News

The Optoelectronics group of Vishay Intertechnology introduced the industry’s first 4-quadrant silicon PIN photodiode in a standard surface-mount package, qualified for automotive applications...

10A H-Bridge Motor Driver ICs Toshiba
10A H-Bridge Motor Driver ICs from Toshiba Fully Optimised for Automotive Deployment
12.14.2020 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has just announced two new driver ICs for brushed DC motors. The TB9054FTG and TB9053FTG utilise advanced DMOS FET technology to achieve a low RDS(ON) value...

Circuit breaker monitors leakage current
Circuit breaker monitors leakage current
12.13.2020 Circuits

The residual-current circuit breaker continuously monitors the supply lines for any leakage current and immediately disconnects the supply if necessary. Load-supply wires, both live and neutral, pass through the magnetic core of the CR4311-5 transducer, which monitors the supply current...

Circuit provides flexible gain ranges
Circuit provides flexible gain ranges
12.10.2020 Articles

Certain designs need a programmable-gain amplifier with a wide gain range and high accuracy and common-mode rejection. Usually, it's wise to exploit a programmable-gain instrumentation amplifier, such as an AD625. Unfortunately, the gain range of such standard parts is fixed at certain values...

CoolSiC CIPOS Maxi World first 1200
CoolSiC CIPOS Maxi: World's first 1200 V transfer molded IPM with SiC
12.10.2020 News

Infineon Technologies has launched a 1200 V transfer molded silicon carbide integrated power module and concludes the massive roll-out of SiC solutions for this year. The CIPOS Maxi IPM IM828 series is the industry’s first in this voltage class...

STMicroelectronics Trims Brushless Motor-Control Designs Gate-Driver
STMicroelectronics Trims Brushless Motor-Control Designs with Gate-Driver IC Optimized for Low-Voltage Applications
12.09.2020 News

STMicroelectronics has created an integrated three-phase half-bridge driver IC with performance optimized for low-voltage industrial applications up to 75 V, delivering a space-efficient and power-saving solution to control three-phase brushless motors...

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