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STMicroelectronics high-performance microcontrollers pave way new
STMicroelectronics' high-performance microcontrollers pave the way to new innovations in smart home and industrial systems
04.05.2024 News

New STM32H7R/S microcontrollers raise embedded-application performance to new levels for next-generation smart devices in factories, buildings, infrastructure, eHealth...

new improved latching power switch. Part
A new and improved latching power switch. Part 1
04.04.2024 Circuits

A previous Design Idea outlined a relatively simple circuit in which a momentary pushbutton could be made to function like a latching, mechanical switch. The article generated a good deal of reader feedback. Amongst other comments, readers questioned whether it would be possible to adapt the circuit to provide (a) a cross-coupled arrangement...

15-bit voltage-to-time ADC Proper Function anemometer
15-bit voltage-to-time ADC for "Proper Function" anemometer linearization
04.03.2024 Circuits

Awhile back I published a simple design idea for a thermal airspeed sensor based on a self-heated Darlington transistor pair. The resulting sensor is simple, sensitive, and solid-state, but suffers from a radically nonlinear airspeed response...

Selecting right inductor current ripple
Selecting the right inductor current ripple
04.02.2024 Articles

A switching regulator converts an input voltage to a higher or lower output voltage. For this, an inductor is used to store energy temporarily...

Virtual-zener circuit simplifies high-voltage interface
Virtual-zener circuit simplifies high-voltage interface
04.01.2024 Circuits

This design for a photonic switch needs more than approximately 70 V at the cathode of a duo-lateral optical position-sensing device...

Rotary encoder mates digital potentiometer
Rotary encoder mates with digital potentiometer
03.29.2024 Circuits

In developing electronic systems, designers look for products or ideas that may benefit from the better performance, smaller size, lower cost, and improved reliability that an IC can offer. Toward that end, the digital potentiometer emerged as an alternative to its mechanical counterpart, the mechanical potentiometer...

Charge pump halves voltage double current
Charge pump halves voltage to double current "efficiency"
03.27.2024 Circuits

Capacitor type charge pumps are a well-known, simple, efficient, cost-effective method for inverting and multiplying voltage supply rails. Perhaps less well known, however, is that they also work just as well for dividing voltage...

Add grounded-switch feature TOPSwitch on off
Add a grounded-switch feature for TOPSwitch on/off control
03.26.2024 Circuits

The Power Integrations TOPSwitch family of integrated flyback-regulator ICs provides exceptional performance in small, low-pin-count packages. For the lowest-pin-count packages, the multifunction, or M, pin serves multiple purposes...

Auxiliary supply requirements SiC GaN gate
Auxiliary supply requirements for SiC/GaN gate driver systems
03.22.2024 Articles

Wide bandgap power semiconductor devices like Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs are enjoying growing popularity in many modern power electronic applications like E-mobility and renewable energy. Their extremely fast switching speed capability helps to increase efficiency...

Supersized log-scale audio meter
Supersized log-scale audio meter
03.21.2024 Circuits

At the end of the DI for a Simple log-scale audio meter I promised to show how to upgrade it to work better...

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