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Rohde Schwarz DesignCon 2022 presents latest
Rohde&Schwarz at DesignCon 2022 presents latest innovations for high-speed digital applications
03.22.2022 News

At DesignCon Rohde&Schwarz is demonstrating a mix of unique solutions for high speed digital applications. High-speed digital interfaces are at the core of all electronic designs...

Improved optocoupler circuits reduce current draw
Improved optocoupler circuits reduce current draw, resist LED aging
03.17.2022 Circuits

It seems deceptively simple to establish galvanic isolation with the help of optocouplers between circuits that operate at different ground potentials. Optocouplers draw power from the isolated circuit, and switching can be relatively slow and uncertain because of LED aging...

Use dual op amp an instrumentation
Use dual op amp in an instrumentation amp
03.16.2022 Circuits

Although monolithic instrumentation amplifiers are more cost-effective than their discrete and modular predecessors, the limited variety of monolithic instrumentation amps restricts their use. You can widen your options, however, by deriving the differential response of an instrumentation amplifier...

High-CMRR instrumentation amp works low supply
High-CMRR instrumentation amp works with low supply voltages
03.14.2022 Circuits

Modern battery-cell voltages of 3 to 3.6 V require circuits that offer efficient low-voltage operation. This Design Idea proposes an ac-coupled instrumentation-amplifier design that features high CMRR...

LC oscillator has stable amplitude
LC oscillator has stable amplitude
03.13.2022 Articles

Many applications call for wide-range-tunable LC oscillators that can deliver a nearly constant-frequency, nearly harmonic-free output even when the circuit's output load changes...

Small capacitor supports telecom power supply
Small capacitor supports telecom power supply during brownouts
03.10.2022 Articles

This Design Idea shows how to keep telecom equipment operational during a short brownout. You must first understand a few details regarding the power supply for telecom equipment...

Sub-picofarad measurement CMOS inverters
Sub-picofarad measurement with CMOS inverters
03.09.2022 Circuits

The inverters in a CMOS CD4069 can be used for both analog as well as digital applications. This Design Idea illustrates this by using all six inverters in a 4069 package to make a closed loop, duty-cycle-based capacitance meter...

Use LEDs as photodiodes
Use LEDs as photodiodes
03.08.2022 Circuits

The simple circuit, which can be powered with a 3.6 V nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery, lets you use an LED to detect light. The circuit consumes practically no quiescent power...

Isolated FET pulse driver increases power
Isolated FET pulse driver increases power rate and duty cycle
03.07.2022 Circuits

In power converters, pulse-drive circuits transmit the pulses a controller generates to the power transistor. Driver circuits must both transmit the controller's switching on/off signals with galvanic isolation and provide energy to turn the switch on and off and to maintain the required on or off state...

Low-cost feedback circuit boosts efficiency
Low-cost feedback circuit boosts efficiency
03.04.2022 Circuits

To implement a step-up converter with a current output, designers often simply connect the load in place of the top resistor in a resistive-divider feedback network. The bottom resistor then serves as a current-sense resistor...