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Tiny software-programming-free Bluetooth Low Energy SoC
Tiny software-programming-free Bluetooth Low Energy SoC
10.29.2020 News

Claiming to be the smallest software-programming-free Bluetooth beacon product, the IN100 SoC from InPlay will significantly lower the technical barriers, allowing any developer to easily build their own wireless applications without worrying about learning the complex Bluetooth protocol stack and embedded software development...

Differential amp needs no power source
Differential amp needs no power source
10.28.2020 Circuits

A true-differential, power-source-free, high-input-impedance amplifier with bipolar output would present distinct advantages in remote devices. Such an amplifier, with its bipolar output, would be a better choice than a unipolar, 4- to 20-mA device...

Vishay Intertechnology High Current Inductor Delivers
Vishay Intertechnology High Current Inductor Delivers Improved Saturation and Temperature Stability
10.28.2020 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new high current inductor that provides 50% lower DCR than typical power inductors for improved efficiency in high frequency DC/DC converters...

Enhanced Circuit Yields Versatile Efficient Switch-Mode
Enhanced Circuit Yields Versatile, Efficient Switch-Mode Solenoid/Relay Driver
10.27.2020 Circuits

In this Idea for Design, using a comparator-based switch-mode driver circuit of a solenoid improves efficiency by tailoring the drive to the pull-in versus hold-mode current requirements...

Toshiba Launches 1200 Silicon Carbide SiC
Toshiba Launches 1200 V Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET
10.27.2020 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a 1200 V silicon carbide MOSFET for high power industrial applications including 400 V AC input AC-DC power supplies...

Microcontroller controls analog phase shifter
Microcontroller controls analog phase shifter
10.26.2020 Circuits

Phase shifters find use in a variety of circuits, but variation in amplifier and capacitance tolerances usually makes it difficult to control the exact phase shift that precise control circuitry requires...

New RF power transistors ultra-wideband Doherty
New RF power transistors and ultra-wideband Doherty amplifiers for use in next-generation TV broadcast transmitters
10.26.2020 News

Ampleon has released the BLF989E RF power transistor, which uses the very latest ninth-generation high-voltage (50 V) LDMOS process technology...

Fan airflow cooling designs push or
Fan airflow in cooling designs: push or pull?
10.22.2020 Articles

As much as we’d prefer to be able to use just unforced, natural convection cooling, many designs and installations simply cannot be cooled adequately by the low level and uncertainty of airflow that this low-cost, reliable approach offers...

Murata partners Wirepas deliver industrial grade
Murata partners with Wirepas to deliver industrial grade, massive IoT connectivity solution
10.22.2020 News

Murata announces the integration of Wirepas Mesh, the wireless connectivity software focused on industrial grade, large-scale IoT applications, with its MBN52832 embedded Bluetooth® Module, creating a massively scalable solution for low-power sensor networks...

LED Driver Controls Thermo-Electric Cooling
LED Driver Controls Thermo-Electric Cooling
10.21.2020 Circuits

Opto-electronic systems frequently require temperature stabilization for components such as laser diodes, photodiodes, prisms, and lenses. The established method for providing stabilization is to attach a resistive temperature device to the component to monitor its temperature and mount the component on top of a thermo-electrical cooler...

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