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2-wire Serial EEPROM Temperature Sensor SSD
2-wire Serial EEPROM With Temperature Sensor For SSD Vital Product Data S-34TS04L
04.29.2020 News

ABLIC Inc. launched the 2-wire serial EEPROM S-34TS04L with temperature sensor which operates in 1.7 V to 3.6 V voltage ranges...

Generator has independent pulse width frequency
Generator has independent pulse width, frequency
04.28.2020 Circuits

A common circuit in electronics is the square-wave, astable multivibrator, which is useful for various purposes, such as timing circuits and audible alarms. The most common way to generate the desired square wave is to use the inexpensive 555 timer...

IR domed LEDs deliver up 5.0A
IR domed LEDs deliver up to 5.0A pulsed radiant power over 50°
04.28.2020 News

Lumileds introduced new additions to the LUXEON IR Domed Line that offer a significant increase in both DC and pulse drive current – up to 1.5 A and 5.0 A, respectively...

High-side current-shunt monitor offers reduced error
High-side current-shunt monitor offers reduced error
04.25.2020 Circuits

The circuit is an alternative to a high-side current monitor in a recent Design Idea. That monitor uses the Analog Devices AD8212 and an external high-voltage bipolar PNP transistor...

Maxim combines boost buck converters LED
Maxim combines boost and buck converters in LED driver
04.25.2020 News

Maxim Integrated Products has released a new family of automotive ICs. The MAX25601A/B/C/D is a synchronous boost controller followed by a synchronous buck LED controller...

20A 40V Integrated Power Module DC
20A/40V Integrated Power Module for DC Brushless Motors (BLDC)
04.25.2020 Circuits

This project is based on STK984-090A from ON Semiconductor which is a fully-integrated inverter with current rating 20 A and supply voltage 40 V DC...

Espressif Launches ESP32-WROVER-E-Based ESP32-Vaquita-DSPG Alexa Google
Espressif Launches ESP32-WROVER-E-Based ESP32-Vaquita-DSPG for Alexa, Google Voice Projects
04.25.2020 News

Espressif has announced the launch of a new development board for its popular ESP32 wireless system-on-chip, this time designed for always-on voice-activated assistant system...

Analog Devices Releases 40V USB Type-C
Analog Devices Releases 40V USB Type-C Power Delivery Buck-Boost Controller
04.25.2020 News

Analog Devices has released a new synchronous 4-switch buck boost controllers LT®8253/LT8253A optimized for automotive USB-C power delivery...

ESS Expands its USB DAC portfolio
ESS Expands its USB DAC portfolio with a New Low-Power Solution Featuring Amazing Sound Quality
04.23.2020 News

ESS Technology announced the ES9260, a new USB DAC optimized for low-power consumption. Intended for use in headsets and audio adaptors that demand high-quality sound and long play times...

New Silicon Labs Wireless SoCs Enable
New Silicon Labs Wireless SoCs Enable Eco-Friendly Zigbee Green Power IoT Devices
04.22.2020 News

Silicon Labs announces a new family of secure, ultra-low-power Zigbee system-on-chip devices designed for eco-friendly IoT products deployed in mesh networks...

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