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No trade-offs Industry lowest quiescent current
No trade-offs: Industry's lowest quiescent current, ultra-small LDO linear regulator can help double battery life in power-sensitive industrial and personal electronics
11.11.2019 News

Texas Instruments introduced an ultra-low-power low-dropout linear voltage regulator with the industry’s lowest quiescent current of sub-25 nA – one-tenth that of competing ultra-small devices...

No more yelling smart speakers New
No more yelling at smart speakers: New TI Burr-Brown audio ADC enables far-field voice capture at four times the distance
11.08.2019 News

Texas Instruments introduced a new audio analog-to-digital converter capable of capturing clear audio up to four times farther away than competing devices. The TLV320ADC5140 is the industry’s smallest quad-channel audio ADC with this level of performance...

Double-Anode MOSFET Thyristor
Double-Anode MOSFET Thyristor
11.07.2019 Circuits

A double-anode MOSFET thyristor circuit with UHS, high input impedance, and extremely low losses is proposed. Thyristor (triac) load switches, by force of nonremovable specific design features...

Inexpensive envelope tracker handles wide signal
Inexpensive envelope tracker handles wide signal variations
11.07.2019 Circuits

Converting band-limited NRZ (non-return-to-zero) data to a digital format suitable for microprocessors and other digital systems poses problems when a signal's duty cycle or amplitude varies or when its average level unpredictably wanders within a given dc range...

Infineon expands its CoolGaN portfolio two
Infineon expands its CoolGaN portfolio with two industrial-grade devices: the CoolGaN 400 V and the CoolGaN 600 V
11.07.2019 News

Infineon Technologies broadens its CoolGaN series with two devices. The CoolGaN 400 V device (IGT40R070D1 E8220) is tailored for premium HiFi audio systems where end users demand every detail of their high resolution sound tracks...

AnDAPT introduces first family PMICs integrating
AnDAPT introduces first family of PMICs integrating DrMOS Controller along with multiple Buck regulators for unprecedented flexibility
11.06.2019 News

AnDAPT announced the release of a portfolio of four new Adaptable Power Management Integrated Circuits built on its disruptive AmP mixed-signal FPGA platform ICs integrating DrMOS controllers for up to 40 A power rails...

Smarter diode multiplexing temperature sensing
Smarter diode multiplexing for temperature sensing
11.05.2019 Articles

Where there is power there is heat, and where there is heat there is often a need to sense temperature (the most widely sensed physical variable). What we call temperature is our measurement of a material’s thermal energy, and there are many sensors available to measure it...

Melexis introduces unique relative pressure sensor
Melexis introduces unique relative pressure sensor IC for EVAP systems in ICE and hybrid vehicles
11.05.2019 News

Melexis announces the MLX90821 relative pressure sensor IC designed for measuring very low pressures in automotive applications. Using the latest MEMS technology closely integrated with an analog signal chain and digital signal processing, the MLX90821 is a system-in-package IC solution for the reliable measurement of fuel vapor pressure as low as 50 mbar and up to 700 mbar...

High-Side Load Switch Diodes Incorporated Slew-Rate
High-Side Load Switch from Diodes Incorporated with Slew-Rate Control and True Reverse Current Blocking Improves Reliability
11.02.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the introduction of the AP22913, a 2.0 A single-channel, slew-rate-controlled load switch with true reverse current blocking for high-side load-switching applications...

EVERLIGHT Releases EL SMARTLED Series Automotive
EVERLIGHT Releases EL SMARTLED Series for Automotive Interior Applications
11.02.2019 News

EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS releases a new generation of lighting products for automotive interior application to bring more convenience to our life...