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High-impedance buffer amplifier input includes ESD
High-impedance buffer amplifier's input includes ESD protection
08.12.2019 Circuits

Certain measurement applications, such as for pH and bio-potentials, require a high-impedance buffer amplifier. Although several semiconductor manufacturers offer amplifier ICs featuring low bias and offset-input currents...

Renesas Electronics Introduces Ultra-Small RX651 32-Bit
Renesas Electronics Introduces Ultra-Small RX651 32-Bit Microcontrollers for IoT Connectivity Modules and Space-Constrained Edge Devices

Renesas Electronics announced four new RX651 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) supplied in ultra-small 64-pin BGA and LQFP packages. The new lineup expands Renesas’ popular RX651 MCU Group with a 64-pin BGA package...

Elmos Highly integrated stand-alone BLDC motor
Elmos: Highly integrated, stand-alone BLDC motor controller for silent control
08.08.2019 News

Elmos presents a highly integrated 3-phase BLDC motor controller. Thanks to an integrated state machine, the IC has the necessary intelligence for high-quality control of BLDC motors on board and requires no user software...

Vesper Launches First Piezoelectric Digital MEMS
Vesper Launches First Piezoelectric Digital MEMS VM3000 Microphone
08.08.2019 News

Vesper introduced the VM3000, the latest piezoelectric MEMS microphone in its product line. The VM3000 is the first digital microphone in Vesper’s portfolio and greatly expands the number of applications that can be serviced with robust piezoelectric MEMS microphones...

DPPs program key parameters bandpass filter
DPPs program key parameters of bandpass filter
08.07.2019 Circuits

The three-amplifier implementation of the state-variable filter provides for second-order bandpass, highpass, and lowpass responses. The strength of the circuit, however, is in the bandpass response, in which it's easy to achieve high gain and high Q...

Flexible Digital Power-Factor Controller STMicroelectronics Leverages
Flexible Digital Power-Factor Controller from STMicroelectronics Leverages Analog Performance and Stability for Industrial Applications
08.07.2019 News

Combining the flexibility of digital power with the responsiveness of analog algorithms, STMicroelectronics’ STNRGPF12 dual-channel interleaved boost-PFC controller is easily configured and optimized using the Company’s eDesignSuite software...

Infineon launches its digital single-stage quasi-resonant
Infineon launches its digital, single-stage quasi-resonant flyback controller, the XDPL8210, for LED drivers
08.06.2019 News

Infineon Technologies releases a new LED driver IC to its XDP portfolio. The XDPL8210 is a constant current flyback IC with a high power factor and primary-side regulation...

Two buttons provide safe start
Two buttons provide safe start
08.05.2019 Circuits

The circuit provides a safety interlock that checks the actuation of two pushbuttons before enabling a relay. When you push both buttons, the circuit actuates the relay...

New VIPer Converter STMicroelectronics Features Market
New VIPer Converter from STMicroelectronics Features Market's Highest MOSFET Breakdown Voltage, 1050V, for Robust and Reliable Power Supplies
08.05.2019 News

The STMicroelectronics VIPer26K high-voltage converter integrates a 1050 V avalanche-rugged N-channel power MOSFET that enables offline power supplies to combine a wide input-voltage range with the advantages of a simplified design...

New Spin on Classic Architecture Achieving
A New Spin on a Classic Architecture: Achieving a Fully Differential Output Using Single-Ended Instrumentation Amplifiers
08.01.2019 Articles

Can we generate a differential output signal using instrumentation amplifiers?...