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Dialog Semiconductor Connects Next Generation Industry
Dialog Semiconductor Connects the Next Generation of Industry 4.0 Devices with Highly Optimized IO-Link IC
03.03.2020 News

Latest IO-Link IC in Dialog’s growing family of Industrial IoT products provides robust connectivity to the smallest, most cost-sensitive IO-Link Devices...

18V 6A Synchronous Buck Converter Diodes
18V, 6A Synchronous Buck Converter from Diodes Incorporated for POL Applications
03.02.2020 News

Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP62600 synchronous DC-DC buck converter for point-of-load conversion in applications such as TVs, monitors, white goods, home appliances, consumer electronics, and large-scale integrated circuits...

Application Heavy Copper PCB
Application of Heavy Copper PCB
03.02.2020 Articles

Printed circuit boards have many applications in different sectors ranging from commercial gadgets and devices to medical equipment, military and aerospace. Finding PCBs is an effortless task because there are several manufacturers and retailers. However, these boards are designed for a variety of applications ...

Future Looks Bright Innovations Automotive Lighting.
The Future Looks Bright for Innovations in Automotive Lighting. Part 2
03.01.2020 Articles

Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen’s designer-in-chief, has very clear ideas about how lighting in the future will impact autonomous driving. Bischoff says, “The lighting of the future will become a means of communication...

Smallest 36-V 4-A power module cuts
Smallest 36-V, 4-A power module cuts solution size by 30%
03.01.2020 News

Texas Instruments introduced the industry’s smallest 36-V, 4-A power module in a quad flat no-lead (QFN) package. The TPSM53604 DC/DC buck module’s 5-mm-by-5.5-mm footprint enables engineers to shrink the size of their power supply...

Future Looks Bright Innovations Automotive Lighting.
The Future Looks Bright for Innovations in Automotive Lighting. Part 1
02.27.2020 Articles

In the coming years, a vehicle’s lights will serve to improve safety as well as offer a means of communication and interaction...

New LED Osram enables ultra-slim designs
New LED from Osram enables ultra-slim designs for headlights
02.27.2020 News

Light is the new chrome for cars. In recent years, technological progress in car lighting has led to light becoming an essential design element in modern cars. Smaller and brighter light sources are leading to more compact and versatile headlamps...

Review about Stariver Circuits Group
Review about Stariver Circuits Group
02.27.2020 Articles

Stariver Circuits Group is a leading PCB manufacturing,PCB assembly and electronics manufacturing company based in Shenzhen that has had an amazing development from its roots to its present state today ...

Two-wire interface has galvanic isolation
Two-wire interface has galvanic isolation
02.26.2020 Circuits

Unlike the four-wire SPI, QSPI, and Microwire data-interface standards, I2C and SBBus buses require only two wires for data transmission, because they send and receive over the same wire. The circuit provides galvanic isolation for the two-wire interface...

Vishay Intertechnology AEC-Q200 Qualified Thick Film
Vishay Intertechnology AEC-Q200 Qualified Thick Film High Power Resistors Reduce Component Counts, Lower Costs
02.26.2020 News

Vishay Intertechnology introduced the first high power resistors on the market to be offered with the AEC-Q200 automotive qualification. Designed for direct mounting on a heatsink...