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Positive regulator makes negative DC DC
Positive regulator makes negative DC/DC converter
05.17.2021 Circuits

Power-supply designers can choose from a plethora of available positive buck regulators that can also serve as negative boost DC/DC converters. Some buck regulators have a negative-feedback reference voltage expressly for this purpose, but ICs that have positive-reference feedback voltages far outnumber these negative-feedback regulators...

HOLTEK New BH66F2742 ATS 24-bit MCU
HOLTEK New BH66F2742 ATS 24-bit A/D MCU

Holtek is delighted to announce the release of its new ATS 24-bit A/D Flash MCU, the BH66F2742. The main special feature of this device is its integrated accurate temperature sensor, ATS...

Audible ohmmeter cuts down on false
Audible ohmmeter cuts down on false readings
05.14.2021 Circuits

One of my go-to diagnostic tools is a simple home-brew audible ohmmeter. This circuit has served me well for many years, allowing “heads up” testing of wiring harnesses and control equipment, and various components such as transistors, relays, resistors, LEDs, and switches...

Infineon introduces CoolGaN IPS family applications
Infineon introduces CoolGaN IPS family for applications in the 30 to 500 W power range
05.14.2021 News

Power switches based on the wide bandgap material gallium nitride enable excellent efficiency and high switching frequency, starting a new era in power electronics. To support this development, Infineon Technologies adds the new CoolGaN IPS family...

Make simple ramp generator stepper motors
Make a simple ramp generator for stepper motors
05.13.2021 Circuits

Stepper motors are synchronous motors that step at the pulse rate of the driving signal. For the motor to move quickly, the stepping rate must be fast. However, because of motor and load inertia, the motor often cannot...

Melexis reveals compact low-voltage 3D magnetometer
Melexis reveals compact, low-voltage 3D magnetometer for consumer applications
05.13.2021 News

Melexis is targeting white goods, consumer electronics, and smart-metering applications with the MLX90392 three-axis magnetic field sensor, which can operate from a 1.8 V power rail shared with other components such as logic devices...

Small portable altimeter operates single cell
Small, portable altimeter operates from a single cell
05.12.2021 Circuits

Some sports enthusiasts want to know altitude changes from an initial elevation. A small, lightweight, portable altimeter is easy to design using modern micromachined pressure transducers...

Vishay Intertechnology New Proximity Sensor Offers
Vishay Intertechnology's New Proximity Sensor Offers Power Consumption Down to 6.63 µA in Compact 2.0 mm × 1.25 mm × 0.5 mm SMD Package
05.12.2021 News

The Optoelectronics Group of Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new fully integrated proximity sensor designed to increase efficiency and performance in consumer and industrial applications...

ORing low-voltage sources simply cheaply on
ORing low-voltage sources simply and cheaply on 3.3V microcontroller boards
05.11.2021 Circuits

Most of today’s microcontrollers are powered with a DC voltage of 3.3 V or less. Batteries are involved for low-power embedded systems that have intermittent uses. For permanent usage, designs usually include a mains supply, and use ORing diodes to connect the power sources together...

TDK announces new miniaturized common-mode chokes
TDK announces new miniaturized common-mode chokes for automotive CAN-FD
05.11.2021 News

TDK Corporation announces the development of its new ACT1210D Series common- mode choke for automotive CAN-FD, which will began mass production in April 2021...