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Single supply function generator outputs buffered
Single supply function generator outputs buffered squares, triangles, and sines
12.13.2023 Circuits

The traditional analog function generator with its customary triple-threat ensemble of square, triangle, and sine waveform outputs is a familiar tool on electronics lab benches...

Bandpass filter has adjustable
Bandpass filter has adjustable Q
12.12.2023 Circuits

The bandpass filter circuit features an electronically controlled Q. Q for a bandpass filter is defined as the ratio of the 3 dB pass bandwidth to the stop bandwidth at some specified attenuation...

Force sense connection eliminates multiplexer on-resistance
Force/sense connection eliminates multiplexer on-resistance error
12.08.2023 Circuits

Digitally controlled gain is an everyday analog-design element. You frequently find this element in an op-amp-based, transimpedance current-to-voltage converter...

Vishay intertechnology increases power density POL
Vishay intertechnology increases power density for POL converters with the industry's smallest 6 A, 20 A, and 25 A buck regulator modules
12.07.2023 News

Vishay Intertechnology announced new 6 A, 20 A, and 25 A microBRICK synchronous buck regulator modules designed to deliver increased power density and efficiency for point of load converters...

golden rule board layout switch-mode power
The golden rule of board layout for switch-mode power supplies
12.05.2023 Articles

This article explains the basis for achieving an optimized board layout, a critical aspect in the design of switch-mode power supplies...

Circuit transmits ARINC 429 data
Circuit transmits ARINC 429 data
12.04.2023 Circuits

The ARINC 429 specification defines the air transport industry's hardware and protocol standards for the transfer of digital data between avionics systems...

HV flyback converter improves efficiency
HV flyback converter improves efficiency
12.01.2023 Circuits

This Design Idea significantly improves conversion efficiency of externally driven flyback converter-based capacitor charging units intended for flash-lamp-pumped, pulsed solid-state laser sources...

UVP protects rechargeable batteries
UVP protects rechargeable batteries
11.30.2023 Circuits

Many rechargeable battery types can be damaged by deep discharge. This Design Idea circuit performs under-voltage protection to prevent this, as well as acting as a load switch...

Photocell makes true-zero output op-amp
Photocell makes true-zero output of the op-amp
11.29.2023 Articles

While choosing an op-amp buffer for a new high-resolution single-supply DAC, a source of negative supply was considered because the buffer op-amp had to provide true zero voltage on its output...

LM317 smooths but doesn regulate
LM317 smooths but doesn't regulate
11.28.2023 Articles

A well known power supply circuit is the capacitance multiplier. It doesn’t regulate, but instead reduces ripple & noise while the output tracks at some fraction of the input voltage...

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