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New CMOS Op-Amp Delivers Leading-Class Low
New CMOS Op-Amp Delivers Leading-Class Low Noise
11.25.2018 News

ROHM has recently announced the availability of a CMOS op-amp featuring the lowest noise in the industry optimized for industrial applications requiring high-accuracy sensing, such as accelerometers used in sonar systems, and optical sensors that handle ultra-small signals...

E-series SPXOs Offer Ultra-Low Jitter
E-series SPXOs Offer Ultra-Low Jitter
11.22.2018 News

Epson Europe Electronics presents the E-Series SPXO. Designed for high-performance networking applications, Epson’s E-series SPXOs covering a frequency range of 25-200 MHz feature ultra-low jitter to deliver wide-open eye diagrams for high-speed optical and electrical interfaces...

Augmented reality could be game changer
Augmented reality could be a game changer in PCB design
11.21.2018 Articles

Augmented reality is an old technology with new hopes – and could change the face of electronic design...

Reducing CO sub sub emissions New
Reducing CO2 emissions: New Infineon smart switch supports fuel saving technology in automotive power train applications
11.21.2018 News

As emission standards for vehicles become increasingly demanding, car manufacturers are striving to make combustion engines more efficient. Infineon Technologies is launching a new member of its FLEX multichannel low-side switches family that will help reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions...

Analog Devices High-Power micro Module Regulator
Analog Devices' High-Power µModule Regulator Eases Data Center Cooling Requirements
11.20.2018 News

Analog Devices expanded its suite of Power by Linear µModule regulators with the LTM4700 step-down DC/DC power regulator, which combines the highest power in its class with the energy efficient performance needed to reduce data center infrastructure cooling requirements...

Maxim High-Performance PMICs Powering Next-Generation Consumer
Maxim High-Performance PMICs: Powering Next-Generation Consumer Applications
11.19.2018 News

With a pair of feature-rich, high-performance and scalable power-management ICs from Maxim Integrated Products designers of mobile systems can now maximize performance per watt while increasing system efficiency for computationally intensive deep-learning systems on chip, FPGAs and application processors...

Regulator IC forms convenient overvoltage detector
Regulator IC forms convenient overvoltage detector
11.18.2018 Circuits

Figure shows a simple, stand-alone overvoltage detector. The intent of the circuit is to monitor a voltage, VMON, and set the output, VOUT, high when the monitored voltage exceeds a preset threshold...

Dual-Channel 4A Gate Driver STMicroelectronics Integrates
Dual-Channel 4A Gate Driver from STMicroelectronics Integrates Galvanic Isolation and Protection Features
11.18.2018 News

The STGAP2DM gate driver, the second in the STGAP2 series of galvanically isolated drivers from STMicroelectronics, integrates low-voltage control and interface circuitry with two isolated output channels that allow either unipolar or bipolar gate driving...

Toshiba adds new 4-channel linear power
Toshiba adds new 4-channel linear power amplifier for car audio
11.15.2018 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe announced the launch of a new 4-channel high-efficiency linear power amplifier for in-vehicle audio applications that delivers the performance and sound quality that electronic engineers demand...

Ultracapacitor powers bicycle light
Ultracapacitor powers bicycle light
11.14.2018 Circuits

The circuit represents a simple and inexpensive way to provide additional bicycling safety. A conventional bicycle-generator lighting system works with the circuit to provide safety lighting for several minutes after the bicycle has stopped...