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Tearing Down Philips MP3 Player
Tearing Down the Philips MP3 Player
01.27.2019 Articles

I got this Philips GoGear MP3 player at the Singapore airport back in 2007. It cost over 60 dollars. I hated it almost immediately. The display is hard to read and has silly little bubble animations instead of plain information on its OLED display...

Sample shipment world highest level high
Sample shipment of the world's highest level high voltage/ultra small size all-solid-state battery
01.27.2019 News

Realized High Voltage (3.0V), High Energy Density by Oxide Based SMD Type FDK corporation will begin sample shipment of oxide based all-solid-state battery using high electrochemical potential cathode material «lithium cobalt pyrophosphate (Li2CoP2O7)» which was jointly developed with Fujitsu Laboratories...

Development Kit Amazon AVS Supports Far-field
Development Kit for Amazon AVS Supports Far-field Voice Interaction with Multiple Microphone Array Options
01.24.2019 News

From wearables to smart lighting, voice control is increasingly becoming consumers' preferred way to interact with electronics. As developers build products of various sizes and designs to meet consumer demand, they often have trouble scaling to meet different Bill of Materials...

DC-DC Buck Converters Diodes Incorporated Enable
DC-DC Buck Converters from Diodes Incorporated Enable Best-In-Class EMI Performance with Ultra-Low Quiescent Current
01.24.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the AP63200/ AP63201/ AP63203/ AP63205 2 A synchronous DC-DC buck converters, delivering class-leading EMI performance across a range of input and output voltages...

High-efficiency 20A monolithic silent switcher regulator
High-efficiency 20A monolithic silent switcher 2 regulator for SoC and μP applications
01.23.2019 Circuits

Power budgets continually rise for advanced SoC solutions used in industrial and automotive systems. Each successive SoC generation adds power-hungry devices and increases data processing speed...

Digital Analog MEMS Microphones Added CUI
Digital and Analog MEMS Microphones Added to CUI's Audio Product Group
01.23.2019 News

CUI’s Audio Group announced the introduction of a comprehensive line of MEMS microphones ideal for a range of portable electronic devices. Boasting improved audio quality, performance, and reliability, CUI’s CMM series is housed in extremely compact, low profile footprints measuring as small as 2.75 × 1.85 × 0.95 mm...

Alpha Omega Semiconductor Introduces High-Current EZBuck
Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Introduces High-Current EZBuck Regulator
01.22.2019 News

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor introduced a new family of EZBuck regulators. The first two members of the family are the 20 A, AOZ2367QI and the 25 A, AOZ2368QI...

Controlling Multiple WS2812B-Based LED Strips
Controlling Multiple WS2812B-Based LED Strips
01.21.2019 Articles

For most embedded designers, light-emitting diodes are simple components that are used as visual indicators. They typically involve a minimal circuit, and controlling the LED is typically only a matter of toggling the right logic level on a microcontroller's output pin...

Crocus Technology Unveils Industry-Leading TMR-based Angular
Crocus Technology Unveils Industry-Leading TMR-based Angular Sensor
01.21.2019 News

Crocus Technology announces the CT300 device, a new break-through TMR-based angular magnetic sensor with an extremely low angular error and high stability over a wide temperature and voltage ranges to address a variety of markets...

Reverse conducting IGBT protecting features delivers
Reverse conducting IGBT with protecting features delivers innovative solution for induction heating applications
01.18.2019 News

Infineon Technologies is introducing the TRENCHSTOP™ Feature IGBT Protected Series for Induction Heating. Compared to a standard RC-H5 reverse conduction IGBT the new family integrates logic functionality and a dedicated driver IC...