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Current source makes novel Class buffer
Current source makes novel Class A buffer
07.01.2019 Circuits

The basis for this Design Idea is a classic two-transistor current source. Current through R1 depends only on the VBE (base-emitter voltage) of Q2 and on the value of R1 itself...

STMicroelectronics New Switching Regulator Wide Voltage
STMicroelectronics' New Switching Regulator with Wide Voltage Ranges Adds Robustness and Flexibility in Automotive Applications
07.01.2019 News

The STMicroelectronics A7987 automotive switching regulator has a wide input-voltage range that allows use in trucks and buses, and an adjustable output voltage that ensures flexibility and stable performance...

Infineon is launching highly accurate digital
Infineon is launching highly accurate digital Turbo MAP sensor
06.27.2019 News

Infineon Technologies is presenting the new XENSIV absolute pressure sensor series KP276 at the Sensor+Test trade fair. It addresses applications such as the measurement of manifold air pressure in aspirated or turbo diesel and gasoline engines...

Dither power converter operating frequency reduce
Dither a power converter's operating frequency to reduce peak emissions
06.27.2019 Circuits

Designers of dc/dc switching power converters face the challenge of controlling EMI emissions produced during normal operation. If large enough, these emissions conduct through power lines or radiate to other assemblies within a system...

Maxim Bi-directional Current Sense Amplifier PWM
Maxim's Bi-directional Current Sense Amplifier with PWM Rejection Offers Industry's Highest Accuracy and Fastest Settling Time for Greater Motor Efficiency
06.27.2019 News

Designers can now improve motor efficiency and reduce vibration using the MAX40056 bi-directional current sense amplifier with patented pulse-width modulation rejection from Maxim Integrated Products...

Is Forever Battery Pipe Dream Not
Is "Forever Battery" a Pipe Dream? Not for Long, Says Atmosic
06.26.2019 Articles

Semiconductor supplier Atmosic Technologies has a three-step plan for achieving a “Forever Battery.” The company is now putting it out there in the form of two newly launched Bluetooth 5 low-power chip platforms...

Toshiba launches three-phase brushless motor controller
Toshiba launches three-phase brushless motor controller ICs with sine wave drive
06.26.2019 News

Toshiba Electronics Europe released two new three-phase brushless motor controller ICs based upon InPAC, Toshiba’s original automatic phase adjustment function...

Combine two 8-bit outputs make one
Combine two 8-bit outputs to make one 16-bit DAC
06.25.2019 Circuits

Inexpensive, 16-bit, monolithic DACs can serve almost all applications. However, some applications require unconventional approaches. This Design Idea design concerns circuitry I recently designed for a tunable-diode laser spectrometer...

Adaptive LED Current Ripple Suppressor Diodes
Adaptive LED Current Ripple Suppressor from Diodes Incorporated Enables High Power Factor and Flicker-Free Professional LED Lighting
06.25.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the availability of the AL5822 LED current ripple suppressor, which provides high levels of ripple suppression while maintaining high power factor for commercial and industrial lighting applications...

Electronic Load Achieves Ohm
Electronic Load Achieves 0 Ohm
06.24.2019 Circuits

The general approach to an electronic load is to use a transistor across the input terminals so the current flows from drain to source. A resistance is effected by causing a current flow in proportion to the applied voltage in the manner of a resistor...