MACOM Announces New Wideband Amplifier Covering
MACOM Announces New Wideband Amplifier Covering 30 kHz to 40 GHz for Instrumentation and Communication Applications
07.16.2019 News

MACOM Technology announced a new wideband distributed amplifier with the introduction of the MAAM-011275-DIE. Offered as a bare-die, this amplifier is well suited for use in test and measurement and communications equipment with broadband frequency coverage...

Alps Alpine Develops Force Sensor High
Alps Alpine Develops Force Sensor with High Impact Resistance
07.15.2019 News

Alps Alpine Co. has added the HSFPAR004A Force Sensor to its lineup. The sensor enhances impact resistance while maintaining the industry’s smallest size and offers high linearity and high resolution...

Lower power op-amp Utility sine wave
Lower power op-amp: Utility sine wave
07.11.2019 Circuits

Our op amp family has expanded with industry-leading speed versus supply current. The LTC6258/LTC6259/LTC6260 family provides 1.3 MHz gain-bandwidth product at a super low 20 μA supply current, with 400 μV maximum offset voltage and rail-to-rail input and output...

Diodes Incorporated Automotive-Compliant Linear LED Driver-Controller
Diodes Incorporated's Automotive-Compliant Linear LED Driver-Controller Features Low Dropout and Enhanced Dimming
07.11.2019 News

Diodes Incorporated announced the AL5814Q, an automotive-compliant linear LED driver-controller with low dropout voltage and open LED detection for automotive linear-driven LED lamps...

Infineon new 80 DC-DC buck LED
Infineon's new 80 V DC-DC buck LED driver IC offers excellent dimming performance
07.11.2019 News

Infineon Technologies introduces the new LED driver IC ILD8150/E. It features an innovative hybrid dimming mode technology for achieving 0.5 percent of the target current...

Robust Low-Power Automotive Accelerometer STMicroelectronics Adds
Robust, Low-Power Automotive Accelerometer from STMicroelectronics Adds Durability to Secure Remote Key Fobs
07.10.2019 News

The STMicroelectronics AIS2DW12 automotive accelerometer makes Passive Keyless Entry radio fobs tough enough to survive the inevitable drops and scrapes in a lifetime of use...

LED driver provides software-controlled intensity
LED driver provides software-controlled intensity
07.09.2019 Circuits

Recent advances in operating efficiency have expanded the use of LEDs from one of mere indicators to becoming driving forces in electronic lighting. Increased reliability and ruggedness (versus other lighting technologies) gives the LED a bright future indeed...

0.6 Ultra-low current consumption Expanded Lineup
0.6μA Ultra-low current consumption Expanded Lineup of LDO regulators XC6237 Series
07.09.2019 News

Torex Semiconductor has launched the XC6237 as a new series of LDO regulator featuring ultra-low current consumption, available in small and thin packages, suitable for IoT devices and wearable devices...

HIROSE Electric introduced FH52K series robust
HIROSE Electric introduced the FH52K series of robust and reliable flat flexible cable/flat printed circuit connectors
07.09.2019 News

The FH52K series can withstand higher operating temperatures than the standard FFC/FPC connectors. The series has an extended temperature range of up to 125 °C compared to the FH52 series...

Broadcom Trident Delivers Disruptive Economics Enterprise
Broadcom Trident 4 Delivers Disruptive Economics for Enterprise Data Center and Campus Networks
07.09.2019 News

Broadcom announced sampling of its StrataXGS® Trident 4 BCM56880 switch series, delivering the industry’s highest Ethernet switching performance combined with compiler-programmable packet processing and telemetry...

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