Datasheets - Logic Gates Texas Instruments

Subsection: "Logic Gates"
Manufacturer: "Texas Instruments"
74AC11000 74AC11002 74AC11008 74AC11010 74AC11011 74AC11013 74AC11020 74AC11021 74AC11027 74AC11030 74AC11032 74AC11086 74AC11132 74AC11800 74ACT11000 74ACT11002 74ACT11008 74ACT11010 74ACT11011 74ACT11020 74ACT11021 74ACT11027 74ACT11030 74ACT11032 74ACT11086 74ACT11132 74ACT11802 74ACT11810 CD4000A CD4001A CD4001B CD4001B-MIL CD4001UB CD4001UB-MIL CD4002B CD4002B-MIL CD40107B CD40107B-MIL CD4011A CD4011B CD4011B-MIL CD4011UB CD4011UB-MIL CD4012B CD4012B-MIL CD4019A CD4019B CD4019B-MIL CD4023A CD4023B CD4023B-MIL CD4025A CD4025B CD4025B-MIL CD4030B CD4030B-MIL CD4048B CD4048B-MIL CD4068B CD4068B-MIL CD4070B CD4070B-MIL CD4071B CD4071B-MIL CD4072B CD4072B-MIL CD4073B CD4073B-MIL CD4075B CD4075B-MIL CD4077B CD4077B-MIL CD4078B CD4078B-MIL CD4081B CD4081B-MIL CD4082B CD4082B-MIL CD4085B CD4085B-MIL CD4086B CD4086B-MIL CD4093B CD4093B-MIL CD4093B-Q1 CD54AC00 CD54AC02 CD54AC08 CD54AC32 CD54ACT00 CD54ACT02 CD54ACT08 CD54ACT20 CD54ACT32 CD54ACT86 CD54HC00 CD54HC02 CD54HC03 CD54HC08 CD54HC10 CD54HC11 CD54HC132 CD54HC20 CD54HC21 CD54HC27 CD54HC30 CD54HC32 CD54HC4002 CD54HC4075 CD54HC7266 CD54HC86 CD54HCT00 CD54HCT02 CD54HCT03 CD54HCT08 CD54HCT10 CD54HCT11 CD54HCT132 CD54HCT20 CD54HCT27 CD54HCT30 CD54HCT32 CD54HCT4075 CD54HCT86 CD74AC00 CD74AC02 CD74AC08 CD74AC10 CD74AC20 CD74AC32 CD74AC86 CD74ACT00 CD74ACT02 CD74ACT08 CD74ACT10 CD74ACT20 CD74ACT32 CD74ACT32-Q1 CD74ACT86 CD74ACT86-EP CD74HC00 CD74HC02 CD74HC03 CD74HC08 CD74HC08-EP CD74HC08-Q1 CD74HC10 CD74HC11 CD74HC132 CD74HC20 CD74HC20-Q1 CD74HC21 CD74HC27 CD74HC30 CD74HC32 CD74HC4002 CD74HC4075 CD74HC7266 CD74HC86 CD74HCT00 CD74HCT02 CD74HCT03 CD74HCT08 CD74HCT10 CD74HCT11 CD74HCT132 CD74HCT20 CD74HCT21 CD74HCT27 CD74HCT30 CD74HCT32 CD74HCT4075 CD74HCT86 SN5400 SN5401 SN5402 SN5410 SN5412 SN54132 SN5420 SN5423 SN5425 SN54265 SN5427 SN5428 SN5430 SN5432 SN5437 SN5438 SN5440 SN5450 SN5451 SN5454 SN5486 SN54AC00 SN54AC00-DIE SN54AC00-SP SN54AC02-DIE SN54AC02-SP SN54AC08 SN54AC10 SN54AC11 SN54AC32 SN54AC86 SN54ACT00 SN54ACT08 SN54ACT10 SN54ACT11 SN54ACT86 SN54AHC00 SN54AHC02 SN54AHC08 SN54AHC32 SN54AHC86 SN54AHCT00 SN54AHCT02 SN54AHCT08 SN54AHCT08-SP SN54AHCT32 SN54AHCT86 SN54ALS00A SN54ALS02 SN54ALS02A SN54ALS03B SN54ALS08 SN54ALS09 SN54ALS1000A SN54ALS1002A SN54ALS10A SN54ALS11A SN54ALS133 SN54ALS20A SN54ALS21A SN54ALS27 SN54ALS27A SN54ALS30A SN54ALS32 SN54ALS33A SN54ALS37A SN54ALS38A SN54ALS38B SN54ALS804A SN54ALS805A SN54ALS832A SN54ALS86 SN54AS00 SN54AS02 SN54AS08 SN54AS10 SN54AS1000A SN54AS1032A SN54AS11 SN54AS20 SN54AS21 SN54AS27 SN54AS30 SN54AS32 SN54AS804B SN54AS805B SN54AS808B SN54AS832B SN54F00 SN54F02 SN54F10 SN54F11 SN54F20 SN54F27 SN54F30 SN54F32 SN54HC00 SN54HC00-DIE SN54HC00-SP SN54HC01 SN54HC02 SN54HC02-SP SN54HC03 SN54HC08 SN54HC08-DIE SN54HC08-SP SN54HC10 SN54HC10-SP SN54HC11 SN54HC11-SP SN54HC132 SN54HC132-DIE SN54HC132-SP SN54HC20 SN54HC20-SP SN54HC21 SN54HC27 SN54HC30 SN54HC32 SN54HC32-SP SN54HC4002 SN54HC86 SN54LS00 SN54LS00-SP SN54LS01 SN54LS02 SN54LS02-SP SN54LS03 SN54LS08 SN54LS08-SP SN54LS09 SN54LS10 SN54LS10-SP SN54LS11 SN54LS132 SN54LS136 SN54LS20 SN54LS21 SN54LS26 SN54LS26-SP SN54LS266 SN54LS27 SN54LS30 SN54LS32 SN54LS32-SP SN54LS33 SN54LS37 SN54LS38 SN54LS51 SN54LS54 SN54LS86A SN54LVC00A SN54LVC00A-SP SN54LVC02A SN54LVC08A SN54LVC32A SN54LVC86A SN54S00 SN54S02 SN54S03 SN54S08 SN54S09 SN54S10 SN54S11 SN54S132 SN54S133 SN54S134 SN54S135 SN54S140 SN54S15 SN54S20 SN54S22 SN54S260 SN54S30 SN54S32 SN54S37 SN54S38 SN54S51 SN54S64 SN54S86 SN7400 SN7401 SN7402 SN7403 SN7408 SN7409 SN7410 SN7412 SN74128 SN7413 SN74132 SN74136 SN7420 SN7423 SN7425 SN7426 SN74265 SN7427 SN7428 SN7430 SN7432 SN7433 SN7437 SN7438 SN7439 SN7440 SN7450 SN7451 SN7453 SN7454 SN7486 SN74AC00 SN74AC08 SN74AC08-EP SN74AC08-Q1 SN74AC10 SN74AC11 SN74AC11-EP SN74AC11-Q1 SN74AC32 SN74AC32-EP SN74AC86 SN74ACT00 SN74ACT00-Q1 SN74ACT08 SN74ACT08-EP SN74ACT10 SN74ACT10-Q1 SN74ACT11 SN74ACT32 SN74ACT86 SN74AHC00 SN74AHC00-EP SN74AHC00-Q1 SN74AHC02 SN74AHC02-EP SN74AHC02-Q1 SN74AHC08 SN74AHC08-EP SN74AHC08Q-Q1 SN74AHC132 SN74AHC1G00 SN74AHC1G00-Q1 SN74AHC1G02 SN74AHC1G08 SN74AHC1G08-Q1 SN74AHC1G09 SN74AHC1G125 SN74AHC1G126 SN74AHC1G32 SN74AHC1G32-Q1 SN74AHC1G86 SN74AHC1G86-Q1 SN74AHC32 SN74AHC32-EP SN74AHC32Q-Q1 SN74AHC86 SN74AHCT00 SN74AHCT00-EP SN74AHCT00Q-Q1 SN74AHCT02 SN74AHCT08 SN74AHCT08-EP SN74AHCT08Q-Q1 SN74AHCT132 SN74AHCT1G00 SN74AHCT1G02 SN74AHCT1G08 SN74AHCT1G125 SN74AHCT1G125-Q1 SN74AHCT1G126 SN74AHCT1G126-Q1 SN74AHCT1G32 SN74AHCT1G32-Q1 SN74AHCT1G86 SN74AHCT1G86-Q1 SN74AHCT32 SN74AHCT32-EP SN74AHCT32-Q1 SN74AHCT32Q SN74AHCT86 SN74ALS00A SN74ALS01 SN74ALS02 SN74ALS02A SN74ALS03B SN74ALS08 SN74ALS09 SN74ALS1000A SN74ALS1002A SN74ALS1003A SN74ALS1010A SN74ALS10A SN74ALS11A SN74ALS12A SN74ALS133 SN74ALS136 SN74ALS15A SN74ALS1804A SN74ALS1832A SN74ALS20A SN74ALS21A SN74ALS22B SN74ALS27 SN74ALS27A SN74ALS30A SN74ALS32 SN74ALS33A SN74ALS37A SN74ALS38B SN74ALS40A SN74ALS8003A SN74ALS804A SN74ALS805A SN74ALS810 SN74ALS832A SN74ALS86 SN74ALVC00 SN74ALVC00-EP SN74ALVC00-Q1 SN74ALVC08 SN74ALVC08-EP SN74ALVC08-Q1 SN74ALVC10 SN74ALVC32 SN74AS00 SN74AS02 SN74AS08 SN74AS10 SN74AS1000A SN74AS1008A SN74AS1032A SN74AS1036A SN74AS11 SN74AS1804 SN74AS1805 SN74AS1808 SN74AS20 SN74AS21 SN74AS27 SN74AS30 SN74AS32 SN74AS804B SN74AS805B SN74AS808B SN74AS832B SN74AS86A SN74AUC00 SN74AUC02 SN74AUC08 SN74AUC1G00 SN74AUC1G02 SN74AUC1G08 SN74AUC1G125 SN74AUC1G126 SN74AUC1G32 SN74AUC1G86 SN74AUC2G00 SN74AUC2G02 SN74AUC2G08 SN74AUC2G125 SN74AUC2G126 SN74AUC2G32 SN74AUC2G34 SN74AUC2G86 SN74AUC32 SN74AUP1G00 SN74AUP1G02 SN74AUP1G08 SN74AUP1G08-Q1 SN74AUP1G125 SN74AUP1G126 SN74AUP1G32 SN74AUP1G34 SN74AUP1G57 SN74AUP1G58 SN74AUP1G97 SN74AUP1G98 SN74AUP1G99 SN74AUP1T00 SN74AUP1T02 SN74AUP1T08 SN74AUP1T17 SN74AUP1T32 SN74AUP1T50 SN74AUP1T86 SN74AUP1T87 SN74AUP2G00 SN74AUP2G00-Q1 SN74AUP2G02 SN74AUP2G08 SN74AUP2G125 SN74AUP2G126 SN74AUP2G32 SN74AUP2G34 SN74AUP3G34 SN74F00 SN74F02 SN74F08 SN74F10 SN74F11 SN74F20 SN74F21 SN74F260 SN74F27 SN74F30 SN74F32 SN74F37 SN74F38 SN74F51 SN74F86 SN74HC00 SN74HC00-Q1 SN74HC00A SN74HC01 SN74HC02 SN74HC02-EP SN74HC02-Q1 SN74HC03 SN74HC08 SN74HC08-Q1 SN74HC08A SN74HC09 SN74HC10 SN74HC10-EP SN74HC10-Q1 SN74HC11 SN74HC132 SN74HC132-Q1 SN74HC133 SN74HC20 SN74HC21 SN74HC21-Q1 SN74HC266 SN74HC27 SN74HC30 SN74HC32 SN74HC32A SN74HC4002 SN74HC4075 SN74HC4078A SN74HC7001 SN74HC7002 SN74HC7032 SN74HC7266 SN74HC805 SN74HC86 SN74HC86-Q1 SN74HCS30 SN74HCS30-Q1 SN74HCT00 SN74HCT02 SN74HCT02A SN74HCT08 SN74HCT32 SN74LS00 SN74LS01 SN74LS02 SN74LS03 SN74LS08 SN74LS09 SN74LS10 SN74LS11 SN74LS12 SN74LS13 SN74LS132 SN74LS136 SN74LS15 SN74LS20 SN74LS21 SN74LS22 SN74LS26 SN74LS266 SN74LS27 SN74LS28 SN74LS30 SN74LS32 SN74LS33 SN74LS37 SN74LS38 SN74LS40 SN74LS51 SN74LS54 SN74LS86A SN74LV00 SN74LV00A SN74LV02 SN74LV02A SN74LV08 SN74LV08A SN74LV08A-EP SN74LV08A-Q1 SN74LV10A SN74LV11A SN74LV11A-EP SN74LV11A-Q1 SN74LV132A SN74LV1T00 SN74LV1T02 SN74LV1T08 SN74LV1T125 SN74LV1T126 SN74LV1T32 SN74LV1T86 SN74LV20A SN74LV21A SN74LV27A SN74LV32 SN74LV32A SN74LV32A-EP SN74LV32A-Q1 SN74LV4T125 SN74LV86A SN74LV86A-EP SN74LV86A-Q1 SN74LVC00 SN74LVC00A SN74LVC00A-EP SN74LVC00A-Q1 SN74LVC02 SN74LVC02A SN74LVC02A-EP SN74LVC02A-Q1 SN74LVC08 SN74LVC08A SN74LVC08A-EP SN74LVC08A-Q1 SN74LVC10 SN74LVC10A SN74LVC1G00 SN74LVC1G02 SN74LVC1G08 SN74LVC1G08-EP SN74LVC1G08-Q1 SN74LVC1G0832 SN74LVC1G10 SN74LVC1G11 SN74LVC1G11-EP SN74LVC1G11-Q1 SN74LVC1G125 SN74LVC1G125-Q1 SN74LVC1G126 SN74LVC1G126-Q1 SN74LVC1G132 SN74LVC1G27 SN74LVC1G32 SN74LVC1G32-Q1 SN74LVC1G3208 SN74LVC1G3208-EP SN74LVC1G3208-Q1 SN74LVC1G332 SN74LVC1G34 SN74LVC1G38 SN74LVC1G386 SN74LVC1G57 SN74LVC1G58 SN74LVC1G86 SN74LVC1G86-Q1 SN74LVC1G97 SN74LVC1G97-Q1 SN74LVC1G98 SN74LVC1G98-Q1 SN74LVC1G99 SN74LVC1G99-Q1 SN74LVC2G00 SN74LVC2G02 SN74LVC2G08 SN74LVC2G08-EP SN74LVC2G08-Q1 SN74LVC2G125 SN74LVC2G125-Q1 SN74LVC2G126 SN74LVC2G132 SN74LVC2G32 SN74LVC2G32-Q1 SN74LVC2G34 SN74LVC2G38 SN74LVC2G86 SN74LVC32 SN74LVC32A SN74LVC32A-EP SN74LVC32A-Q1 SN74LVC3G34 SN74LVC86 SN74LVC86A SN74LVC86A-EP SN74LVC86A-Q1 SN74S00 SN74S02 SN74S03 SN74S08 SN74S09 SN74S10 SN74S11 SN74S132 SN74S133 SN74S134 SN74S135 SN74S140 SN74S15 SN74S20 SN74S22 SN74S260 SN74S30 SN74S32 SN74S37 SN74S38 SN74S40 SN74S51 SN74S64 SN74S65 SN74S86
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  1. Enhanced Product Single 2-Input Positive-And Gate 5-SOT-23 -55 to 125
  2. Quadruple 2-Input Positive NAND Gates with Open-Drain Outputs
  3. Automotive 8-input NAND gate with Schmitt-trigger inputs 14-SOIC -40 to 125
  4. 8-input NAND gate with Schmitt-trigger inputs 14-TSSOP -40 to 125
  1. Datasheet Texas Instruments CD4077BM96E4
    CMOS Quad Exclusive-NOR Gate 14-SOIC -55 to 125
  2. Datasheet Texas Instruments CD4072BME4
    CMOS Dual 4-Input OR Gate 14-SOIC -55 to 125
  3. Datasheet Texas Instruments CD4071BMG4
    CMOS Quad 2-Input OR Gate 14-SOIC -55 to 125
  4. Datasheet Texas Instruments SN74LS08DBR
    Quadruple 2-Input Positive-AND Gates 14-SSOP 0 to 70
  5. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-9231901MCA
    Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gates With Open-Collector Outputs 14-CDIP -55 to 125
  6. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-9162701M2A
    Quadruple 2-Input Positive-NAND Buffers/Drivers 20-LCCC -55 to 125
  7. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-9077201Q2A
    Triple 3-Input Positive-AND Gates 20-LCCC -55 to 125
  8. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-8984502VDA
    Quadruple Positive-NAND Gates With Schmitt-trigger Inputs 14-CFP -55 to 125
  9. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-8970301CA
    High Speed CMOS Logic Triple 3-Input NOR Gates 14-CDIP -55 to 125
  10. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-8955001DA
    Quadruple 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gates 14-CFP -55 to 125
  11. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-8954702DA
    Quadruple 2-Input Positive-AND Gates 14-CFP -55 to 125
  12. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-8870801DA
    8-Input Positive-NAND Gates 14-CFP -55 to 125
  13. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-87766012A
    Hex 2-Input NAND Drivers 20-LCCC -55 to 125
  14. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-8761203VDA
    Quadruple 2-Input Positive-NOR Gates 14-CFP -55 to 125
  15. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-8754903VCA
    Quadruple 2-Input Positive-NAND Gates 14-CDIP -55 to 125
  16. Datasheet Texas Instruments 5962-8686501CA
    Triple 3-Input Positive-NAND Gates 14-CDIP -55 to 125

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