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FM bug 420-480 MHz

How about getting that old Nokia phone out of your drawer and turning it into something freakishly cool? I will not lie to you, you will need a few tools and skills such as soldering/desoldering and making PCBs.

Here you can download Sprint-Layout files.

FM bug 420-480 MHz

FM bug 420-480 MHz

The range of this FM bug is around 1km with full CR2032 battery and good conditions. As the battery discharges the transmission range reduces as well as the oscillation frequency (VCO).

FM bug 420-480 MHz

FM bug 420-480 MHz

This bug can be received at frequency of around 430 MHz. Use NFM demodulation in reception. Yes, you can use your PC TV tunercard to receive audio from this transmitter!

All parts on this bug are from 2 Nokia phones:

  • R0464 VCO - from - Nokia 3210
  • All other parts - from - Nokia 1611

You can receive this bug using these receivers that you can also build:

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