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  1. Circuits Monitors ATTiny2313
    1. History Back in 2000 I built one small embedded device used for repairing of broken PC monitors. The motivation was to avoid the need of one operational PC near the technician desk used only to generate test rasters, because PCs are usually ...
  2. An older computer system fed RGB video and composite-synchronization signals through four 75 Ω coaxial cables to an RGB color monitor 150 feet away. To upgrade it, the replacement VGA video cards could directly drive the 75 Ω loads that ...
  1. Circuits Monitors LG StudioWorks 563N
    Download electric circuit, djv
  2. Often you can get away with running a monochrome monitor on GREEN, but this looks real crappy when viewing color images. These simple resistor networks allow you to display R+G+B on a B/W or CCTV monitor without ghosting. Be shure to set your video ...
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