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  1. The Sallen-Key realization of a 5.25-MHz, three-pole Butterworth filter has a gain of 2 V/V and can drive 75 Ω back-terminated coax with an overall gain of 1 (Figure 1). Used to reconstruct component-video (Y, Pb, Pr) and RGB signals, this ...
  2. Izhar Fareed Using this low cost Project one can reproduce AUDIO from TV without disturbing anyone. It does not use any wire between TV and headphone. In place of pair of wires it uses invisible Infrared light to transmit audio signals from TV to ...
  1. Jay Davis Many people with significant physical disabilities can't operate everyday mechanisms, such as TV remote controls. To make matters worse, adaptive technologies are often unaffordable unless insurance covers them. This Design Idea describes ...
  2. Naveen P N Just point this small device at the TV and the remote gets jammed . The circuit is self explanatory . 555 is wired as an astable multivibrator for a frequency of nearly 38 kHz. This is the frequency at which most of the modern TVs ...
  3. I've had a few scuffles in my house over the TV remote so I decided to do something about it. I built a circuit that will block my TV and any device I choose from getting a signal from the normal remote control. I turn an ordinary remote into a ...
  4. Andy Collinson anc[ a ] Description This circuit is used to relay signals from an Infra Red remote control in one room to an IR controlled appliance in another room. Forward I have seen these devices advertised in magazines, ...
  5. Circuits TV Hitachi CS2106R CS2106T
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