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  1. T.K. Hareendran Electronic Design Many robotic applications require a sensor to detect close or very close obstacles. Typically, reflective-type infrared sensors are used for this task. But the circuit in the figure 1 shows an infrared close-object ...
  2. Hua (Walker) Bai Electronic Design LED applications are booming: backlighting for LCD TVs, projectors, and computer displays, camera flashes, and vehicle brake lights and taillights are just a few. All require constant-current LED drivers that ...
  3. Luca Bruno EDN A common method for driving multiple power LEDs is through two parallel strings. This inexpensive and less critical driver circuit can provide a lower voltage. However, the driver circuit must deliver twice the current of other ...
  4. Ausias Garrigós and José M Blanes EDN Designers use electronic dc loads for testing power supplies and sources, such as solar arrays or batteries, but commercial ones are often expensive. By using a power MOSFET in its linear region, ...
    Circuits » Supply » Intersil » CA3240
  5. Robert Brewer Electronic Design The proportional-control solenoids used in some industrial hydraulic systems are usually driven by microcontrollers or programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Such complex drivers typically require several different ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design » Maxim » MAX5474, MAX16804
  6. Stephen Woodward EDN Given its low cost, small size, robust construction, accuracy, versatility and sensitivity, it's no wonder that the thermistor rates as one of the most popular temperature sensors available. However, in some applications, a ...
  7. Peter Demchenko EDN This Design Idea circuit regulates the current through one or more LEDs, making it almost independent of supply voltage. Its main advantage is a very small dropout voltage, which can be less than 100 mV. The design could find ...
  8. Robert Bell EDN Figure 1 shows a simple, stand-alone overvoltage detector. The intent of the circuit is to monitor a voltage, V MON , and set the output, V OUT , high when the monitored voltage exceeds a preset threshold. The minimum allowable ...
    Circuits » Supply » Texas Instruments » TL431, TLV431
  9. Dennis Eichenberg EDN The circuit in Figure 1 represents a simple and inexpensive way to provide additional bicycling safety. A conventional bicycle-generator lighting system works with the circuit to provide safety lighting for several minutes ...
  10. Frank Cox, Linear Technology Linear Technology Magazine The circuit in Figure 1 is a 1 kHz 8th order Butterworth highpass filter built with the LTC1068-200, a switched capacitor filter (SCF) building block. In the past, commercially available ...
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